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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pure C

MY BF and friends have set up this cleaning company!

we are cleaning specialists who specialises in professional cleaning...

the official opening will be 22th March 2009 (Sunday)

however u can make advance booking now

it comes in packages
or even trial sessions

and guarantee the most affordable prices in the market

pls spread around!!!



or u can contact me if in doubt.

by the way

i will not be updating in the blog anymore
i have already set up a new blog
u can ask me personally for my new add
i will not announce here

because i wanna keep it low key
and personal
hence am not keen for any links
sorry if it sounds offensive

thank you

i will not close down this current blog cuz i have too many memories here...


pls support PURE C!



Sunday, March 15, 2009


期待下一個MR.Right出現 在我眼前
醜小鴨的我要改頭換面 變得更美
自信它是我字典裡美麗的恩典 深刻體會
心情已經完全改變我的一切 問題解決

穿上我最耀眼的高跟鞋 在你面前
換上我最亮眼的一面 讓你看見
空氣中的我散發出迷人的香味 這是絕對

我不再去想別人怎麼看 我就是喜歡自己很勇敢

就請你守住自己的勇敢 請走出來
讓生命起步變得更澎湃 活的自在
苦痛與寂寞統統都不再擾亂 把握現在

請別再去想別人怎麼看 就做你自己就會很All Right
我不再去想別人怎麼看 我就是喜歡自己很勇敢

如果你現在覺得頭痛 別躲在家裡自己寂寞
不如就和我一樣一起大聲吶喊 拋開所有一起來看

請別再去想別人怎麼看 就做你自己就會很All Right
放開你胸懷大聲吶喊 請你什麼都不必再管
我不再去想別人怎麼看 我就是喜歡自己很勇敢

我不再去想別人怎麼看 我就是喜歡自己很勇敢
現在我只想做我自己 真的很愉快

this song's title translated in english would be

Be Myself

i love the music

the lyrics

its says not to care about how people see u

i just like being myself

being brave

its alright being brave


be yourself
love yourself!

thats what i need really

had lunch with a junior colleague of mine
whom just started out in the working society for not too long

she was sharing with me how scary worklife can be

i already understood that very crucial fact hell long ago
way b4 i even worked in sgh

i was already experiencing life during my student part timing days

if i ain't brave
if i dun love myself

i probably already die of suicide


i may be closing this blog soon
till i know how to export the contents
or change address

anyone knows?
if i can change address but details remains?

there are certain personal details
and issues in my life which i wish to keep it low

but i haven really decided yet...

yayness again!
i am off tmr

i am so gonna sleep
these few days
my legs dun belong to me!!!

and i felt strong urge to beat some patients up!

d/c a fair bit today
which gives the next shifts gals ample time to rest

eb and i went suntec thinking of going to the IT fair
and hell

it was PACKED!
u gotta q just to go up the escalator
we gave up

went Pacific Coffee for some drinks and cakes


the drinks and cakes sucked!!!

we din finish it
and we both ended up sleeping on the couch for more than half an hr!

i felt like the whole cafe was looking at me when i woke up
like i say
i was too tired
from my two mornings and entire week of walking!

tho it doesnt benefit me

the half hour interval drops frequency has finally been changed

the girl's a nuisance

i already watched MY BLOODY Valentine 3D!

it was damn cool
we have to wear the specs
and it felt so near

i was so stupid to even SIAM away from the attacking knife!


i Cant wait to watch the thai horror movie- Coming Soon
apparently it talks about scary stuff in the cinema!

from the director of shutter and 4bia!

i am thinking of getting a dog

i saw this really cute tiny yorkshire terrier at the pet shop last week!


a red toy poodle
poodles are really smart dogs

把最美的風景 收進你的心中

好讓我 從現在到以後
佔有你溫柔 一刻不放過


只要你記得 我們那麼愛過

怕未來 快樂變得貴重
要是少了我 你有多寂寞

我會在不同的窗口 給你擁抱

我忘不掉 你第一次吻我

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Marley and Me

i just had this late night movie session with the boys
and we caught this one
which we heard damn lots of good reviews

i somehow prepared myself it can trickle our tear ducts a lil


I cried like mad
we cried like mad
everyone or maybe Most of the warm hearted ppl cried in the theatre!

this crazy dog sure is one of its kind!

my tears were flowing non stop...

animal lovers
dogs esp

watch this!
u will enjoy it
and i bet cry too!

this movie sort of rake up some of the past
which i guess i probably know the triggering point for him

till now
i cannot understand that feeling
the sense of loss

we all have to go through
just a matter of time

all the tears u shed
i will shed along with you

u may have lost
but u still have us

watching that makes my heart ache more than anything

because i cannot imagine that kind of feeling
losing your closest one...


this is so scary
EVERYONE seems to be getting married
one more close friend of mine called today
to invite me for her solemnization next month!

everyone is moving ahead but me

Monday, March 09, 2009

Inspirational!!! Nick Vujicic


No arms No LimbS!

he said: " what kind of husband am i gonna be cuz i can't even hold my wife's hands!"
he also said: " its freezing but i cant even roll my hands!"

i feel like...

singing in the rain...

during lonely raining nights
i love to look out of the window
watching the raindrops

i may even reach out my (FAT) hands to play with it

i duno if u recognise this special smell of rain
and nightfall

which makes me think of my life years back
i dunno why but someone rather insignificant

the difference now is its still broad daylight

i look dumb to walk in the rain

wanted to go blading at ecp!

probably gonna catch some movies

i would like to watch


Departures (Jap)

Marley and Me

Sunday, March 08, 2009

so many things to say...

so many to things to say...

but when is it the right time to say?

i know there are people who believe in me
and i do believe in myself...

i know the reasons why things are done and
why words are said

but not everyone does...

i had my appraisal done
it din end in a bad note
it kept me thinking

i was told new staff do not like to join a ward where there is clique?

i am not angry
i noe people have this misperception about me
and i dun blame them for doing so

since young
i have always been the outstanding one
not because of my beauty- I WISH

but the way i talk
and perhaps people often find fault with me
because i am the only one who dare make comments

whereas people around me are deem as being made use by me
or under me...

or i am some big sister!
who lure them into commiting bad things!


when everyone hangs out together
the things we do are done in cohesion

is it considered being made use of?
to voice out grievances?

i personally dun find it this way

people label me that way
people hold prejudice against me

this misperception has been along with me way back
and i am surprised it still holds on

i am not angry
perhaps i brought it against myself

which makes me wonder
all the hard work i have done

all the effort i make
will never be enough

like i say once more
i dun believe in boot licking
i do not need their favour to go far

and there are people around me
around my working counterparts whom i really dun like
whom i really wish i could go up right in their faces and tear away their masks

whom i wish can stop their two-face
but i can't

i dun belong to a special group
i thought i am already not very involved

i am equally shocked and pity this colleague who has been discriminated by many many
yes she may not be the best in the past
she may not have perform or behave up to our liking
but she has changed yet no one gives her a chance

whereas others who go around sprouting nonsense
tell everyone about everyone gets the credit...


i am not angry with how i am graded
i am just upset
my many lil actions or words have been misinterpreted all along
i accept all their comments
and i know i am really not the best around

i have seen so many others who are way pro
and way genuine in caring for patients
and deserve every credit

i look up to them

but certainly not those who gets around with mouths

all these perhaps takes alot nurturing since young
which i am so lack of...

Friday, March 06, 2009

Olivia Ong.

if u guys have watched Little Nyonya,
u would have know her...

she sang the opening song
she was singing bossa nova
she is really famous in Japan
a singapore girl in japan

selling records along big names like Lisa Ono...

SOMETIMES WHEN WE TOUCH, one of my fave...

and of crse...

i am quite anticipating her mandarin album!~

Prawning finally

after hearing so much
and ate so much of prawns Linda and Husband prawned,
i finally got the chance to try this new activity...(for me new la)

i can still rem 2-3 years back
when linda invited us to her birthday chalet
and there was a wide spread of seafood and all the prawns were caught by them!

we had a 3 hrs session
and we took turns
5 of us with 2 rods

it really takes alot patience
but the thrill and excitement if having caught one is so funny

we decided on a steamboat the very next day to cook the prawns

the doggy is Ruby
Hanz's bro and gf's pet...


this narcissistic bitch took my cam and took a pic with his bro and gf's pet kittens!

2 of it

and we name it yao kwee and yao tio
cuz the 2 kittens are always hungry
and we all think the kittens looks very stray
and we also call them kopitiam cats

it was fun that day
cuz we brought ECHO, beibz's dog along
if not for his kpt cats
and bro's gf hindering...

we could witness animal mating real life
4get about watching it on cable

like i say
there was a hinderance!
surprised us alot alot that day
cuz miss gf did not once stepped out of the room!
we were there from 6pm till 3am!

and she need not eat pee or drink!


i found some older pictures in my recieved files folder
my hair was longer

kinda miss it...

i put on so much wt too! sigh sigh sigh