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Sunday, January 06, 2008

my unusual narcissism...

it looks e same rt!

anyway kinda like these pics
he likes it too! (except the flabby arms he says)

search thru forums re: my current "plan"
a lil scary it sounds
so far coping well...
pls pray for me...
and i hope i can make it too.

The aftermath and side effects sounds very discouraging
but i'm willing to give it a try.
only certain ppl know.
do not wish to advertise in case it fails...


the above pics r taken from my mobile.
haven really play around the mobile and its cam functions since its 3.2 megapix ok!
a very good phone!

recently we have been crazy over the karmaloop webby!
i have been looking at the stuff
and the PAUL FRANK HOODY AND PANTIES r so attrative!~~

beibz gave me a budget of 75 USD
since he has a paypal acct w some credits and it c/n be withdrawn,
we r frantically searching for items to load in our shopping cart!

and i attached the *tiny* link the other day
and it actually reached out to some ppl already!
Hanz n Guaz actually browsed thru the webby and found things they like!

go take a look !


i went out with baoling again,
we took the express bus from amk to town,
well apparently easier and cheaper(compared to cabs)
but thats when we exclude the waiting time.
The bus stops has yet to put up a schedule chart for this service unlike my CT 8
Even w the schedule, haa i still run after e bus so often!

for the record,
ran umpteen times
nearly fainted 2 times!

anyway had wanted to get some nice sandals
and maybe a birkie since i saw world of sport having sale.
too bad the designs weren't that fatabulous and
i ended up buying only a pair of cheap ripples polka dot flip flops(at least the polka dot is e bonus)
and 2 sets of lingerie (for cny)

my dear fren ended up buying alot m0re than me.

invited hanz for badminton tomorrow...
hopefully we can go

insomnia nowadays!


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