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Thursday, January 24, 2008

getting "interesting"

the tension is rising
i can sense trouble...

well, i trust my own judgments

ineffective communication can lead to problems!

i was surprised by a remark made by someone today,
i was asked if i am aiming to be like e top student!~?

i was like w.t.h
but i gave a really fake response saying NO LA...
U noe the TYPICAL response

but thru her asking,

i realised our goals are so different
coming out TOPS has never popped my mind at all
since i was never one in my whole 1 quater of the century life!

i am trying my best to manage my time well now to avoid congestion and work overload
when the datelines are nearer.
i wanna contribute as much as i can

i hope we all have a chance to voice out our comments
i hate to be instructed what to do
i rather we come to a conclusion together
isn't that a GENERAL perception of team work

anyway, these ill intentions
small lil cunning acts
its their wishes
i just hope they dun stepped on our toes
when i say "our"
i mean those who are not interested for e "FAME", as IN high fliers

well, i just found out a lil more insider info about someone
and well, my initial perceptions of her seems to actualise!
anyway, i am not gonna make any move as yet
i am for now neutral to e supposed choices
since its has already been PRE DECIDED and i think we should see if we can work sth out and NO I AM NOT IN CONSPIRACY with others to oppose to e chosen stuff.

but i hope they genuinely mean SHARING AND GROUP WORK
And i refused to do something against my principles and ethics!

i have been hanging around school till late these few days
i got alot of materials and yet to filter
i even fell asleep just now reading some papers!

i have got no time to upload some pics yet
i hope next week
and e powerpoint slides r giving me problems
i cant print as yet cuz the printer ran out of black ink
its always like this when u r down

i am gonna drop by snec tmr to do some research via hospital intranet
hopefully it will be fruitful!


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