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Thursday, May 31, 2007

reminisce my foot!!!


met up w my poly friends supposedly going to mambo night, lousiest day ever!

:( waited close to 1 hr b4 all turns up
:( reached Zouk, queue was mad! Worst than CNY queues, whats e matter its just Vesak
:( the traffic was lousy too... @ nite imagine~
:( took a cab to DBL O
:( Queue there was e longest ever in DBL O history i bet~
:( walked to clarke quay... MOS WORST~
:( Tried Barfly, Chinaone and all e whatevers... its packed~
:( i get ppl whining, complaining tired. This dunwan that dunwan...
:( dampen mood damn jia lat!
:( CHANGED location, met up w hanz, guaz, beibz ...liquid kitchen closes so early so settled for HAPPY DAES...

I am not exactly mad or anything but really irritated by the fact that we seldom meet up is going home the top priority? Cant we settle for sth else... nvm

and i m pissed w ppl who BUG me the whole day asking abt how meet wad time and bla bla only nt to turn up @ all...

Dun attribute all e not meeting ups on me, having a bf or no time always bz that kinda shit... cuz e meet up simply sucked!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

i had a dream...

i dreamt of Hongkong
i dun really know why.
i din really fancy the place when i was there
but dreamt that i m going again this leave
i dreamt i was planning to go to the places i left out...

so weird.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

whooh hoo!!!***

happie happie... gee! simply cuz i m going on 2 off days and 1 of which happens to be A PH!!

Was mad @ beibz for 1.5 days for saying i m the worst gf he ever had infront of my friends, claiming that he was joking thereafter. I M HURT! I TREAT HIM SO WELL YET HE SAID THAT... but i m fine now, i hope he meant it!

Went Miss Clarity for dinner. Not too bad finally tried the food there but guess hanz and friends has got really weird taste when it comes to beauty. Ahem, the 2 ladies he claimed HOT weren't even close to hot. Luke warm i guess if based on OUTFIT.

Spent $ again. SAD :(
i am seeking assistance in providing lucrative ideas for me...! I need to save badly, i m so ashame that i m still penniless after 2 years... (*shy***)

<3 i shall be as stingy as possible
<3 i shall not buy any new clothes
<3 i shall dress as shabbily as possible
<3 i shall not keep up with the trends
<3 i shall just sing in my toilet
<3 i shall just order tiger from the coffee shop downstairs or
<3 i shall steal from my dad/ bro his alcohol, on my HIP HOP RNB AND RETRO TUNES IN E room and groove~ -_-'''

man... are these enough.

EVryone is commenting i eat alot lately...
beibz has been disturbing my excessive fats @ my tummy which i so HATE it...
i think i saw it jiggles 2 :(
i m hitting the gym tomolo~~~

June is coming...

SKip e june babies haa!
Gonna plan for my big day~

had wanted to go Vietnam or Bangkok...but i gt a test on 12th july! Boo!

guaz suggested booking a resort @ sentosa w jacuzzi and private pool! Interesting...


<3 Digicam...
<3 Nintendo DS Lite which i most likely would get it myself( from e GST money)
<3 Kate Spade bag
<3 Longchamp bag
<3 Solitaire plsssss anyone.
<3 New HP
<3 $$$
<3 Holiday

WELL... no concrete plans yet will keep thinking. The list probably has more add ons but i cant think of anymore @ present.

Going ZOUK tomolo and reminisce the good ol' MAMBO NIGHT! HOHOHO

Down w da booze!~!!!!~


Whispering our goodbyes
Waiting for a train
I was dancing with my baby
In the summer rain
I can hear him saying
Nothing will change
Come dancing with me baby
In the summer rain

I remember the rain on our skin
And his kisses hotter than the
Santa ana winds
Whispering our goodbyes
Waiting for a train
I was dancing with my baby
In the summer rain

I remember laughing tilL we almost cried
(there at station that night)
I remember looking in his eyes


Oh my love, it's you and that i dream of
Oh my love, since that day
Somewhere in my heart i'm always
Dancing with you in the summer rain

Doesn't matter what i do now
Doesn't matter what i say
Somewhere in my heart i'm always
Dancing with you in the summer rain

I can hear the whistle
Military train
I was dancing with my baby
In the summer rain
I can here him singing
Ooh "love is strange"
Come dance with me baby
In the summer rain

I remember the rain pouring down
And we poured our hearts out
As the train pulled out
I can see my baby
Waving from the train
It was last time that i saw him
In the summer rain

Every time i see the lightening
Every time i hear the thunder
Every time i close the window
When this happens in the summer
Oh the night is so inviting
I can feel that you are so close
I can feel you when the wind blows
Blows right through my heart

Every night and every day now
Though i know you've gone away
Somewhere in my heart i'm always
Dancing with you in the summer rain

Monday, May 28, 2007


madness part 3_ Guaz loves FIST! HAA...

i have a habit of browsing thru the obituaries everyday, sort of la... whenever i read e papers and well... today's board i saw 2 of em whom i know. The 1st had passed away many years ago. My sec sch maths teacher. I m sure my ol' pals will noe. Mrs Kwok. The 2nd one is actually my paraplegic patient. Mr Tan! I m really shocked! He is like e nicest patient ever and i m really upset to see his face in e board. Sigh.

I m sure my colleagues will agree w me too. And when i reached work today they were talking about the NS boy who passed away this morning frm taiwan crash. Hmmm... heart wrenching too cuz after all our doctors have been trying so hard to save them these few weeks.

After tomolo i will have 2 straight off days... phew waiting soooo long.

Met Hanz, Guaz N beibz came along for sakae. I got a bag from GUAZ!~ SOOOOOO SWEET!
Paid 90 bucks each for his new specs from hanz and me as a belated bday pressie. And we gt a treat from him from MAC CAFE HEH HEH AND i gt the shrek hairband but this damn guaz says i looked like princess FIONA! NABEY.

Work was oeaceful and enjoyable today, we had joy we had fun in e seasons of e sun! HAA... cuz lydia ainT around!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

woodlands crowned!

madness part 2.
now u noe why i love my ol' pals oh so muchie! Cuz its just endless fun!
I can never find someone of e so same frequency! i love u!!!
(we were fighting, i was pissed so i took off my shoes and wanted to stuff in guaz mouth and in the end he snatched it from me and made me smell!) The rest were so poses... haa

went to the finals of Mister Singapore... Mr Woodlands was crowned as expected. He is beefy, he is so photogenic... and he gt 3 other subsidiary awards including mr gym or sth.

Went clarke quay, guaz was there w his bazaar and gt a belt frm him. Saw a bag i like too, but man i've gt too many bags!!! ONE BIG CONTAINER where most of it are abandoned by me.

Hmmm.. was looking through friendster and came across some ol' schoolmates... man. Most of em have changed and many have lost so much weight as compared to last time. Only me. Sigh... i used to be smaller but has since put on so much and never went down. I was told b4 that when u start working u will lose weight but WHERE GOT!

Went for drinks @ this damn quiet bar ytd, tot we wanted peace but to our disappointment the DRINKS SUCKED!!! NEVER GO ASYLUM CLARKE QUAY. They served the worst cocktails. Margarita like fuck... taste like normal saline and cosmopolitan tasted like cough mixture, well well that certainly explains the emptiness! To think beibz was checking out cute girls @ the lousy bar and sharing w hanz! TMD~ And this hanz tried to take a pic w her but she refused. OR BE GOOD! HUR HUR HUR.

My migraine is acting on again. Sick... 2nd day in a row. I m so sick of e idea of waking at 5am on a Sunday. DREAD WORK. I wanna chiong i wanna shop i wanna sleep!

My dear beibz was whining about how tired he is... but he is out now! 11.3o! kaoz...

i cant wait for my annual leave. Going on a course ECG course but the test date interrupts on my annual leave and the saddest thing is, its on the 12th which is like the mid week!~ damn... smash my holiday hopes...

Friday, May 25, 2007

this is really funny_ madNess part 1

Thursday, May 24, 2007


supposed to meet e gang... but EB BO REPLY~!


WENT liquid kitchen... damn C-O-O-L (COOLING ALSO) weather is so hot.

chill~ love it!~

better if w/o smokers!

Ppl... i m fine just being really negative.
i m a really negative plus plus person...
simply cuz i m cancerian.

Your element: Water

Your ruling planets: The Moon

Symbol: The Crab

Your stone: Moonstone

Life Pursuit: Constant reassurance and intimacy

Vibration: Moody

Cancer's Secret Desire: To feel safe (emotionally, spiritually, romantically and financially)

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac is concerned with:
* receptivity, sensitivity, defense
* home, protection, comfort, domesticity
* food, nurturing instincts
* nostalgia, sentiment, roots, antiques
* money, business, response to public need
* dreams, the psychic, telepathy
* family, history, memory, patriotism

Elemental Quality
Cancer is the cardinal sign of the zodiac. It can be liken to a safe harbor in which boats can take shelter from the dangers on the sea of life. Water finds its own level -- it settles. The metaphorical harbor is the way Cancer provides a safe and organized place for human activity, setting each ship in its allotted place.

Spiritual Goal
To learn how to take a balanced view of things.

Secret Cancer
Inside anyone who has strong Cancerian influences is a person who was very shy when young and who still tends to use a hard outer shell in defense against what are perceived as hurts from other people. The most vulnerable part of the Cancerian personality is an inner fear of nameless dangers that often reduce a wonderful dream to a pessimistic worry. The fear is becoming lost in the dark of outer space. This indefinable fear of insecurity is often what drives the typical Cancerian personality to invest much time and effort in activities which will enhance a feeling of security and self-preservation.

Ruling Planet and Its Effect
The Moon rules the zodiac sign of Cancer, so anyone whose birthchart has a strong Cancerian influence will absorb and accurately reflect every emotion that is experienced. In astrology, the Moon's cycle of waxing and waning is a metaphor for the cycle of changing moods of the Cancerian personality, who can experience periods of wondrous elation and of crabby depression. The Moon is also associated with oddities and, when in the mood, Cancerian humor can be quite crazy -- almost lunatic. Cancerian humor provides some of the best comedy in the world of entertainment, because it is always based on an accurate observation of human nature.

Cancer At Home
If a person has a personality that is typical of those born with a Cancer sun sign, home is place which must offer complete security, and he or she will have a tendency toward the characteristics listed below.

Typical Behavior and Abilities when at home, a Cancerian male or female:
* is capable of most kinds of home improvement jobs
* can cook and will keep a well-stocked kitchen
* feels safe and secure and so can relax
* will tend the garden
* may have collections of antiques
* spoils all visitors
* will hoard anything seen as potentially valuable

Cancer as a Parent
* may worry too much about their offspring
* will protect and support the children
* may be over-possessive
* will enjoy loooking after and playing with the babies
* will do anything to help and encourage the children's creative development
* remembers every birthday and anniversary

Cancer At Work
At work, the person who has a typical Cancer personality will exhibit the following characteristics.

Typical Behavior and Abilities a typical Cancerian at work:
* is there to make money
* takes work seriously and works hard
* will take responsibility
* responds to affectionate appreciation
* works steadily and is reliable

Cancer as Employer
A typical Cancerian boss (male or female):
* expects his or her people to be neatly dressed
* takes work seriously and does not like frivolity
* has one aim: to make money
* drives a hard bargain but is fair
* rarely forgets anything
* generously rewards hard work

Cancer and Love
For a Cancerian, love thrives when there is a combination of constant affection with a healthy bank balance and substantial assets. A Cancerian in love will have many of the characteristics listed below.

Behavior when in Love the typical Cancerian:
* will rarely make the first move
* fears he or she will be rejected
* will retreat, deeply hurt, at the first sign of ridicule or criticism
* will repond to honest warmth and affection
* can become tenaciously attached to the loved one
* is a romantic at heart
* will put the loved one first in all things

Expectations of the typical Cancerian expects:
* to be loved forever
* to have his or her cooking appreciated
* to work hard for money and security
* the family to come first in all things
* to be needed as a tower of strength and refuse
* unshakable loyalty and devotion

Positive Factors
Friends are, in many ways, regarded as family possessions themselves and are treated as such, with loving care, protective hospitality, sensitive consideration, and great tenderness. Although some friends may come and go, friends from younger days are the most precious.

Negative Factors
When he or she is hurt by a friend, the Cancerian anger may last for a long time and the friend may be abandoned. However, if the friend is an old friend, then the emotional attachment will finally lead to reconciliation. Cancerians do tend to set their own standards by the progress their friends are making.

Cancerian Likes and Dislikes:

* anyone who loves his or her mother
* sentimental and family keepsakes
* gourmet food
* shopping trips
* history, especially family genealogy
* any demonstration of affection such as flowers
* a birthday card on the right date
* the company of other people
* a calm working atmosphere
* physical contact

* any tiny criticism of the home
* having to handle a crisis
* pressure to take part in conversation
* anyone who refuses their cooking
* people who forget names and dates (Cancerians have excellent memories themselves)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

managed to siam as much as i could today... but tmr's assignment sucked~~~

today's and ytd's team were pretty cool...

@ least negativity reduced...

doesnt seems very real in certain aspects...

i've gt only one nerve left and she's stepping on it... bleahz

i wish i could stabbed her to death hur hur hur...

managed to take e train to wrk aft like sooooooooooooo long... >proud<

hur hur excitedly sent sms to Beibz and Norbz...

my colleagues has gt new names from me... Marbz, norbz, lewbz


blooged about e bomb i spent on e jackets i missed out sth...

i was in the new air conditioned amk interchange walkin towards e bus lane for my bus, this small lil boy popped outta nowhere and walked straight towards me and he stuck his damn face on my butt and walked!

So i walk... he also walk! Thn since he is so short his face level was my butt!

I was initially amused but eventually irritated! The parents was like
"eh eh jie jie's bf angry liao huh~" Then in a fit of anger i said sth like :"EH I DA BIAN NEVER XI PI GU(I SHIT NEVER WASH LEI) he doesnt seems to understand... and continued for awhilke but think e parents r annoyed.

Thn he gave up on me after smelling my backside and stepping on my shoes! Nabey
he changed targets on another malay couple touchin em and blabla...

think he is weird. He din talked @ all prob autistic of a lil down~

Monday, May 21, 2007

i *heart* my pallies...

i heart my pallies cuz they noe me best...

hanz says there is only one px in e world... *heartz*
they tresure me i treasure em...

guaz tolerates me 4 all i do... sings e same song as me! *heartz*
he 4gives 4gets... like i do to him...

ebz enjoys our company cuz we r one big family... *heartz*
we crap like mad n laugh like mad...

beibz loves me alot... he enjoys my company and tolerates my nonsense~ *heartz*
he's been thru w me...

feel like crying... i hate goin to wrk nowadays... its crap there~
talk onli abt bullshit standards...

spent a bomb on jackets again... imagine i even gt a member card but combine purchase w ah baoz... gonna eat grass till fri~


hate 4631~

i hate calls frm ward...
i hate ppl callin me questioning abt this abt that!
i hate ppl telling me Sister is gonna scold me!
i hate all these ppl!

I've tried to stay out of all e issues @ wrk.
i abstain myself frm getting too involved in this place.
Cuz i dun see reasons in staying so attached whn all it brings me is HATRED.

I have already done my best
certain mistakes are unexplainable and inevitable.
Even if i get scolded, its my probz and i dun need anione to tell me
u can talk all u want behind i dun bother...

leave me alone. Whn i keep quiet, it means stay clear and stay out of my life!

I wonder wat will my future become...

when i m trying to be a obedient girl, i'm percieved as a bootlicker
when i fight back, i get all sorts of insults and remarks which pierces thru my heart
when i try to mind my own business i get talked about
when i mind too much toungues wagged as well...



well i hope my prev bloggie posts are nt making u bored...

Hur hur hur... as of the title speaks. I went ST JAMES YTD... finally. Only managed to see POWERHOUSE AND DRAGONFLY.

Well, Gt invites to THE MISTER SINGAPORE 2007 PREVIEW SHOW, and it was coincidentally GAY NITE ytd, well an definite eye opener for me!~ I Realised there are so many gays in singapore... i cant help it but look around me, they talked really funny tho... i hope i was discreet enuff whn BIOOO-ing em...

and the long awaited show started... well gays were all around me, whn the contestants paraded out, the gays were so excited... i heard all e whhooos and ahhhsss.. and he's cuteeeeeeeee la those stuffs! Haa....

The show was sponsored by NUM-NEW URBAN MALE... seriously i dun see anything fantatic in their apparels... maybe cuz its too common... esp their tank tops... those singlets and those tees w like words on it HANWEN'S FAVE...
BUT THE EXCITED THING IS they accquired MOOKS e oz label and will be selling those stuff. Hmmm i kinda like mooks and Lets wait and see wat they have in store for us...

drinks were on offer, so we drank la... all e wrong orders!~ But gd stuff cuz they werent stingy w the alcohol! >winkz< So beibz and i were so light headed aft one jug. went dragonfly, so dissapointing! The stars wannabe were singing... benjamin who joined like echo boys, spore idol and superband... mind u he was only one of the backups... thn there is this yutaki ong who acted in spin or sth... KAOZ! 4 of em singing like f$%# on stage!

there is KTV there! Gtta spent 200 @ least to get a room... of crse we din! Sang @ the hall mic damn gd lor! But its those file flipping ones to get ur songs... thn this waitress was so kind, kept askin us wad kinda songs we want she help us find... JENNY i think cuz beibz fren interested~ haa...

man... one more show tonite... considering cuz gtta wrk tomorrow!

CRAVEEEEEEEEE for MOS BURGER nw... too bad beibz went office liao! No one acc me!

oh and check out the contestants www.mistersingapore.org WOODLANDS IS HOT IN PERSON!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Gila Man~

ok... this is realy really funny...

i'm sorry for posting e pic of e other guy but thank god its blur...

aniway the man whom i arrowed as GILA is damn funny!

Ok on my way back from work last wed, i board the train w him from Raffles... i saw him w earphones and mumbling and i was like wow his reception damn gd lor underground... thn i realised i cld hear him louder.... HE STARTED SINGING DAMN DAMN LOUDLY IN MELAYU!

AKU CINTA PANAMU OR PADANAMU or sth.... i wanted to just burst out laughing @ tht moment cuz he was REALLY LOUD, it was totally off key and he was really emotional! HIS EXPRESSIONS WERE PERFECT for i supposed a love song cuz theres cinta... isit? Aniwaez... he even had hand signs and he closed his eyes and sang w emotions! THUMBS UP FOR HIS ERM... BRAVERY~

SUBSEquently ppl coming in frm the others stops looked at him and laughed. One malay gal literally called her fren rt infront of him and told her fren and laughing on e phone! CLAPPPPPP for her bravery too... cuz i was controlling so HARD!...

hE Knew everyone was laughing... thn he did sth even more interesting!~ He took out a book, a diary to be precise... a BADZT BAD MARU or sth... those we used for autograph books in pri sch w a LOCK @ THE SIDE~~!~ i PRESUME the lyrics AKU CINTA PADANAMU is inside. He held e book reali close to his face as of the pic and still singing hahahahahaha LOLZ! Still off key...

and the lyrics never seems changing. I followed thru his song, i knew the pausing parts, cuz he paused nod his head and waiting for the song to start and smiled b4 he started the 2nd part and humming along music and of course his expressions brouht me thru frm e start bridge and pauses!!! ha ha ha...

watched BLADES OF GLORY @ vivo ytd...

well was awake initially, slpt in e middle a lil and woke up to catch em compete as a team...

dun realli like these kinda comedy but i wld give a rating of 3/5

http://www.bladesofglorymovie.com/ ABOUT e movie...

** met up w Guaz and Hanz Took really funny photos!~ haaa...

will upload once its sent to me~ STAY TUNED cuz its damn hilarious!~

Friday, May 18, 2007

alcohol addiction.

went GeOgrapher Bar again ytd... felt rather bad as the bouncers was like com'on in etc and i was like can we come out alive? Hur hur :/

cuz there was one incident whereby this guy was beaten to death just few weeks bar outside this particular bar...

i felt i din show respect to the deceased. Oops... sorry...

Went w POly frens, choonz lost so much weight! She looked like the skulll again like how we used to teased her in school. Whenever we went to the bio lab, the skeleton who stood there looks like her! hAA... Chuyun looks smaller too... everyone shrinks after starting work except me~ i seems to tell everyone i bumped into wow u lost so much weight!

Think e rest din enjoy the place tho...

i've been drowning w da booze alot lately... Beer who used to be my enemy just seems to taste so nice nw~

enjoys exloring all the new night scenes in singapore and chilling w my friend... seems a lil luxurious. No wonder i m feeling tight...

arghhhhh man boring post~!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

my only enjoyment In KL AND GENTING TRIP...


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

long day!

my random uodates;

sad to say, just gt home not long after work, and yup i haven bathed!~

wanted to check my mails cuz i haven been online these few days.

today, i think i did something wrong. I was a lil overboard in interrogating someone in a sarcastic manner, think she's a pissed. Was supposedly fighting for rights... i was merely putting myself in others' shoes and calculating the losses resulting frm the lack of opportunities judging from how much they were getting per month.. sigh aniwaes... shldnt have done it since i promised myself to stay out of things a much as possible. And do whatever i deem is necessary and go home.

saw emily's pirated pouch, gt it for HAHA @ 1.90 haa... damn cheap but thn i think she's thrilled. i m happy tooo...

told hajar i m gonna get a NITENDO DS LITE SOON, erm which i dunno whn haa... BUT I WANT ONE BADLY~ Then can trade her psp and share share!~

Use the gst package money to get one b4 GST increases, shold be pretty soon cuz BONUS IS COMING!

Spent 90 over dollars of FANCL products ytd, my face has been bad, really bad. Used garnier for a few yrs, think its of no use nw. EB reccommended it, hopefully it works!


had been lookin @ a few really upsetting news...
all these brought tears to my eyes...

  1. my bf's cousin; who's involved in an accident and tried to talk it out w taxi driver but knocked down and passed away. It seems his family and gf is devastated. I feel it too...
  2. the 4 guys involved in the explosion while on training in Taiwan... simply bcuz i saw the news, their family and friends relating how they were like whn alive. ANd since the other two of em are in Burns and their relatives are resting in my ward.
  3. The mummy who was strolling in a park and hit by a falling tree trunk and died. My eyes turned red when i saw the news! Think bei's eyes were red as well. So sad!
  4. My patient... on trachy, his daughter cried while visiting. totally knows how she felt. Cuz whn my father had stroke, i cried very badly too, i cried at the thought of him. dIN USED TO LIKE Him alot, thought that we weren't close at all but when he fell sick, i realized the importance of him in my heart... even though we dun used to talk to each other alot, glad we do nowadays and glad he is better... Linda, and the physiotherapist also felt the same way whn they saw what happened!
Life is so unpredictable... yes so full of surprises. But not all the surprises makes u happy...

Seize the day...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

butter factory...a night of madness!

damn the double chin!~

my life had been been like on a roller coaster rides lately...

nt to the extend that i would consider attempting suicide but i'm sort of affected by the things emotionally.

Well, once again w regards to the earlier post re: hanwen, apparently he isnt too happy w wat eb and i did. He thinks tht he din wanna make this thing big or blown up. But i have to emphasize the fact that on the damn post she posted on her journal, she should be jolly well prepared to bear watever consequences, rather pertaining to the friendship shit... I dun see wat we did wrong simply becuz we r really nt happy with wad she had said abt u~ Well, frankly speaking, the deleted posts doesnt mean anything to me cuz i was merely venting out and e deletes will nt benefit nor do me any wrong. It just urself u gtta overcome... u can dwell on how unlucky ur life be, blame it on ur life or fate but maybe whn the day u gt over it u will regret nt slapping her! Is it worth, salvaging whatever you can now for fear of affecting all parties whn this dear girl u've loved and tried to treasure never feel the same for u at all b4... all these may sound hurting.But thts exactly how i feel as a third party looking into ur case.

Anywae, i'm a lil pissed over the fact that our help werent exactly appreciated...

and something really sad happened to my dearest bf...
well *heart* him cuz i feel for him...
cried over it... simply becuz my heart ached whn just from his facial expressions...
i know he is badly affected over the whole issue...

all these werent exactly that bad, but thn again if i piled up how i felt weeks ago... may has been really taxing to my mind...

** celebrated mothers' day ytd @ ecp chalet w bei's family, but were nt exactly enjoyable cuz many of em rushed to ttsh to the last of his cousin...


nt realli upset our wad happened to hanwen but my bf...

as usual shant elaborate...

but my dearest i reali understands wad u r goin thru and i m sincerely wishing u gd and standing by ur side. So pls do nt look dwn on urself and despair for u r always loved by me and many others!

i know wat kinda person u r~

Saturday, May 12, 2007


As told met up w my ol' pals... supposed to try the steamboat@ hey hey(owned by celeb terence cao) bUt the pricing was a lil off so tried the one nxt insteat_ hokkaido steamboat...

the food presentations was good but the taste werent exactly fantastic... but they have gt reali "on" staffs! Co_owned TAO RESTAURANT, u wld noe if u watched enuff tv and yea i saw tht guy frm the ad @ the shop! DUH...

initially i thought i finnaly had e chance to GET TO KNOW ST' JAMES POWERHOUSE! Q-ing and bla bla, bouncer stopped Guaz cuz he is in berms~ nabey! Wasted...
dress code: smart causual~

he was in a long sleeve shirt, and a onitizuka tiger(?spelling) sneakers but damn the berms!

wanted to try eski, try mos, try zouk, geographer's, attica but in e end BUTTER FACTORY!~
NT TOO BAD... but was kicked as in unknowingly she kicked me w her damn heels~ b&*^%

sorry for the boring updates! but postin today w regards to what happened to my dear precious ol' pal!

i hope his damn ex reads this... this may sounds childish comin frm a 24 yr old~

My best fren hanz dated this bitch... she gave him false hopes and went kl w him, YES whn they werent 2gether yet alone! That speaks of her rt! Somehow he planned an realy ex dinner,booked jewel box at mt faber, the supposed NICE scenary place... and had cable car dinner i think and a ex bouquet of flowers!~

so thts hw they gt together.... when my dear fren was falling deeply, she broke up w him suddenly mentionin SHIT that she din like him and shit! GEEZ! FUCK HER! WADs w all the things he had done for her, i esp cant stand alot of other things tht she did whn she said she has gt no f*feelings!

tht speaks even bad of her...

was reali against him of keepin in damn contact w this girl... i told him b4 she is still childish... she enjoys the attn of guys goin after her and she has no watso ever aggenda to settle dwn!

well... he was reali dwn, lost weight, cldn slp. Hate to see him suffer cuz i noe he had w other issues b4. He tried to pass her her stupid present on her bday onli to be treated as dirt!~

well pls go look urself in ur damn mirroR!~ She mentioned in her blog tht my best fren is pissing her off the very day they broked up!~


He shld have barged him e ktv, spoil e nite w ur frens, throw the damn ornament at ur head and smashed ur bimbotic head!

U have caused him more hurt more trauma w ur words!
That realli speaks of u! U R A DAMN FUCKING BITCH~

WE Believed strongly in retributions! Wad goes around comes around!
stop penning pathetic stuffs on ur damn journal on hw u are the pitiful one whn u have done so many small sick acts behind him! And mind u HANWEN has nv told anione anithing bad abt u! Which he should have...

count urself lucky it isnt 10 yrs ago... or we wld have barged to ur hse or uyr sch to bashed u up! Write ur damn hp no on the buses and many that we can think of back thn!


HANZ HAS PRETTIER GF IN E PAST... GUess he made a wrong choice w an ugly yet urghhhh!

Friday, May 11, 2007

i love you!

smoochies many many to my DARLING BOY_BEIBZ~

HEHEH he hates beibz and i how i call it but still i love beibz!

ended my night finally *phew*
busy busy busy... total was high high (into the sky) heh lameeeeeeee

**SUMINI U DAMN lucky u're on crse man!

yup... had breakfast w huang b4 we headed home, but i must MUST must blog b4 i 4get the exact feelings aft i wakes up!

I *HEART* MY BEIBZ... Nooooo mushy cuz u'll noe why... aniwaez we're nt like some moley guy who dun grow up! *boo*

went hubbing as wad i call it... u see i love creatin new names for evrything. Yes in case u dunno, well i m sure u dunno, HUBBING SIMPLY MEANS SHOPPING AT AMK HUB! -_-''' I noe... haa

ok i already wanted to get the ondeh2 from begawan solo(?spelling) wow damn heng there''s 2 left. In case u ppl dunno... well i m sure u all do cuz ppl who read my blog are ppl whom i noe knows abt this haa!

ok grabbed two, he paid for it, *happy* excited* cuz the other time round i brought it to wrk, shared w my fren Normah... the gula melaka in the ondeh SPURTS OUT and stained my uniform! yEA so wanna share w Normah again.

then we hubbed around and i board the cab to work. Gt a call from him almost immediately, almost la. Then i was like " HELLO" in a high pitched tone and a teasin manner, onli to realise my ondeh2 is w him! Damn! E cab was already at the traffic junction waitin to vroom... as we noe s'pore cabs are 4ever in a rush! He was initially makin ridiculous suggestions like stoopin ahead and i was like duh! U run meh! so fast meh!

so threw a hugh bitch fits.... hang on him, made sarcastic remarks... complainin to everyone i met on e way.

Cldnt concentrate on wrk, just nt ready to start cuz my ondeh2 is nt w me!HMPH!

THEn... while takin over report, liza held on to a familiar pkt and damn its my ONDEH2!

GOT IT! MY beibz took a cab and sent the damn ondeh2 who caused our lil misunderstanding to me at wrk! He is so SWEET !!!!!! *HEART***

Yup my train of thoughts was lagi disrupted. I felt bad for shoutin @ him, scoldin him, sniding crude remarks abt him able to enjoy my ondeh2 in his room at hm... hang up on him!

yes i so wanted to cry and run to him and hug him, but iwas in e midst of takin over!

Aniwae we hugged, kissed and made up. No grudges against ea other, i apologized and i cried cuz i m upset that i was so mean to him earlier on! :(

GLAD he understands!

i love u beibz!!!

wanna slp badly, gonna party till dawn tonite!!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

the weather is a killer...
so is my weight...
the unneccessary pounds are adding on...
as i m typing the big thing is growling!!!!

Monday, May 07, 2007

i'm back...

back frm m'sia... Damn tired. Its like the most tiring holiday i've ever had. Obviously the greatest company is him and besides him and the shoppin, all the other details of this short trip sucked big time!

Spare the details... I wld say even the most ez goin one gets irritated. None other than my bf. I wished some ppl wld just behave as of their age.

I miss my palliES.. i miss holidayin w chuyun and choonz.

It was HOT in KL. Even in Genting it was 22 degrees celcius!~ Dissapointing! But i tried foot reflexology! Breakthrough for me cuz i am the most ticklish person on earth BUT overall i tolerated fairly well. But i was like cheated by this blind man... something realli fishy cuz the guy from the shop kept pushin him to me... boastin tht he has like 10 yrs of rich experience which i so doubt!~ And he is a damn cheat cuz mine both legs was done the fastest among the 4 of us who did e same thing. Ok my friend was just ending his 1st leg, my both legs are done! CHEATER RIGHT!

Aniwaez had some pics will load soon... gonna slp for my nite shift tonite...

meet up soon hanz, boonz and guaz. I m free on sat and sun~~~

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

malaysia truely asia...

big mac

he is Sultan
He is Bz @ work

his bro- Saleem
workin again ( i made him hold e broom!)

goin kl n genting w my dearest darling boy, Yili N Bf and Some random friends which i still dunno. haa... aniwae just gonna slog like mad for one more morning shift and YIPPEE!