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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

its bothering me really...

its so unusual for me to update so many times a day

the search was FRUITFUL!

apples oranges pears grapes banana
u name it
i found it!

ho ho ho
can't help it but sms my classmate in e middle of e night
exclaiming my excitement with e search results


i feel certain things are just not going too right...
its has changed so much

tho i tend to exaggerate a lil with those "BOMBASTIC" vocabs
i swear i can feel GREAT difference

you can never tell lies
you can never not stammer if u are not telling the truth
or when u r hiding something

it may not be anything big
but i thought the least we can do to compromise is to be truthful!~

accept the fact that things just are not the same anymore
accept the fact that you and i changed... human do change periodically
accept the fact that what we want and what we say then may not be the same now...

i merely made a statement about trust

its not like i dun believe you
with the rapid great changes u made in such short period of time
i am beginning to lose the comfort and familiarity i had with you

if things were to go outta expectations,
i rather we remain truthful
and i believe we will have no regrets.

being a pessimist enables me to be prepared for the worst
and help myself analyse situations better
and enhance my coping skills thereafter

sounds so care plan right!

like i always say...

if i ever love or
if i ever hate

it will be to the core

please dun make me hate you
not just you

i dun step onto your toes unnecessarily
and i am harmless

if i am ever been treated unfairly or harmed
i can never forgive and forget...
unless with a valid reason

i may sound so ruthless...
but i divide a clear line between
friends and foes

I'll never force myself to fake a smile
engage in small talks with one whom i disliked
it's always quite obvious when i dislike someone...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

sharing session...


i'm glad my groupmates have come to terms and reality with regards to research topics
ultimately it's all about trying to achieve good grades or
wanting to achieve yet the easy way out

karma i guess
supposed "idea" being poached
but when in the first place it wasn't even our original idea...

i am in the same group with em...
i should be standing by their side
but to reason out...

i guess the main point ain't trying to dwell on ideas being used
or trying to fight till the end...

come on man
we are adult learners!
are we supposed to tell e lecturer that we are not happy therefore we wanna head on?
i insist on still doing it .... because its my idea?

this is reality
if everything is so easy
life is not life!

i hate hard work
but i believe in principles
my own principles

i wanna have
and i make sure i have
a very clear conscience
and i do not wish to compete with anyone else
but yet i still wanna have a work of my own

in fact,
i guess even if the others did the same topic
its basically their own findings
since we are the only ones who have e master copy of e past works
and come on lor
the whole nyp is surfing ovid
dun tell me what we get they can't get!~

this whole incident sort of highlighted to us
who's to trust and who's not to...
no hard feelings
but i can sense her aggressiveness strongly too...

thank goodness i need not work closely to her...

tmr, we are going to embark on a new topic
if with everyones' consensus,
we can work on it...

sounds pretty interesting.

several issue...

i have got several issues to sort out

but i can't concentrate now

need a rest badly

can't stop thinking about the lacoste sneaker now
white canvas
25% off

and its barely 50 buck...

i wanna get it like very much now...

Monday, January 28, 2008

my long 4gotten JB trip...

the guys filling up their "WHITE CARD"
on the train...
a bit embarrassing i feel
so i already filled up mine at home.
its like everyone knows we r goin m'sia lor!

if u ever been to city square, u can agar agar picture the place in ur mind right
and to think my two friends, the 2 guys above actually spent an hour or a lil more than that combing just LEVEL ONE of this building!

I'm dead beat even by level 1!
we woke up early for this, kinda like avoiding the noon crowd,
and to think we were hanging out the day b4 till late!
and they shopped like they were girls lor!

and then we headed for brunch,
i just took e sizzling thingy for fun cuz its opp secret recipe and i tot it look nice. I never miss secret recipe if i am in m'sia. ANYWHERE!
Cuz its DAMN cheap! same price for cakes as in.... RM 6 AND 6 SGD!
we share our food, so the cute lil small burger is actually a kids meal haa
but taste yummy!

i think i mentioned it,
i couldn't get things i like
and i was merely accompanying em...
so tired lor!
i know how my bf feels when he shops with me man!

i was getting frustrated in e midst of e shopping cuz so tiring
and i din take any pics
until we reached s'pore,
squeezing w the 100000 ppl coming back to s'pore via Bus 170

i took a pic w guaz,
holding all our shopping bags
made him looked like he got big big returns!
afterall his hometown...

and badly needed to eat
our fave place since sec sch
this place is our hangout whenever possible last time
after sch we'll sit there till we ROT and talk

we just clicked e cam non stop...
therefore its getting blur... cuz i think we ran out of energy to pose and hand started shaking!

its so random la e pics


what ah gua got
and what i got...
but mine are mostly for others...

and we did not take e SUPER SHOPPER
cuz he has his own cam and
he has got WAY too much stuff to lay down man!
he got like 7 tee, a jeans and some other random stuff which i forgotten
maybe like 4-5 software disc as well!

today we had our 1st ophthalmic bio lectures
cuz e prev lectures were combine ones!
damn hard!
ne ne pok man...

the gals from clinics know e anatomy at fingertips...
i was like mouth wide open!
and they started from how eye is formed from embryology
jaw drop!

need to read up more myself man...
but not today,
i'm going to search for shoes cuz i did not realized that cny is like next week!
i thought we have like one more week!


and i got one tiny pic of w63 netball team haa
i was still in e depression stage that few days,
hence was not very into it with the photo taking that day
only one pic.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

** yayness***

yayness to SHOPPING!!!

i went marina square w him today
managed to get my cny stuff!

YAYNESS** Again!

i got a pair of skinny from DOROTHY!

Its cheaper than the ones in TOPSHOP
By at least 30 bucks!
and luckily there were still available sizes!!
cuz they always have the ugly cutting left or
those SUPER big ones... as in 16-18 and above
(no offence ya if u happen to wear those)

i got a cute dress from TOPSHOP
actually my initial plan was to buy my skinny there
on top if that get a top and then apply for the fast forward card(rebate)
and i would spend the limit of at least 150 bucks
but since e jeans at Dorothy is so much cheaper! Hehe
and actually i could use guaz's card but i cannot resist!!!

i totally *heart* TOPSHOP!

i am still meeting choonz tmr for more cny shopping
hopefully i can get a nice pair of shoes
and probably a nice top and i should be done w my buys this year


shopping is so stress relieving!!!

everyone is feeling the same way i feel!
today my classmate verbalised that she was stress
and i told her all of us are!

well, i have learnt to take it more ez now
and i am happier these few days!
looking 4ward for cny
4 days of HOLIDAY!!!
i haven had a complete cny leave since i started working as a NURSE!!!

ANOTHER yayness...

if tmr's meeting goes on well,
i'll update my m'sia-jb trip pics!

Friday, January 25, 2008

my mood...

i'm currently listening to this guy's debut album,

Anyway, if u dunno him,
he created some kinda uproar in taiwan last yr,
he touched many hearts when he sang, fyi, he was a participant for a singing com
but he was found to be older than what he claims
his identity was tapered as well, to fake that age
well, he has no choice but to withdraw

but he could have been the eventual winner if he had stayed on
but anyway, he has already developed a firm fan base when he left the com

NOW, there was still many things happening after he left com etc la
but i feel its all advertising gimmicks
firstly due to his looks
which might not lead to equivalent success if he were to cut an album randomly
and furthermore, more news= more publicity!

enough of him...

today is PAY DAY!
DAMN happy
cuz it was more than expected
so i'll be an official poor student only next month onwards
feeling much better these few days
managed to get the necessary documents i want
so after tomorrow's troublesome meeting (yes Saturday!~)
we should be working towards compiling and getting it done!
and thats if we managed to get things sorted out in "harmony"
if they agree with it la..
and if we r able to get things done faster,

heh heh its CNY SHOPPING
Sunday i still need to get my ppt ready
but i think i can manage well judging from my current directions!

re: research.

we have a good news from our module coordinator
but then we cannot come to a conclusion
for there is someone who insist we use her old work and improvise!

or whatever its spelt

anyway she has gt rather high marks
and she claims its her HARD WORK

i heard otherwise really really really unethical things


i shan't condone to such acts!

where are the ethics!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

getting "interesting"

the tension is rising
i can sense trouble...

well, i trust my own judgments

ineffective communication can lead to problems!

i was surprised by a remark made by someone today,
i was asked if i am aiming to be like e top student!~?

i was like w.t.h
but i gave a really fake response saying NO LA...
U noe the TYPICAL response

but thru her asking,

i realised our goals are so different
coming out TOPS has never popped my mind at all
since i was never one in my whole 1 quater of the century life!

i am trying my best to manage my time well now to avoid congestion and work overload
when the datelines are nearer.
i wanna contribute as much as i can

i hope we all have a chance to voice out our comments
i hate to be instructed what to do
i rather we come to a conclusion together
isn't that a GENERAL perception of team work

anyway, these ill intentions
small lil cunning acts
its their wishes
i just hope they dun stepped on our toes
when i say "our"
i mean those who are not interested for e "FAME", as IN high fliers

well, i just found out a lil more insider info about someone
and well, my initial perceptions of her seems to actualise!
anyway, i am not gonna make any move as yet
i am for now neutral to e supposed choices
since its has already been PRE DECIDED and i think we should see if we can work sth out and NO I AM NOT IN CONSPIRACY with others to oppose to e chosen stuff.

but i hope they genuinely mean SHARING AND GROUP WORK
And i refused to do something against my principles and ethics!

i have been hanging around school till late these few days
i got alot of materials and yet to filter
i even fell asleep just now reading some papers!

i have got no time to upload some pics yet
i hope next week
and e powerpoint slides r giving me problems
i cant print as yet cuz the printer ran out of black ink
its always like this when u r down

i am gonna drop by snec tmr to do some research via hospital intranet
hopefully it will be fruitful!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

life's a bitch!

why do this to me!?

even my assumed best "bud" for this school term is playing me out

my damn son-son (the epson printer whom i used to adore)

this fucking printer chose to sabo me like 100000 times since i sat here!
i need these damn journals and this idiotic son son is not being helpful,

printer not ready,
pls check all connections
paper jam!~

all e funny funny stuff!


i am so so so so stressed now!


I hate hardworking!
why force me to be when i so hate it!

i talked it over w him ytd
he came over,

despite picking up arguments readily and deliberately,
actually i still yearn to call him and see him

i told him all my problems
what crisis i was facing now
i din wanna talk about it initially,
in fact i am not so wary of my own problem and e root cause

but after telling him my main concerns and worries
and obviously i cried like mad
i know i can't stand my weakness too!

i felt better
i know i was being so unkind to many ppl.

i was initially better today
i told sumini i am back to normal.
i sorted out what i wanna do and stuff
and i thought today marks my REFRESHING NEW DAY


e projects we r currently working on is such a headache!
discussed and discussed!
we thought we r like more or less there
and the lecturer said some new stuff!

cb lor

i am really really sad
i have already done my very best
i feel that all these r just too taxing

and i so cant stand these two ladies in my grp!
I wished she talk lesser and get her work done

basically i was trying to bring down her points
and i find her damn irritating

i realised she did not do much research!

i stayed back w two other paeds girls and we discussed again
i have to go back on sat and continue this discussion
and to EMBARK on a new topic

i volunteered to do the ppt slides
and on top of these
my opthalmic sub group is gonna embark on our new topic on fri

i have like, to date 5 pending presentations
3 fucking assignments(includes research)
3 tests

coming soon!
march 2008 onwards!

counting down to AUG 23RD...

pls help me,
i wanted to be a better person today onwards initially
i thought i found myself again ytd

but today
what has happen, as in generally la
i am losing myself again
i am starting to get irritated!

lao tian bao you!

Monday, January 21, 2008

whats wrong with me?!

i was supposed to post this like during the weekends!
i am busy
many agenda

whats this all about man!
i think i am on e verge of sinking into "SILENT" Depression or maybe some chim mental diagnosis!

as mentioned by e lecturer, " mental illness are often not diagnosed on time or at all,
hence the health care cost for mental health are often under utilized!

I diagnosed myself this afternoon, w some expertise opinion from Sumini,
i have been excessively irritable lately
well, tho i have been like that b4, i am worse now!
its deteriorating in a rather fast pace (from my depression)

Honestly, not a made up plot or just input for e sake of updating!

i get angry when people talked to me,
asking me questions when i dun feel like talking AT ALL
esp stupid routinely or random stuff (i can go mad w all these qns)
then i shout at my close ones,

and i would even pick up the slightest teeny weeny incident,
blow up
fight w em
get angry
and in the end break down...
crying but controllably la...
for awhile only also and not often

i know all these myself
but i cannot help it really!
i would so much LOVE to be a nice girl
i wanna improve on myself constantly~

i think e only time i dun get mad
is when i go out w friends who can make me laugh and forget my worries

i really think i have too lil time for everything
i cannot think of better ways to delegate my duties well and
manage my time well to make myself feel better


these 2 days,
i felt really bad for making people upset with e way i am now
in fact like a changed person
i feel really guilty after thinking back what disgusting things i did

i deny that i am stress
i deny i have alot of work to do

right now,

it kinda sets in...
as e weeks gone past,
e datelines seems nearer,
and there r never ending new stuff coming up.



evidence based has got us all into more fuss...
we need 10245218464532142455 journals and research papers to back up our work
not just research ok

And not one or two papers to prove
but 12454230464621549730 of em are needed!

its not just yahoo or google easily can find ok!
we can get only brief abstracts and its insufficient!
we need like fucking journals where we need $$$ TO ACCESS em!
its everyones' woes now

I hope it slides down with my grease lor...

i am anxious about getting enough papers to back up
anxious to get things done faster to prevent "snowballing" of work
anxious to make sure i get things done well
worried that others deem i am useless in e group
dreads those sickening group members that i dun even know... (well)

all these may not sound like serious
but it is damn taxing to a DAMN RELAXED person
one who takes things easily in e past!

i know i can overcome all these soon
once i get my things sorted out,
and i know we r on e right track

BUt i have badly diverted my stress, worries, fears and uncertainties to my moods

i treat others damn badly
and i make it looked like they owe me big time!
but in fact they dun but i do owe em!


but things r looking good on the ophthalmic side
we seems to cooperate well during meetings
and we cracked really hard recalling what we learnt b4 to apply
and we do things together
i hope its gonna be better

and i guess its the common modules where i am FORCED to group with strangers
that makes me a devil!

i hope that i can sort out my objectives clearly soon
and i can be a better person!

my classmates says they thought i am those hippie
and they percieved that i am those kind who gives out messages to others that dun come near me or talk to me if u r not my type of friends!

but upon working together during meetings they realised they were wrong!

i went swimming today in e nyp complex!
*like e good ol days!*

i had opportunity to peek at nursing mummies!
i followed my classmates to e nursing room and looked at how they pumped their breast milk! Haa...


One of em used e bigger, automated one,
where she just attached e pumps to e breast, on e switch and it will do its own job

the other was manually,
i gave a try
haa but i was quite lousy in it,
and she took it back from me!

and i went shopping at city square ytd
Din managed to get alot of stuff that i like too
in fact i got more stuff for others than myself! :(

She says she is e SILENT AVID READER!
If u had read the WHOLE CHUNK!
U would have know about my diagnosis,

so i need time to re-arrange my thoughts,
try and recall my knowledge of ur past relationship with the balding indian man...
hur hur hur

pls gimme more time...
cuz i need to go find more journals for my group meeting tomorrow with some dreaded kan chiong-sters!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.
- Winston Churchill

so many thoughts and feelings running thru my mind.
nothing major happened,
in fact its really NOTHING.

but i have been thinking alot...
if u dunno, i always think alot.
i love to think alot and hence i derive alot of my own analytical views
i comprehend those happenings and perhaps convert my weakness and sadness to hope?
(come to me when u have probz! I analyse for u!)

i believed i'm truely blessed to have come this far.
i stand strong towards my own faith and beliefs
i'm sure many of us does too.

no doubt i tend to worry about this and that
i envy many of the impossibles
i have so many hopes and wishes
but at the end of the day i console myself
and i coax myself to be happy and contented with what i have now.

some recent encounters with some old and new friends
it sets me thinking about the past and what my future may bring about.

i guess if u have avidly looked out to my posts,
u would have read similiar uncertainty from me umpteen times?
but i guess thats life
or thats me!~

i constantly re-evaluate my life, in fact quite frequently
that could be part of "rejuvenation" ?
perhaps to make myself be thankful of the current state and not dwell on
and to straighten out some knots that i had previously.
It helps...

i have been catching HUANG JIN LU- THE GOLDEN PATH FROM CH 8
Very closely.
the ties between the characters keeps the ecstasy going
but looking at the sacrifices they made for their loved ones made me treasure my current state very much too... kinda relieved we are not caught in such complicated situations but i think we learnt to be more wary of the surroundings!

these 3 weeks that i spent in school,
i learnt alot of new things
post graduate studies IS beneficial
it keeps me linking up my (brief) working experiences and i am totally impressed by Lew my preceptor! I realised the things that she ever taught me and the faults that she corrected me were all GOOD PRACTICES!

i think she has every reason to be a DAMN GOOD OUTSTANDING NURSE
i mean her dedications to work and patients and her relations w colleagues!

sometimes we r too concerned about the WHY like this WHY NOT like this and the other blame-others self fulfilling prophecy that we missed out our own imperfections
i guess to be happy and successful,
the biggest step is to have an OPEN MIND towards everything
and "flip" around things b4 we jumped into conclusion
and of course we must be ever ready to take up challenges!
we hate changes but if its inevitable and for our good,
we should be more than happy to have the chance!
the initial stage may be hard and u feel damn sore and sian abt it
once we come to terms w e new changes, we might start to enjoy it!

My resolution this year is
to face all the upcoming challenges
and to overcome all my fears and taking things w stride!
i hope people will like me for who i truely am and
of course i am still learning everyday how to be a better person!

i wished that when one's trying so hard to be improve ourselves
others shan't take for granted
please do not be mistaken i am so unhappy now
e lil happen encounters each day = fulfilled me!

__________ *shopping*_________________

today, we managed to bring forward the tut tmr to today!
Yup... i am gonna be involved!
and my tutorial was scheduled like from 5 TO 6 PM lor
and e competition starts at 6! AMK TO KALLANG
a lil difficult right
but now no probz!
in fact ytd we had a practice session
felt superb!
we had a good game!
i love my colleagues!

speaking of today,
after the first "lame class"
its like teaching us how to log in the com in the lab...!~
some of us went for breakie
while e others have a tut going on
cuz we r like splited up in some tutorials
anyway, we talked quite a bit w my classmates
and i am glad we kinda talked more la
but though we may not be as SOCIAL as e rest
we may seem very isolated from e class
nevertheless, i anticipate a hard time in a couple of modules since i have a strong feeling this lecturer is a lil useless!

i met up w baoling
we went j8
shopped around and i bought a top which she says is SO ME!
and i love it!
she gt a dress that she loves too

it was a spurlge for me man
as in if i am working now, its a comfy range i would spend la
but now, in school,
its a SPURLGE!
Imagine spending when u r not earning!~~

and its only one pathetic top only
this yr i get to spend all my cny hols!
4 days
i probably need like 2 more decent tops
when i think about it!

oh and i recieved two gifts!
a watch from baoling
and some biscuits from choonz
they both went went travelling recently

and i was trying in vain to persuade choonz to join SGH after her bond,
like trying to make her hold off her idea to go australia
as in part of her plans- for good!

Choonz is a name i gave her
she is call XIAO CHOON
and she is my poly classmate
we stuck together thru thick and thin IN E 3 YEARS
she is damn tolerant towards my funny moods
and she is damn passionate in nursing
and she is damn good in her work!
but after she left school she hates e job
cuz she hates e hospital!

u noe i miss her so much now that i am in school
i wished she can be there w me
and we could go back to how we were like during our diploma days...
if she go,
its gonna be quite boring
tho we dun meet up that often now
its feels good to meet up once in a blue moon and she is damn chatty
and damn good to talk to and gossip~
(hur hur my type of friends!)

Monday, January 14, 2008

"best friend"

since school started,
i have used the google/yahoo search engines e most in my entire life

but i am "proud" of myself
managed to get quite good and relevant info

Thank u darling for the printer man!
If he din gimme that, i'll probably die now!
To think my initial plan for e printer was to print photos!

i AM gonna SAYANG my printer,
its so dearly to me for 8 months!
*looking at my printer and feeling relived*

His name is Epson. Affectionately known as SON-SON now...

i think the whole week is gonna be GROUP MEETINGS PACKED!
had one today,
and to our ultimate utmost dismay,
we r e first grp to present...
seriously we dunno e format and rough guide
plus we haven really worked out our objectives!

and e topic is a KILLER MAN
Theories Guided Nursing practice, a gap?

it was meant to be a debate topic but since 8 mths is too short,
they forgo
but... i think on my part a debate could have been better.
This is damn @#$% broad a topic to present!

anyway, gonna meet e members again tomorrow,
and i find this lady in particular a lil KAN CHIONG!
but she's still ok, so long as her saliva dun kena my hand again when she talks ok liao! If i know her better I'll probably tell her off, sigh too bad i dun.

supposed to go for netball training today,
decided not to go, went for a nap and
ANgeline said its cancelled anyway.
I had like super interrupted sleep.
So many random and irritating texts plus calls!
iN PARTICULAR this idiot who mistaken me for someone!
i deliberately chose not to reply but he is persistent lor!
make me angry
and i cant even sleep well.

my weekends now r so boring...
he's working most of e time...
i've got no one to go shopping w me...
then we met up on sat and i insisted to go Mustafa.
lovely place...
we *heart* mustafa!

we went TI AMO after that for some drinks.
Its in serangoon,
shop house turned cafe.
And it makes use of its two storeys to create a "cool" chill out joint!
Level one serves nice smoothies and yummy cakes
level 2 is more like soccer or chill out at night when u can order alcoholic drinks
i like e place! A pity they close early, i guess due to HDB area.

sunday is like a going to be fixed BADMINTON day
hur hur we went to play again yest and after that BOTAK JONES!
its like my most sinful meal after these 2 weeks!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

*no missed calls please!*

i watched this movie today!
i have always been a fan of horror flick
just that i get really timid in the theatre
and i'll either cover mouth w my sweater or used my fingers to block part of my eyes
Theoretically, i still can see clearly... but that somehow made me feel more at ease
i am usually one of those that will shout hur hur
since sec sch i always watched it w guaz and hanz...
today we went Lido,
which i so think that they should close down

Lousy seats
its rocking (supposed to be like that one la but annoying to me)
little gaps btw the rows
looks and feels and smells old... those typical red cushion seats, rock-able and FAR from e screen, old uncles who tear ur tics

Red curtains at the door,
lousy sound system
and TAK SHIOK viewing effects

well, not a sucker for tip top cinemas!
But hello its $9.50 today
and its a horror movie where i need more spaces to move my legs and calm down u see!

anyway, guaz and i were each other's PILLAR OF SUPPORT,
tho we scare each other at times instead of the movie.

its a lil predictable,
but intense
and i dunno why, maybe b'cuz i'm older,
i do not really anticipate the scary scenes,
when i know its coming, like music changes or when the lead turns around (close shot)
i could feel my palpating heartbeats and hurriedly!
I really wished i do not have to go thru this!
In e past, i love it!

Plot Summary:
What will it sound like when you die?

In "One Missed Call," a chain of people receive terrifying cell phone messages of their own final fatal moments. Though the messages can be deleted, their number is up. Beth Raymond (Shannyn Sossamon) is traumatized when she witnesses the gruesome deaths of two friends just days apart. Even more disturbing, she knows that both of them had received chilling cell phone messages—actual recordings of their own horrifying last moments.

Impossibly, the calls were received days before they died, but each death occurred precisely when and how the messages foretold. The police think Beth is delusional—except for Detective Jack Andrews (Edward Burns) whose own sister was killed in a freak accident that bears a strange similarity to the deaths of Beth's friends. Together, Jack and Beth work feverishly to unravel the mystery behind the ominous calls.

But even as they get closer to the truth, Beth's cell phone begins to ring with an eerie tune, and the readout says One Missed Call...

i feel like i am falling sick,
need to rest badly.

tomorrow i still gotta do my "homeworks"
and i would love to sign up for tennis course.
THINKING abt it now...

THANKS Mariam!
I miss working
and most importantly i miss the staffs!!! ALOT~

Take care ya ppl!
have a great weekend~


we r trying to download the ring tone from this movie...
cuz when the mobile rings in e show,
its not even the hp's ringtone!

scary lei...

Friday, January 11, 2008


never expected myself to be able to shout out TGIF in nursing...
thankfully i am BLESSED to have a chance...

this is considered week 2 and even tho i need not report to school on wed and thurs already, but my brain cells are dying...

googled like mad for project info
and at the same, reading up the info so that i can contribute during meetings
afterall, i am quite paranoid with regards to how others view me as
and do not wanna be deemed as someone incompetent.

and today we managed to get one done.
at least e skeletal part since till present we still dunno when we r supposed to present! And its a good start we have done it

so one down~

i am supposed to meet my bf and go singing
he actually suggested that his friend comes along
we had a BIG FIGHT.

i do not know this guy AT ALL

we hardly spend time alone nowadays
and he actually wanna bring along someone i dunno~

this guy is his colleague
they see each other often
they meet up after work sometimes too
and they will talk on the phone on work related issues!

Is he like the legitimate gf instead of me?!

we sort it out after many hours
some crying
mainly arguments
tantrum throwing etc

he specifically requested for off day
cuz i got no sch
we were supposed to go out!
guess what i cln't locate him!
His line got cut off and he din noe!

i waited like the whole day till 6 pm then he realised and called me
i was like pissed to e max~ wrse than wed!

he knows it
sincerely apologised
but i was wa------------------------------y too angry

he appeared at my doorstep
while i fell aslp watching kinship on tv
he knocked and i deliberately walked away
my mum opened the door! Even tho i told her not!

yup we resolved it as well la...

and we watched LE GRAND CHEF ytd!


Its a korean movie, i think manga turned movie
and its about cooking.
Funny yet there's some touching scenes
its a competition and in e midst they made discovery about the past

tonight gonna meet up w my friends for another movie, missed call or sth...
doubt I'll have programmes tomorrow
anyway my school projects already dated me
i need to find info for other modules

i'm going crazy!
when i reached home
the weather was so GOOD!
scorching sun!

and i threw all the laundry in th machine
@#$% i just heard thunder
gonna rain soon~


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

sometimes i wonder...

even if we share a special bonding

even if everything seems smooth

i wish i can know more

i wish i can forsee

and predict

and sometimes i wonder if i did e right thing.

i was trying to pick up some of my ol' memoirs in the 90s,
mainly when i was a teenager.

i typed Ayumi Hamasaki on youtube.
Browsed through her pages of songs...
which is alot la

and i wanted to find back my memories
but it displayed alot of e newer songs
but i still know this song,
and i used to know how to sing haa
and i owned this album which obviously i think i misplaced
and i ASPIRE to keep my hair LONG enough to cover my BREASTS Haa like her.
Till now... i still want but everytime i visit the hairdresser they'll comment on my dry ends and they'll snip it off! Sigh.

we finally got an estimated guide to the various modules and expectations
meaning, the assignments and tests and presentations etc

well, i used to like presentations alot.
BUT not when i have to do it w a group of ppl i dun really know...
cuz within our specialty, we split in to 2 grps
and each grp joined 3 other specialties to formed a tutorial group
and all the specialties mixed around to have a sub group!

but nvm

we shall see how well it goes.
and i guess the ultra shock i got today was our pathophysiology lect


i have got quite alot of stuff to search for info.
and i met up w Lowena in sch and we went amk hub for drinks on Mon
apparently there's alot more to expect...


keeping my fingers crossed cuz the way they described it sounds REALLY scary

hopefully i can pull thru all these peacefully.

Monday, January 07, 2008


a short one on what i did today
booked badminton court under HIS NAME,
i remembered his ic u see...
and he has a Passion card
and if i booked as public its 12 bucks

he is a member,
i gt it for 8 buck.
Student now, need to scrimp
and most absurd thing is i updated his data hur hur.
was afraid they might wanna check ic and passion card upon admission but *phew*

we played badminton,
guaz din managed to make it
3 of us...
not exactly vigorous exercise cuz we gotta accommodate EB who refuses to practice w the wall first b4 joining us cuz she has got some problems playing and claims she has not played it for awhile thats why.

but it feels good playing my fave sport and
sweating it out.
had initially planned to go jb.
kinda looking forward to the netball game coming up
hopefully my colleague will update me re: the sessions.

u must be wondering whats my title about ya!~

Caught In The Act

witness a very melodrama incident.

its like an exposed affair


a message to guys
please be truthful to girls

u never know what we are capable of

i so c/n stand guys who two-timed
borrows money
horny- wants sth outta u etc

well i am sure the lists goes on la

but the main point is

never ever try to cheat on someone

i rather u tell me truthfully u don't love me anymore and u like someone else
than me discovering it myself and i am like e last to know

my friend saw this guy she is currently dating
with another gal
apparently his real gf
yet he lied about being single.

we witness it
we combed the area to find him wanting to expose his CHEAP DEEDS infront of his gf
but we found him alone instead
they talked
and she slapped him


the most disgusting thing is he has e cheek to sms her saying
"after the slap i have ntg to say to u!"


I TOLD her to replied him saying
"u gt the cheek to sms me! when u cheated on ur gf bla bla
be thankful she hasn't seen the gal and stuff like she has good memory and will rem her!"

hur hur hur


Sunday, January 06, 2008

my unusual narcissism...

it looks e same rt!

anyway kinda like these pics
he likes it too! (except the flabby arms he says)

search thru forums re: my current "plan"
a lil scary it sounds
so far coping well...
pls pray for me...
and i hope i can make it too.

The aftermath and side effects sounds very discouraging
but i'm willing to give it a try.
only certain ppl know.
do not wish to advertise in case it fails...


the above pics r taken from my mobile.
haven really play around the mobile and its cam functions since its 3.2 megapix ok!
a very good phone!

recently we have been crazy over the karmaloop webby!
i have been looking at the stuff
and the PAUL FRANK HOODY AND PANTIES r so attrative!~~

beibz gave me a budget of 75 USD
since he has a paypal acct w some credits and it c/n be withdrawn,
we r frantically searching for items to load in our shopping cart!

and i attached the *tiny* link the other day
and it actually reached out to some ppl already!
Hanz n Guaz actually browsed thru the webby and found things they like!

go take a look !


i went out with baoling again,
we took the express bus from amk to town,
well apparently easier and cheaper(compared to cabs)
but thats when we exclude the waiting time.
The bus stops has yet to put up a schedule chart for this service unlike my CT 8
Even w the schedule, haa i still run after e bus so often!

for the record,
ran umpteen times
nearly fainted 2 times!

anyway had wanted to get some nice sandals
and maybe a birkie since i saw world of sport having sale.
too bad the designs weren't that fatabulous and
i ended up buying only a pair of cheap ripples polka dot flip flops(at least the polka dot is e bonus)
and 2 sets of lingerie (for cny)

my dear fren ended up buying alot m0re than me.

invited hanz for badminton tomorrow...
hopefully we can go

insomnia nowadays!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Mind Cafe

to satisfy my "craves" for games.
i jio the trio for a session at Mind Cafe.
Since hanz is working,
and since Purvis street has a newly opened outlet,
we went there.

thanks to "EDMUND" who made an early reservations,
we need not wait.

kinda missed the games we played when i went with my colleagues,
as there was a bigger group of people and we could play more crazy games
was a lil irritated w e noise from the table behind but come to think of it i'll be like that too if i am with a bigger group.

i realised from the pics i took lately,
e diff in sizes of my eyes are more prominent.
It usually shows when i'm lacking in beauty sleep or during the mornings.
Otherwise it shouldn't be so obvious!
Gosh... i looked so disgusting

tomorrow will be another boring day.

my intention was to surprise him.

there was misunderstandings and mis communications.
we talked it out and we r fine now.

Getting a lil emo lately and
easily worked up.