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Friday, August 31, 2007

dedicated to him**

i find myself immersed with all the unnecessary worries about "THE" future...

i picture us, looking at each other with super under topics to talk about ...

it certainly proves my ULTRA negativity,

looking at the pictures of us

looking at the pictures he took

looking at the ones he specially adores

just makes me realised my worries are just extra trauma i caused myself to suffer

we hung around till late these two days.

His absense last week caused me so much misery

His attentiveness caused by my clumsiness makes me feel so loved

my knocks here and there and his soothing rubs to my lil pain

my tormenting mood swings and tantrums, watching him rising with (-) tolerance level... amuses me.

when he looked in my eyes, he knows i am crying even when my tears were just welling up.

I find absolute solace.

What more can i expect...

he is my bestie,
my soul mate


beibz i love you!


finally watched Hairspray.

had wanted to watch it since the trailers plus the many reviews seems good.

Well, personally i would probably rate it 3/5

was anticipating alot from the theme since it was so broadway.

But find it rather draggy. Tho the female lead is pretty cute.

Was off today.

felt a lil tired, anyway as usual slept my day away since i got nothing much to do.

Chatted w guaz a lil while over the phone and i dunno how we started talking about changes. I casually asked him if i had changed and he said yes.

I am not at all offended by what he says yet a lil keen to know exactly how much he thinks i have changed yet i could hear that he's a lil reserved in saying more i guess for fear i would be offended.

In the past, i used to call him up once every now and then checking out his life and stuff. Well haven been doing much of this lately.

It may sound very EXCUSE-ly that i have bZ Work schedules.
But i do admit i sorta neglected that.
He prolly felt that i dedicate most of my time to my bf.

But the comforting things i would say is...

i still will call. Even tho lesser frequency

I still initiates asking u guys out.

I do not specially ask u guys out cuz i have got no one to accompany me for the day.

anyway take good care of ur back, hope ur "fellows" are still in tip top condition!

THis particular roster was quite a good one at least to me la.

but sad to say there r still ppl who do not understand shift duties or maybe i should say my nature of work.

working on ph and weekends are bad enuff,

and it totally pisses me off when i get remarks like
huh u still need to work today ah?

Like hello... its just like me telling u to go high tea w me on a weekday afternoon~


my nature of work do not allow me to be sitting around or able to log on msn to chat w my friends at work.

i have alot of patient contacts...

i need to perform diff procedures and need me to be w em.

don't expect me to ans calls as and when

or reply msges as and when

i m still the same me
when i can never tolerate disturbance during sleep!

i need to change my skin... soon

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


there is so much negativity around...

she is suffering.

If all the accusations about her is untrue, its really hard on her.
Well, all i could do was listen and be there.
I chose to keep quiet cuz i can never say i understand exactly how she feels.

But i do think i noe cuz i kinda experienced it b4, but still i din.

It so happens when my hp was FLAT~

happy i managed to get work done on time.

Supposed to be an Eye nurse, but due to some stinko's opinions, i should change with Mary Had a Lil anne...

I pity Maryanne sometimes, but sorry to say she does irritate the hell outta me ALL the time! But then again, was a lil annoyed w the remark made by stinko.

Stinko has no right to doubt MA's work since she is so GREEN and furthermore i dun see a diff btw em, on top of that, my overdued posts mentioned abt her breath... which still doesnt faciliate me talking to her and she is super Blur too in my opinion and always in her own world.

Her preceptor heard alot abt her and URGE us to guide her well, but unless she do sth to her mouth.

Anyway, stinko didn't feel comfortable working along cuz she deem MA is just as green as she is... on top of that wound inspections.

I kinda forsee it coming.

I was waiting around, expecting em to do sth to my assignments.

I do not hate dressings, but i hate em suka suka put me in this side, tomorrow that side and next day eye or sth else!

Furthermore, it makes me feel that all sorts of shit are thrown to me.
AGNC says:" good what sister can know who can work and who can't!"


don;t i noe my sisters well enuff.

Is that tad lil bit of irritating tasks u perform boost ur performance level to em!?

And furthermore, i do not want to IMPRESS em.

If they are so good a superior, they should noe well their staffs' competency.

I remembered there was an survey on work satisfaction few mths back and i left a comment citing examples of done pre-appraisal sessions appraisals! I m supposed to sign, when u already thought of whats for me b4 i even speak, or whats best even b4 i voice out!


I am not dwelling but finding all these superficial stuffs irritating.

It's like another getting more and more irritating colleague of mine, asking me where i am going on my leave, hinting changing w me, cuz she booked her cruise package liao!

Then what?!

Firstly, my AL is being moved or freely assigned by my supervisors for certain slots and i oblige, then now i have to accommodate others again.

Then outta kindness, i brought patients reporting for admission to counter and
casually asked abt patient details only to tolerate grumbles of overflows etc.

Well, i dun mean to complain but just citing irritating stuffs at work

i welcome overflows now since i feel i am quite confident in their management as compared to last time but why can't the rest accept it too! Since our discipline just isn't doing too good!


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

old school!

can u spot me!

nabey *the can u spot me* sentence sounds irritating!

total BLISS...

e long awaited Monday finally came...

end of his Reservist. End of my self proclaimed MISERY.

i haven been hubbing for a week till ytd, where i met guaz there.

The last few weeks, i was still very worried about what the future may bring about for us but now... the 1 week separation made me realized his worth.

met up w Hanz ytd, planned a not surprising surpirse, with cake and hang around his hse

Rummage through all his ol' letters and well, his ex-es were all quite bitchy!

The oh so lovey dovey letters followed by an oh I'm so sorry i broke up with u letters!

Except for one really sweet gal, which sigh... i wished they were still 2gether.

HAPPY BELATED BDAY PAL! One more fantabulous outing on wed!

Received a call from a friend whO was whining to me about another friend yet at the same time trying to dig out from me if my other friend called me lately and said anything, well she did but i kept mum abt it.

It makes me really puzzled what makes e 2 of em changed faces so fast.

Awhile ago the 2 of em were still so looking 4ward to their new life...

but iT made me felt at ease that i did not make any rash decisions.

And it makes me wonder who is the trustworthy one too.

It kinda got me really stressed up. But decided i shouldn't bother about them.

But mentioning about the ol' love letters he has gt, i saw one of his ex gf writing in reference to me, saying she gets really jealous about him talking to me and i rem when i was in early sec sch days, i came to noe that someone weren't happy that a particular guy chose me as his gf.

Initially i was a lil pissed, no doubt its the past.

Throughout my life, i have never tried to act like diff person infront of others, i never hide my character from the others. I believe i have no lack of friends and number of pursuers. I dunno WAT they see in me but i have never acted like i was some demure lil young sweet thing. And that makes me really puzzled why they wanna get jealous of me~ Sigh... he beibz says becuase WOMEN ARE LIKE THAT...

that probably explains why working in an all female working env can get quite f-up!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

*mandy moore...**

i *heart* Mandy Moore.

I think she is so pretty!

Watched license to wed ytd w KD and Cy...

Funny and i think the guy is so sweet!!!

Man... >meltz<

3 of us did pedicure at Hollywood nails.

Then headed to clarke quay to support Guaz's bazaar
and ate at Coffee Club (sucks)

then chill at Brewerks!
HEY HEY! The beer is so yummy!

Had this Indian pale ale or sth...
there is tis so special malty aftertaste in ur mouth that makes u wanna drink more~

thumbs up!
Its a brewery, they brew their own beer and wide selections!


i might lose control!!!

REcieved my cheque for my FAME AWARDS CONSOLATION prize... 50 bucks hee


Thursday, August 23, 2007

everywhere i go, since my schooling days, i have always been labelled as the loud one, the Da Jie da in my clique, literally means Big sis or even mad...

Never really like those STUPID labels...

esp Big sis.

Was merely a lil louder than the rest and in fact when everyone roars in laughter probably my mouth open bigger la~

Has been cracking the usual nonsensical jokes lately at work, lightening up e mood there in particular Honeysha, who laughs at almost all the lame jokes i crack~ and esp my RENDITION of THAI GIRL SHOWS haa...

she has been suggesting me to be a comedian.

And my bf always strongly feels that i can be part of Jack Neo's J TEAM cuz there's always a girl in their shows who care much less abt images and all out to make ppl laugh and he thinks i am just like em... uglifying myself for effects.

It brings me joy to see ppl really laughing as in genuinely and i call it sincerly at my jokes and i would beam with pride(hideous) that i am so FUNNY!

But guess my love would still be singing.

I remember, when i was still so free, as in schooling, i on my radio e moment i stepped home and i used to know alot alot alot as in really alot of songs. I was titled MP3 queen or walking mp3 by my friend and i have gt friends who call me out humming songs and asked me for title.

I have since lost e ability now cuz i stop listening to radio mainly cuz of time...

would love to pick up singing from a professional instructor, recommended by a friend one school. Might pop by to enquire if i happen to be in that area.

kinda regret many many things in life... all those if i had...

i always confidently see myself as Jack of all trades master of none. Tho nt all but am proud of my wide variety of i call it talents skills i possess haa!

quite self centered la my post. hee

going ECP tomoorow w Kamala.

Been awhile since i last saw her.

prob alot to catch up.

work has been fine these two days,

looking forward to many good days ahead!

Monday, August 20, 2007

my "ALL" for now, at least the entire week.

well, had been really "SWEET" ahem, unknowingly owned so many pink stuffs which i so hate it last time and swore whenever i come across gals who's too pink. And OOPS~

i swear i am not those typical act cute ones lor!

My Hp was a nice shade of pink.

My Ds lite because, i was ok with pink or black and since Linda gt the black and the beibz and the shopkeeper kept wanting me to get the pink one i oblige.

Still many new pink stuffs which i dun wish to waste my time on those.

Anyway i FINALLY conquered Mario's world 3-3's KING! nABEY, I have like played repeatedly for 789545123564 times and still couldn't make it and i tot i am going bonkers soon with my excitement and anger!~


I hope my "all" will tide me till mon, he is away for reservist!

Today work was hell...


But i managed to complete my side almost on time with the help of a very nice Burns staff!

Hang around and helped the rest do some stuffs!

Had this super duper irritating and SMELLY auntie which i managed to sent back to the parent ward too! Heng ah! But had a super hard time communicating w her and her husband! They really make a good pair!
Auntie demands i do this do that...
had a super hard time explaining to the uncle the diff btw BLOCK 5 AND BLOCK 6! Duh***

He insisted its the same and even mixed up, and yup i ended up losing my cool with e two of em and SHOUTED!

Not very loud la but w tinge of irritating tone rather obviously.

and she was rather gei gei lor!

Said sorry and apologize for troubling me! Hate that even more!
Fake right! And manipulative! She thinks she will make me feel bad but uh oh...

my uglified Fame Awards pics...

i want a mirror exactly like those in fitting rooms!

check out my attempts of those typical kawaii act jap act cute gals, those typical they call themselves Barbie or Princess A B or C or some funny jap names like yumi, ayu!

Totally Buang~

my impulsive buy on Fri determines my choice of food for the entire week till ahem, Sat.

Pay day is like still so -------------------------------- far away.

Bought a dress. God knows when i can wear it!~

Attempted to wear the dress i bought in thailand, #@$%


he's going for reservist tomorrow. So sad, even when it's e third time. -_-""

pls pardon my random-ness~

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Mario Bros...


total shit!

its absolutely nope not vodka~ duh***

But absolute shitty~

me being that tad lil very- almost close to SUPER nice staff...

called a total of 3 times in my 2 years plus in the ward for mc only to be rejected by ppl claiming about the shortage of staffs!

i do take mc la b4 but the above 3 times were REJECTED! HUMAN RIGHTS IN SUCH BIG ORGANIZATION!? YEAH??

Anyway, is it my fault that u din plan ur roster well and therefore not enuff staffs to work therefore gtta forsake my pH to come back to work?

Well i am so nice to take e day b4 my three straight off days to visit the terror DENTIST arghhhhhhhhhh... see the mentioning of the word scares me~ (shivers)

And extracted two teeth noT TOOTH~ ouch... so painful, heng tong lei... (sobbing + pout)

and forsake mc for maybe a week? WISDOM TOOTH and erm one caries until jia lat jia lat one shhhhh.

Then they BULLY me... ask me come back work lor. Sigh.

Still bleeding u noe! (STILL POUTING)


Could be losing too much blood like i told Linda.

They sure they want me back at work?

Ok. Maybe i shall skip brunch, go out late, run after my bus and faint (almost) I mean and then ta duh... MC~!!~! hOHo HO.

sIAN-est thing is i already tot of wat to wear tomorrow lor....

Hooked on to MARIO!!!!

The climbing of fence is a killer!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


been really really bz these few days.

The singing com has ended...

did satisfactory, came 6th outta 20 plus ppl i think

Ain was 4th despite sore throat! So i c/n imagine if she is well~ Bravo

totally shagged out by the activities lined up last few days... was on e verge of falling ill, drowned myself w Panadol for flu and water.

Patients @ work tends to get more and more irritating.

Expectations for healthcare locally is getting a lil overboard!

Visited the dentist finally today!

Exratcted my wisdom tooth...
one chipped tooth and one more to go...

and some fillings to be done and one optional minor op for one embedded wisdom tooth who has gt no room for growth~!

PAIN!~~~ POST extraction is sucha nightmare!~

popped ponstan and panadol and felt better but kept swalling blds ouch*

he wanted to do e filling as well today but i was so terrified of the drilling that i told him another day and he said i better nt come back next yr! HAA~

Saturday, August 11, 2007


watched 881 on the eve of National Day with him.

Generally not a bad one, made up typically with the usual Hokkien Chor lor jokes and languages which i feel that it has became a trend for local movies...

It is disappointing that the local movie scene has all aimed to score with the crude jokes they make. No doubt funny but i feel its not really "international"

And that's what we usually expect from Jack Neo as well.

Anyway, there is a storyline... but i was not really paying 100% attention as i was already falling aslp due to morning shift earlier and another morning shift the next day...

But the decision to star MTV VJs May AND Choy was RUBBISH!

Their acting was awful,
they acted so f-bimbotic!
Their mandarin suck big time~!

OMG... it really made me hate em... cuz they were portrayed as "38" lor...

but this show sorta brought us into the local Getai scenes and i realised the pple watching were quite cheena and ol'er crowd.

Went ktv just now sorta practicing for mon...

felt a lil throat itch... flu like symptoms hopefully I'll be better tomorrow.

Friday, August 10, 2007

4 days seems like 4ever...

it's been a HELL WEEK(ALMOST)

Its like a roller coaster ride for me, handling difficult THEY-THINK-THEY-ARE-SUPERIOR patients...

people @ work will noe the details...

got tired of repeating and i am really really glad and relieved it is finally over.
Mystery solved, i dunno if its correct calling it a mystery or a PLOT. And he has gone back home i wish for GOOD.

I should blame my foul mouth, jokingly telling the rest i shall screw up while being an eye nurse so my future assignments will be less of Eye... i am allergic to it esp after 4 fucking consecutive days and 4 never ending days!

our ward will be changing to w63 eye/pras in future since i believe eye patients have highly overthrown the no. of plastic cases.

It would have been almost a blast given the people i worked with these few days were superby and besides the workload and loads of shitty complaint issues re: our ward cleanliness, some they deem we were being non-ethical or inconsiderate issues from the she deem she is damn good self broadcasting *lawye*** ahem...

i m lucky i did not screw up being a eye nurse but got damn screwed up patients while being one!

All i can say is, this certainly adds on to my racist thinking since i have always been quite prone to making racist remarks. Furthermore i feel they were too DESPICABLE IN all the accusations and remarks they made about us.

Well, well well. In my short years of nursing in the ward, though short, i have strongly believed evil people will end up with the worst conditions they can expect. I am definitely not cursing nor wishing for it but its proven. Like i said earlier, i wished him well.

Quoting from wat Ma said, these kinda people really made us dread work the more and get less satisfaction from work. Quite true. But i certainly learnt a great deal from this incident and i am proud to say i know very well how to meddle with CCTVs!!! Haa... this despicable man made me had the opportunity of going to the security office and trace back the video footage of the day and i was the one controlling it haa so fun... but was super uptight while i was there as i was his primary nurse and inevitably i would be going in to his room and THANK GOD all of us managed to prove our INNOCENCE!

It has really bumpy for me...

it's National Day and coincidentally some who same the same birthday.

After having done so many things that i proudly say way more than what he has done for my family and having tried my very best in establishing all the relationship which i gave up eventually in July after a certain issue which seriously knocked senses into me that i have been a fool all the while. Constantly reminding about this and that for fear of letting her down, try my best to be there when possible to avoid unhappiness but i have NEVER FELT TOTAL ACCEPTANCE!~

I am not used to seeing ugly faces thrown at me, i am not ill bred but i lead my own way and strongly believe in being my TRUE self. I may not meet the standards u deem perfect but i have never done anything disrespectful or harmful!

I have always got things the way i wanted within my family and which is why after feeling that i have really STOOPED too lowly to yearn for acceptance, that i finally made the draw to give up on my part.

I am sorry i can never SWEET TALK like she does.

I am sorry i can never STILL be nice even after feeling not appreciated like how he always felt.

I am sorry i do not meet up ur standards but i still think highly of myself.

If there is really no acceptance there will never be happiness.

Whats more dissapointing is how U TREATED ME after seeing how i was treated!


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

damn...fickle minded!

joined this FAME AWARDS! Yesss me...

organised by the union,
Cheapo me... you'll noe why!

Firstly, have u all every heard abt me being Union Member, holding a pictured Card and getting Rebates in ALL NTUC !!! Haa... have always laughed at others' pics...

the only reasons that made me wanted to be one was...

Chalet rebates.

Lew'S $5 ntuc voucher for recommendations

And after yesterday, the Fame Awards... haa

applicable only for the UNION MEMBERS...

HOW cheapo was i?

I joined on the day itself, closing date for the registration of the fame awards! And obviously because of the com i became member lor!

i dun have e orbit ntuc card w photo one yet...

just a piece of crumpled(by me) hand written temp card... to prove my MEMBERSHIP HAA

MY BIGGEST problem now is the choice of song which i made ytd and changed today.

Regretted now... fuck.

NVM... since i cannot change anymore i guess i can only pray hard all the other fame-ers chose the wrong song too haa!

Damn stress... cuz i get fluttered and worried over tiny lil things and this is enough to cause me a nervous breakdown!

He is getting irritated by me... but i cant help it.

13th Aug 2007- 7pm AT National Dental Centre Auditioriam

The peeps at work seems more excited than me and ain who joined as well...


i dunno...

i hope i wont wet myself or even bad limbs tremors on the stage!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

who cares!?

this Zoe Tay pregnant issues is really getting on my nerves.

Firstly, i dun really fancy her.

SECONDLY SHE is getting WAY too much publicity for this!

It makes me wonder how true it is...

or she is dying for more milk or diapers or slimming centers deals!?

EVEN yahoo has a poll for her?! And the results?!

Zoe Tay is pregnant and can't get money from Mediacorp. I think:
5274 votes since Aug 2 2007

No big deal, what. Her husband is a pilot.-28%,1451 votes

No problem. She earns a lot from swallowing (sponsorships). -27% ,1423 votes

Unfair! She's a victim of the system. -17% ,914 votes

Dunno, dun care.- 28% ,1486 votes

Like who cares lor seriously if it is unfair now!

Her Husband is f*rich!

Her endorsements is well i dunno how to put it!~

Seriously who cares about her not getting paid. And what can we do?! Even if we voices out our concerns, its still eventually up to Mediacorp to decide and furthermore she signed the contract!

Give us a bReak Zoe~

vulgar-ing is my pastime.

f* laments again!?

YESSSSSS... laments PX. *duh**

Vulgar_ PX:

f*ing SUAY = unlucky right?!~

ON LEAVE... F*ING annual leave, something i din asked for, scheduled by "itself" >shrugs<

study that f*thing AGAIN on my LEAVE! C*b*



4.06 am...

suppose to sleep right or at least find bitching topic in FRIENDSTER!

But hey... i am studying k... no joke.


Monday= brand new week.


tuesday= MORNING shift! f* her... yeee dunwan!

wednesday= more morning! *middle finger**


bet she needs help in setting purrrrrrrrrrfect roster!

bet she is intoxicated with FOOD...


the above edits sounds and looks BIPOLAR-IC


vulgar_px_LIM is transforming into Bipolar_px_lim...

Transformers, bipolor_lim in disguise! (hummming tunies of TRANSFORMERS ROBOTS IN DISGUISE...)

Plugging on my playlist and currently, many albums i am listening to.

Go weak on guys who sings really well...

JJ Lin is my TOP FAVE.

Gary Cao is kool 2.

Ah Di from Energy has great vocals too... a pity he looks ALIEN-IC

so cheena


Its getting so so so boring here.

all laments.

all bimbotic statements...

ya ya u go here u go there... u like him u like her...

so childish lor~ >shrugs<


must watch!

i have fallen all over in love with him...

watched SECRET last nite


Ended in an unexpected twist.



Used to get gaga over him, and afterall who doesn't since he is so talented.

But was a lil irritated by him for his cassanova-ness.

But i am telling you, i am falling for him all over again.

Attended Beibz's best friend's gf's 21st birthday bash. SO SWEET...

I wished i am 21 again...

I am so hooked on to Teochew Porridge lately.

RE: my complaint last week to the bloody cab company.
I recieved and email that the mail i have sent bounced back.

However, i recieved a call from them yesterday, wanting to confirm the cab details, and she was like " miss lim, u noe hor if u never give us the correct information we cant take actions or give warnings lei!"

Like KNN lor...

she claims that i gave wrong details.
i asked if any of the comfort or yellow top cab was in the area, both claims no!

OK? I was bz at that moment, i gt an incoming call and when i switched back she hang up liao.

KNN... how can there be more than one carplate with the same no?!

stupid me. should have retorted!

MY National Day wish is we overthrow the cab companies! The money suckers... who demand alot from us and yet give us such f* up service. Singaporeans had enough of their terrible increments and bad to worse dropping standards.

Stand up stand up for SINGAPORE...
SIngapore our home and nation...
together with DETERMINATION.

Friday, August 03, 2007

pretty SELENA!!!

modesto yummy!

went Vivo w Beibz and Terry met us there...

initially thought i would be able to eat my fave KIM GARY hk cafe but Terry was against it.

Settle for Modesto's Restaurant.


They serve really good pasta and super yummy Traditional Italian Wood-Fired Pizza!!!

A lil ex tho but i used my UOB card and the ONE-FOR ONE deal! cool!~

<3 Congrats On Your New Job! <3

Bought the tic for Jay Chou debut self directed movie SECRET.
Sneaks tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


well, am glad... so so glad.

Cool New Graphics - MySpace/Friendster

Felt i was maligned...

On Monday Morning, had so many wound inspections. Nice ppl helped me... i was glad.

While writing my report, i saw the Dr In charge of this particular patient whose wound was inspected earlier on my unusual findings of the wound.

There pus, from the wound... even after the grafting which obviously not too good since they were so eager to send him home in two more days time...

Pus was expelled from the wound and considered many sinus points its flowing out from.

I merely reported what i deem wrong, this dr decided to inspect it again the next day since if it was pus its not too good.

The next day, as i was eye nurse, i was alone taking the eye report but could hearly heard my name being mentioned by a senior, saying i was too "kpo" to tell dr abt the wound.


WOund got problem, inform also wrong!

If never inform, two days later traced back to the one who did the dressing, blame me oso la!

Then, this senior whom i m totally pissed with till now, went to tell NO 2, while serving meds, i could clearly hear them talking loudly about the wound, No 2 exclaimed damn loudly she saw in her own eyes there were no pus and the wound was so GOOD!

Oh like u were the one who dressed it up?!

My only eye witness was MA who took photo for me, but she was off...

Avoided the counter ytd, i went to Halij and Ain and vented it out but only to
lose it and ended up crying infront of em in Room 24.

Well... i have nop problem opening and dressing the wound again. i dun mind... get a nurse and change with me my assignment la! They can discharge 8 patients while i do the dressing for this dirty wound~ Its not like i have never done it b4!

I have always been BLESSED to dress COMPLEX AND BIG DIRTY wounds! Whats his to me!

Fakos... telling me i got so many discharges and saying should have assigned one more nurse to help me but did she~? NO!

Luckily i gt helpful ones around me again that day.

Anyway they managed to fight and delayed the dressing till today.

Ain sms me telling me the wound really has got pus!


If i could, i would express out all the pus and SPLASH ON her faces and made her gulp down! BITCH!

Or i will drag her to his smelly leg and push her head to lick the pus from the wound!

HMph... doubt my dressing ability!

Ongling called me...

she misses us.

We missed her too...

she felt exactly how i felt.

Maybe we are cancerians thats why.

EMO lor...

the really emo ones are the ones who always appears to be so strong on the outside, even physically. haa

i had a dream...

src="http://bp3.blogger.com/_n6JsdSoE4yM/RrARiVCc96I/AAAAAAAAAaE/yv1i6mu26dg/s400/S6300163.JPG" border="0" alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5093590460016687010" />

it was so real, it woke me up. Sitting up in my bed, dazed.

It totally felt the same as in the meeting.

I dreamt of Yili. Her last day which is coincidentally today.

I went for durians ytd @ geylang and when i reacjed home at 8.30 pm i was so tired dozed off unknowingly and woken up by the dream at 1.30 am.

I dreamt about yili biding farewell to all the staffs, and i think i wasn't around cuz i was off. Coincidentally i m today. And beats me how come i am not there yet know the details. Then she called my mobile and asked me out, something like its herlast day and stuff. I cried over the phone i think and agreed to meeting her... the rest are rather vague.

But the most bizarre thing is, when we were having our ward meeting yesterday, Yili came over and returned No. 2 Her locker keys and both sisters said nice things about wishing her well and many shook her hands. I din... being so super emo, all the words everyone said already brought tears to my eyes, afterall, she was really close to me in work. We shared alot of stuffs with each other and used to have plans and visions together in Nursing. And somehow we were rather alike in thinking and we were almost targetted by sister in the early days and when we partnered each other we always kena...

I could see her looking at me yesterday but i chose to look away, afraid of breaking down infront of others... Well sumini cried, she was the only one at first. When sister announced her retirement plans at the end of the years, it caught many in shock though i already heard about it, tears welled up. PARTLy cuz when the parting with Yili already built up some. Sister's decision shocked many at the meeting and brought tears to many others,

Firstly i was controlling hard, Liza kept looking at me, blinking and hinting that she is gonna cry,

i teared.

Ain, Linda, Evelyn, Liza, Sumini all cried... and Linda kept attributing her cries to my red nose! No doubt we had been cursing her all these while, angry w her for scolding us, blaming us and finding fault with us, the bonding is there, she was afterall a nice ol lady outside work, and i could tell she tried to blend with us many a times. And the saddest thing rather is e filling of her position.

Once started, i cannot stop. I always think i am so made of water. I cry so easily that pisses off him sometimes. Weakling.

After woken up by my dream, i smsed Yili, wishing her all the best, telling her how i felt and all. She replied me this morning with the same thoughts and her feelings. I guess the i had this dream because subconsciously i really felt alot about her departure. {crying now}

Anyway, i still wished her all the best...