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Friday, January 11, 2008


never expected myself to be able to shout out TGIF in nursing...
thankfully i am BLESSED to have a chance...

this is considered week 2 and even tho i need not report to school on wed and thurs already, but my brain cells are dying...

googled like mad for project info
and at the same, reading up the info so that i can contribute during meetings
afterall, i am quite paranoid with regards to how others view me as
and do not wanna be deemed as someone incompetent.

and today we managed to get one done.
at least e skeletal part since till present we still dunno when we r supposed to present! And its a good start we have done it

so one down~

i am supposed to meet my bf and go singing
he actually suggested that his friend comes along
we had a BIG FIGHT.

i do not know this guy AT ALL

we hardly spend time alone nowadays
and he actually wanna bring along someone i dunno~

this guy is his colleague
they see each other often
they meet up after work sometimes too
and they will talk on the phone on work related issues!

Is he like the legitimate gf instead of me?!

we sort it out after many hours
some crying
mainly arguments
tantrum throwing etc

he specifically requested for off day
cuz i got no sch
we were supposed to go out!
guess what i cln't locate him!
His line got cut off and he din noe!

i waited like the whole day till 6 pm then he realised and called me
i was like pissed to e max~ wrse than wed!

he knows it
sincerely apologised
but i was wa------------------------------y too angry

he appeared at my doorstep
while i fell aslp watching kinship on tv
he knocked and i deliberately walked away
my mum opened the door! Even tho i told her not!

yup we resolved it as well la...

and we watched LE GRAND CHEF ytd!


Its a korean movie, i think manga turned movie
and its about cooking.
Funny yet there's some touching scenes
its a competition and in e midst they made discovery about the past

tonight gonna meet up w my friends for another movie, missed call or sth...
doubt I'll have programmes tomorrow
anyway my school projects already dated me
i need to find info for other modules

i'm going crazy!
when i reached home
the weather was so GOOD!
scorching sun!

and i threw all the laundry in th machine
@#$% i just heard thunder
gonna rain soon~



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