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Monday, January 07, 2008


a short one on what i did today
booked badminton court under HIS NAME,
i remembered his ic u see...
and he has a Passion card
and if i booked as public its 12 bucks

he is a member,
i gt it for 8 buck.
Student now, need to scrimp
and most absurd thing is i updated his data hur hur.
was afraid they might wanna check ic and passion card upon admission but *phew*

we played badminton,
guaz din managed to make it
3 of us...
not exactly vigorous exercise cuz we gotta accommodate EB who refuses to practice w the wall first b4 joining us cuz she has got some problems playing and claims she has not played it for awhile thats why.

but it feels good playing my fave sport and
sweating it out.
had initially planned to go jb.
kinda looking forward to the netball game coming up
hopefully my colleague will update me re: the sessions.

u must be wondering whats my title about ya!~

Caught In The Act

witness a very melodrama incident.

its like an exposed affair


a message to guys
please be truthful to girls

u never know what we are capable of

i so c/n stand guys who two-timed
borrows money
horny- wants sth outta u etc

well i am sure the lists goes on la

but the main point is

never ever try to cheat on someone

i rather u tell me truthfully u don't love me anymore and u like someone else
than me discovering it myself and i am like e last to know

my friend saw this guy she is currently dating
with another gal
apparently his real gf
yet he lied about being single.

we witness it
we combed the area to find him wanting to expose his CHEAP DEEDS infront of his gf
but we found him alone instead
they talked
and she slapped him


the most disgusting thing is he has e cheek to sms her saying
"after the slap i have ntg to say to u!"


I TOLD her to replied him saying
"u gt the cheek to sms me! when u cheated on ur gf bla bla
be thankful she hasn't seen the gal and stuff like she has good memory and will rem her!"

hur hur hur



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