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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.
- Winston Churchill

so many thoughts and feelings running thru my mind.
nothing major happened,
in fact its really NOTHING.

but i have been thinking alot...
if u dunno, i always think alot.
i love to think alot and hence i derive alot of my own analytical views
i comprehend those happenings and perhaps convert my weakness and sadness to hope?
(come to me when u have probz! I analyse for u!)

i believed i'm truely blessed to have come this far.
i stand strong towards my own faith and beliefs
i'm sure many of us does too.

no doubt i tend to worry about this and that
i envy many of the impossibles
i have so many hopes and wishes
but at the end of the day i console myself
and i coax myself to be happy and contented with what i have now.

some recent encounters with some old and new friends
it sets me thinking about the past and what my future may bring about.

i guess if u have avidly looked out to my posts,
u would have read similiar uncertainty from me umpteen times?
but i guess thats life
or thats me!~

i constantly re-evaluate my life, in fact quite frequently
that could be part of "rejuvenation" ?
perhaps to make myself be thankful of the current state and not dwell on
and to straighten out some knots that i had previously.
It helps...

i have been catching HUANG JIN LU- THE GOLDEN PATH FROM CH 8
Very closely.
the ties between the characters keeps the ecstasy going
but looking at the sacrifices they made for their loved ones made me treasure my current state very much too... kinda relieved we are not caught in such complicated situations but i think we learnt to be more wary of the surroundings!

these 3 weeks that i spent in school,
i learnt alot of new things
post graduate studies IS beneficial
it keeps me linking up my (brief) working experiences and i am totally impressed by Lew my preceptor! I realised the things that she ever taught me and the faults that she corrected me were all GOOD PRACTICES!

i think she has every reason to be a DAMN GOOD OUTSTANDING NURSE
i mean her dedications to work and patients and her relations w colleagues!

sometimes we r too concerned about the WHY like this WHY NOT like this and the other blame-others self fulfilling prophecy that we missed out our own imperfections
i guess to be happy and successful,
the biggest step is to have an OPEN MIND towards everything
and "flip" around things b4 we jumped into conclusion
and of course we must be ever ready to take up challenges!
we hate changes but if its inevitable and for our good,
we should be more than happy to have the chance!
the initial stage may be hard and u feel damn sore and sian abt it
once we come to terms w e new changes, we might start to enjoy it!

My resolution this year is
to face all the upcoming challenges
and to overcome all my fears and taking things w stride!
i hope people will like me for who i truely am and
of course i am still learning everyday how to be a better person!

i wished that when one's trying so hard to be improve ourselves
others shan't take for granted
please do not be mistaken i am so unhappy now
e lil happen encounters each day = fulfilled me!

__________ *shopping*_________________

today, we managed to bring forward the tut tmr to today!
Yup... i am gonna be involved!
and my tutorial was scheduled like from 5 TO 6 PM lor
and e competition starts at 6! AMK TO KALLANG
a lil difficult right
but now no probz!
in fact ytd we had a practice session
felt superb!
we had a good game!
i love my colleagues!

speaking of today,
after the first "lame class"
its like teaching us how to log in the com in the lab...!~
some of us went for breakie
while e others have a tut going on
cuz we r like splited up in some tutorials
anyway, we talked quite a bit w my classmates
and i am glad we kinda talked more la
but though we may not be as SOCIAL as e rest
we may seem very isolated from e class
nevertheless, i anticipate a hard time in a couple of modules since i have a strong feeling this lecturer is a lil useless!

i met up w baoling
we went j8
shopped around and i bought a top which she says is SO ME!
and i love it!
she gt a dress that she loves too

it was a spurlge for me man
as in if i am working now, its a comfy range i would spend la
but now, in school,
its a SPURLGE!
Imagine spending when u r not earning!~~

and its only one pathetic top only
this yr i get to spend all my cny hols!
4 days
i probably need like 2 more decent tops
when i think about it!

oh and i recieved two gifts!
a watch from baoling
and some biscuits from choonz
they both went went travelling recently

and i was trying in vain to persuade choonz to join SGH after her bond,
like trying to make her hold off her idea to go australia
as in part of her plans- for good!

Choonz is a name i gave her
she is call XIAO CHOON
and she is my poly classmate
we stuck together thru thick and thin IN E 3 YEARS
she is damn tolerant towards my funny moods
and she is damn passionate in nursing
and she is damn good in her work!
but after she left school she hates e job
cuz she hates e hospital!

u noe i miss her so much now that i am in school
i wished she can be there w me
and we could go back to how we were like during our diploma days...
if she go,
its gonna be quite boring
tho we dun meet up that often now
its feels good to meet up once in a blue moon and she is damn chatty
and damn good to talk to and gossip~
(hur hur my type of friends!)


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