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Sunday, September 28, 2008

my new squeeze~


i went to the F1 show on Friday

But everything went on so FAST
too fast to even take pictures
i did took some
but after showing to some colleagues
they asked me what am i taking!


it was really LOUD too
we forgot to buy the ear plugs
and the noise was so loud!

in the end we got it from the Red Cross Society
at 2 bucks!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Lao Zha Bor.blogspot.com, Gross

she is the LAO ZHAR BOR
who has a blog


its pretty obvious its not written by her
and its so fake

but anyway i found this video from a fren's blog
and i cant help but laugh at her foolishness

such old age
yet she gets manipulated by ppl
to do all sorts of lame shit
to get viewer ship to her blog!

f* irritating
if she were my grandma
i will ask her not to disgrace me!

check out the ending
where she wore this SIA alike uniform
she cant even zip it up!~

time after time - Eva Cassidy

F1 Here i come!

I am going to the F1
tmr i am going w Beibz to the practice session

No doubt its the practice session only,
i am equally THRILLED!

No inspiration to blog lately
no interesting topics to blog about

Work has been the same
sometimes happy with myself
sometimes not

Had been extremely proud of myself last few days
which i shall not further elaborate why

today was Guaz's Nitez Out
and we met up at AMK MOS
And we headed to ARCADE for some games

when we turned out heads,
his eye lid region puffed up like mad!

It was so swollen
it was like a mosquito bite
and a really big bite

and there a few of it around the lids

and he looked so weird
and different!
The idiotic him
when we asked him to hurry wash his face
he still was heasitant
claming he had his concealer on
and needed make up remover!

We accompanied him to the dr
who said it was a allergy reaction

very tempted to post his powerpuff pic!~

will do so SOON!
STay tune!

this was taken yesterday
our "picnic" at ecp
we ended up gobbling up the food in the car
then cycled
we went to the most distal end of ecp

we met up with some fuckers too

First was this bitch
3 of us were cycling in sync
like the same row
and this two ladies were walking
then lady a pulled lady b aside
trying to let her know we were coming up

and lady b was so irritated and
said like whats wrong lor
the road is so big bla bla
and that was for joggers or walkers or whatever u call it

i din ring the bell to ask her to excuse!
i had wanted to slow down and go behind my friends
and it was her fren who pulled her away!
i did not intend to ask her go away!

and i was pissed
i shouted i did not ask u to move lor
its ur fren!


then on our way back to the rental bike place
this tattoo man was blading damn fast
and EB somehow blocked his way
and he was like

walau eh
SO slow siam la...

something like that!

EB shouted back too

it wasn't a good day to cycle
since we met up with such shitty assholes!

i am trying to upload a video to youtube
taking a long time
hopefully it succeeds!

had to cancel my meeting with my classmates tmr for the F1 thingy
sorry man

they will go ahead

Sunday, September 21, 2008

All's Well drink AD

The Sunday Times featured this ad
saying many viewers disliked this ad
and i just find it really old school!

haha just for laughs!

what about mine?

attended his cousin's wedding dinner
at Raffles Town Club
nice interior

food so so...
was asked to do a survey like the other time round at Holiday Inn
gave rather frank feedback
like satisfactory service felt
and would appreciate if drinks are readily served or topped up and all
which was lacking alot alot
my glass was empty
and felt paisei to ask her for more

the dinner was rather boring
attending such dinners makes me wonder what will mine be like
have got many thoughts and plans about it
just not enough funds to get it going

i promise mine will not be so boring
but then again

seeing the bridesmaid torture the bridegroom and brothers

makes me wonder what my entourage of sisters will do

i wanna be a sister too
have a feel of how its gonna be like
i haven gotten the chance
and i hang out with guys more than girls

and the girls i know are not ready to settle down yet


seeing the couple lock arms drinking champagne,
or rather sipping

i whispered to beibz saying if its me,
hardcore alcoholic

i will probably drink up the entire glass
and turn the glass over to prove i've finished the entire glass!

after that we went dempsey for drinks
i am dying for more drinks man
i wanna cheap and yummy drinks

i must go back dbl o someday
to whack on cheap shooters and pops!

dare not drink much
i am sick
my bad throat is giving me problem again
lost my voice yet again
this time round
no bad cough
but i have a spike of fever just now...

hopefully i am fine
and i can go cycling w ur highness/ah ter tmr

tmr's my off
blessing in disguise
i requested wrongly a day shift as i tot the dinner was tmr
she gave me off

but it turned out to be today!
luckily i have got a morning shift!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

not too good

no time to blog
or rather no mood to do so

just had a filling supper with beibz
we had prata
sweet of him to come down and accompany me for supper

and hearing my laments

the good news are
my friend's getting better
she looks better than last few days
and my colleague's husband is better too
most likely he doesn't need any adjuvant therapy which is a relief

looks like i am falling ill
ever since i lost my voice few mths back
my voice have never regained
and now i m losing it again

no sore throat tho...
had a really bad headache today
but was scared to eat panadol
as i got an email saying Paracetamol stays in ur body for 5 yrs!
harmful and toxic to liver and all!

it says 100PLUS aids
not so lei...

another bad thing is our cable box fused!
and we cant watch cable now
so gotta get it exchanged tmr...

if i can wake up early!

vivo city...

i am currently watching a new drama
which is damn addictive

and i am hoping to catch another one which apparently was the latest hit!

i caught a few episodes on cable
and its quite nice
but i got no time to watch

i have been hanging out alot with my old frens from sec sch
and i have been quite happy
these people make me feel at ease
and i certainly do not have to be wary of what i say
or be sensitive to my actions

sometimes i hate it when i dunno what wrong did i do
and people start to get angry or hurt or offended
and i hate to be so cautious and careful
so that people wont get hurt and all

its hard not to behave like how i usually behave
the best is talk less
and less hurt will be inflicted

if by talking less
yet still hurting others
i really am speechless...

what to do?
its just so hard to put into words how i feel

today i got my results
dun feel anything
kinda regretted taking up this specialty
i should have taken up med-surg
it can def. aid my future choices better than this

liza asked me to take up degree next year
i am still considering
a lil too soon
cuz i am not ready to bury myself in books
yet if i can complete it earlier
its better

but i got so much plans for next year...


so many things on my mind

Saturday, September 13, 2008

another bad news...

yet another bad news today
my colleague's husband is sick

these bad news is affecting me quite badly
i can understand their feelings
for when my father was sick
i was really really sad
and i literally cried everyday
when i see him, i cry
when others asked about him i cry too

i sincerely pray for their well- being

a friend once said:

"when u are in your early twenties
u attend lots of 21st birthday parties.
Then when u reached late twenties, u attend wedding dinner...

thirties, u go for baby's one month celebrations...

and forties, funerals of friends' parents or even unfortunately, friends."

i hate this life cycle
yes i know its inevitable
but i find it hard to accept.

the misfortune around the world,
around us, makes me really really sad

i don't dare to visit my friend
i am so scared i will break down
cuz i hate to see people at their vulnerable state

to anyone who read this,
please pray for them

they can fight the battle physically
we can assist them spiritually
and emotionally...

all these is making me really really depressed...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

i can't believe it...

during lunch, i overheard Lew asking Sister if they were visiting XXX
curious, and kpo, i asked who...

and they said one of my ex colleague's name
and i guess being in hospital at this age
likely to be good news or just appendicitis etc

i wished it was really
i am quite sad to hear about her current condition
working with her was rather brief
since she was always on night
and i was relatively new then

we hang out a few times
after conference,
clubbing once
talking cock at work
and gossiping at symposiums of conference...
skip the sessions and went shopping instead
saying cheesy tag lines from some lame variety shows

i like her character
i remember her love for the sea
her experiences during her diving trips
her experience in Australia

she was one really independent and gungho lady

the last time we catch up was during Sister Lee's farewell party
she hang around the ward talking cock to me
she even asked me to join her for coffee but i was not free...

i am so sad
so are the many others

i believe everyone else will...


had wanted to visit her
but heard from the rest that she is not in a good condition
so i guess i will do so when the she is better...

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

more break please!

the current roster is kinda yucky
my off days are like spread out so so so wide apart!

Next Monday
and Sunday


my off day yesterday
was a really tiring one
the day b4, sunday,
went vivo w EB for pedicure, dinner and home

then i slept!
till Mon 2pm
went for a hair cut
the town for shopping
gt 2 really nice cardigans at a cheap price
had wanted to drop by Livia Far East Plaza for some nice hair accessories

They closed down!
quite sad
its a shop we used to patronise weekly in my teenage days!

we used to get really fancy hair clips there
and we just LOVED That place

and its closed!
we would go on fridays
skip choir
or saturdays

so sian
wanted to get a nice clip for a fren who's feeling so down

work is alright
just wished i have more rest days
or better rest days!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

my oh my!

i just watched 4BIA with beibz and hanz!


i was all wrapped up
and i felt suffocated throughout the entire show
cuz i covered my mouth with my jacket's hood
and i used my hands to mask part of my vision...

covering my eyes revealing a smaller screen makes me feel more at ease
and when those irritating scares comes along
u won't be too shocked!

i am always a fan of horror flicks
yet a total chicken in the cinema
many times
i am one of the few who screams

yes very paisei i know!

but then again
this film is made up of 4 short stories
somehow linked in a small way
i read the reviews that its worth the value
since u see 4 parts in one movie
but i give this movie 2 thumbs up man!

i enjoyed!

Mr Hanz is damn lucky for his IPOD which was lost few weeks back
at Mac was still at Mac
tho he hasn't retrieved,
its pretty much cfm the staff kept it

he told me that when he lost it
its like fallen outta love

now he has patched up w his wife!


tmr's afternoon shift
with a few nice friends
looking 4ward!

Thank U Ma Ma Riam for the change!


this HK CAFE game is quite fun
a lil like diners dash
if u know whats that...
basically prepare dishes ordered and serve

gotta sleep now
haven sleep well lately

haven even uploaded the pics taken from my new cam
will do so soon
still trying to figure out the interesting functions!

One Last Thing,
MY DS LITE IS back to life
i got a new R4
And luckily games are downloaded for by the seller

i can play those few games i like first
till someone's free to load new games for me...

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Wall- E

thats WALL-E and gf, EVA!


watched it last nite at hub
i dun really like it
firstly i aint a fan of such movies
say i have no childhood its fine w me!

and then the storyline can get quite absurd along the way
esp when they went to another planet!

WALL-E himself is cute
those scenes with him on earth and clearing rubbish are cute
but i got bored, so so bored and irritated after he left earth!

this is a brand new layout
i got it by default
i added the links myself
a lil messy
but good try!

i slept at 5am plus
and woke up at 9!

Bloody hell!

Going out w NAY NAY
and maybe Choh Hoon at nite...

Here's a gd book to recommend to all my nurse friends!

A true story based on this writer, Tilda's experience in ICU
She is a nurse in Toronto
and she writes about some incidents that happened during work
and basically about her work la...

its a good book
i lent mine to Zila and she is hooked now

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

its all in the past...

i made the first move
and we are fine

it was just some small issues
that could have been solved way back
but i dunno whats pulling us back

but many a times
i believe we all had wanted to talk to each other
and update one another and stuff...

i am glad its over
we are back to normal


i so love this song!

today i woke up at 7AM
was damn late for my morning shift
which starts at 7!

took cab
which i so dun wanna take
peak charges

early part of shift was fine
except a family of irritants

then came admissions
with meds to start
and running to and fro pharmacy
borrow stuff
did admission

but it was ok
it was done

just wondering why are there ppl
who FLOAT ABOUT the entire morning with nothing much