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Saturday, September 29, 2007

have u ever...

i remember i used to be a weird student.

During my pri sch days, i ever wakes up SUPER early, just to be the first to reach school.

There was this boy i think his name is ZENG DONGLI and he stays opp the sch whereas i stay across the streets+ few blocks away.

We would reach school b4 the school attendant even reached, This malay uncle will reached at about 6-6.15 am and once the gate is open, we will race in just to be first in line! No liao lor!

In my sec sch days, i wake up at 6 am and prepare for sch. REached home at say 4pm and i will nap till 11pm, watch tv, chat on e phone till 1 am and then do homework from 1-4am. Sleep at 4am and up at 6 am again, this is the routine till fri.

One whole week of screwed up hours, i will sleep from 6pm (fri) till next day! ACCOMPLISHMENT i would always feel!

Lately i have been listening to the radio,
when there were familiar tunes,
it brought me back to the 90s...
our schooling days.

It brought back memories,
i dunno exactly fond or sad ones but the feeling was so hard to describe.

I tried to recall the past but bits of it only

I used to love the radio so much but has since unable to afford this anymore... due to my work.

Certain genre of songs and certain singers brings back alot of memories...

the love back then, as in to whoever even friends...

it makes me feel old and wanna go back then...
where we need not worry ourselves unnecessarily,
no worries for money related issues, never even seriously gave a thought for future...
PR seems flawless back then...
everyone is ur friend,
everyone who joins in e fun is ur good friends
anyone who listens to how u walk past ur crush or talk about ur new crush and bitch abt is ur best friend!

Thats YOUNG!
Thats life...

if only i could turn back time...

Friday, September 28, 2007

mini re-juvenation

totally hate the *morning SICKNESS*.

Unusually different is i do not experience the usual nauseating

Have u ever felt like dying when your alram clock just wouldn.t stop irritating u?
Have u ever felt like u wish u could just ignore and sleep happily away.

I totally feel like quitting my job when i wakes up in the morning dreading waking up!
That explains HOW--------------------------------- MUCH i hate MORNING SHIFTS!

I wish SISTER reads my blog.. just for this entry tho.

Felt a lil more REJUVENATED!
REACHED HM ay 5 pm, slept throughout my bus journey,
and went to nap.
Slept a total of 4 hours!
I'm not sure if my hp has gt some probz or that i totally cannot hear my phone ringing!
Regretted it tho cuz i would have prob sleeping later cuz i am MORNING AGAIN TILL SATURDAY!

but a lil lazy to go down novena square,

his birthday is round the corner,
haven thought about what to get for him.
Gonna have a small bbq and get a few good friends for a lil get together session

excited bt BBQ tho,
cuz i rem the last time i went chalet few months back, the birthday party did not have a bbq session just catered buffet and the whole time i was gawking at the neighbour's pits salivating!

i hope my friends would come too...
just to bbq, perharps we can start a mahjong session! WINKZ

Oh ya, OFFICIALLY thank HANZ for the HP chain.

HAA, i gotta a MARIO hooked on my DS LITE!!!

http://royalcakes.com---> try it HALAL!

Well, if u have watched JUST SHOOT 3, u would have seen the episode with Xiaxue and Steven Lim.

And it actually storms off another controversy,
between DASmond Koh AND XIAXUE!

in my opinion, i think DASmond Koh is HARD Up FOR blog publicity!
Well, he's an erm ARTISTE lor!
He could have easily talk to some iweekly or 8 days magazine reporters and get em to write his addy!

If u had watched the show and read their blogs, and also u do not hate Xiaxue, u would prolly find his DISGUSTING.

hE WAS asking for her to link him from her blog on tv and the next moment he actually writes something nasty abt her!
So bitchy right!

NO wonder not so famous now.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

god BLESS~

tension at work was great.

Due to a demanding patient.

Its really really proven!

U won't improve if u do not appreciate healthcare workers!!!
Well, see...

heard that there will be more trachy patients the next week and i am on night!~


Gonna start a BESTIES FUND, haa...
with the two guys and hAnz gt a CASHBOX liao lor!~!~!

i had wanted to blog more but the background sounds of my loading videos from crunchy roll is way too tempting!!!


i wish u

peace tomorrow morning,

wish she'll be more understanding.

wish she'll be less annoying,

less demanding~

less bitchy...

i feel bad.

everytime this happens,

i feel more worried than he is.


it makes me wondering about our future...


Or it will be world war.

Monday, September 24, 2007

i want this phone!

stubborn SHIT!

its stubborn!
I tried flushing 16547856 times yet, its still there!
Its SO long i guess, that it doesn't flow well against the streamy pipe or sth.

I always pick on my mother, cuz she always has remnants floating on the toilet bowl whenever i used the toilet.
Its def her cuz i share the toilet w her whereas my bro and dad shares the other one.

And she gets mad whenever i tell her off.
She thinks its accusation.
SO i better clear away mine b4 she wakes up tomorrow morning and have sth to say abt!

I flushed. Cannot!
I pour bucketS of water! Tak Boleh!,
I wait, (the water to regenerate) and flush again. BUAY SAI!
Nabey lor...

use HOSE!
USE super strong current spray at that piece of stubborn shit!
HOHO bingo!

my shitty adventure today.

CURSE AND SWEAR, got angry with him just now.
I tried touching up, it looks better now but still not flawless!

My bf's boss has a son.
When he met my bf...

he said," who are you?"

Bf: " i'm ur dad's worker."

Son: " lookS like a teenager!" (REFERRING TO MY BF)

Bf: " thanks! (sheepishly)

Son: " OH, sounds like an adult!"


On our way back home today from clarke quay on the bus,
there was still idiotic big size act young man eavesdropping our conversation OBVIOUSLY.

He is rather big, wore an yellowish(maybe white keep too long change colour) shirt,
pants, din bother to look at the shoes and a BLOODY STYLO ADDIDAS WATCH, the one i have but his is blue!

See disgusting right!
Formal outfit with sporty watch,
what more he is not even young.
He doesn't bring out the watch!

Ok, he was seating at the other row, nearer to the aisle on a double deck bus.
His head was like to the left to the left...
then eyes moving around, on and off we saw him peeping at us,
we sort made it known that we know someone is stupidly obviously listening he still continue!




morning shift tomorrow.
still wide awake!

met sister lee and family at taka on SAT!
rather awkward,
dunno what to say.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


i see traces of aging on my own face whenever i look myself in e mirror...
w/o any trace of makeup or skin care products.

That comes a lil too early. I am still in my EARLY twenties.

Its so sad, to see myself like this.
I used to be mistaken for a young adolescent!
Not anymore...


Its been a boring 1.5 days.
Sleep, online, eat, online, tv, online. sleep.

WAKE UP, online, tv, eat, online, going to bed soon.

Its 2.37 pm on a SATURDAY.

SOME Disgusting guy asked to meet. *PUI*

Waiting for evening, i shall go meet my bf.
Prolly go do some pedicure, my nail colour is a mth old.

Finally do some cleaning up for my room earlier, but gave up on my living room.

Friday, September 21, 2007


friday has finally come~

end of my long running nights!

I dun think i am up to it as yet

Had good munching kaki

Meals provided for all 4 nights! In fact two shares yesterday!

BUT had all sorts of lousy cases!

feeling paranoid about sth,
but well i guess i shall let it go and enjoy my off days
but quite sore about morning shifts on MONDAY!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

friday pls come faster~

into the mid week of my night shift.
not exactly bad...

its ok, but i would say bz.

into the third day it just din get any better.
Its overfolwing quite badly.


I think i am still not cut to be a i/c for such bz nites,
it matters too the people u worked with.
And well i guess, we just gotta compromise and adapt to all diff habits.

Its a lil hard to put into words tho

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


blogging from work!!!
cool ya.

a lil afraid they will find out and sack me haa!

lao sai-ing
couple of times ~

Monday, September 17, 2007


i dun think its the time of e mth...
of course i know it.
Furthermore if its based on my (un)usual cycle! *duh*

but had been overly irritable
my nasty habits of picking @ ppl and curse and swear in Vulgarities are back.

beats me... dun ask me why.
been excessively impatient and gets grump over those minor lil stuffs even when its not anything BIG.!~

yEA I Noe i can be a bitch.
i'm sorry people if i had one way or another hurt u guys or made u guys hate me for that instant moment.

Its my mouth la.

HMMM... thinking back what i have done last week,
i had been super unfriendly to this new staff and super intolerant to all her doings

bet she hates me.
maybe i should give her a chance,
but like i say if she has got more pleasant mouth odour i would accept her easily.

i find that i really don't have the patience to teach people!
i get really iriitated when people do not perform tasks faster.
i can never be a teacher.
bet i would kill the child!

Went Natas Fair w Hanz, Guaz, Eb.

Hunting for KOREA TRIP!

Price ranging from 1630-1800 k

8 days trip
ski-ing and it covers Jeju island too.
where the famous Korean Drama mama shows were filmed.
Face shop(the famous korean makeup store) shopping bla bla

well, sat at 3 major travel agency booths...
all highlighted the same stuff
all claimed that theirs were the best!
All highlighted SKI, 5 STAR AND 6 STAR HOTEL STAYS!

BUt we left la...
cuz we were pretty sure even w/o Natas Fair the rates for korea trip will more or less be the same.

Had Bullfrog porridge at Geylang again.

I'm on night again tomorrow night.
Gonna work with my batch mate.
1st time
should be a good one.

ktv Sat with Gavin,
any takers?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

kelly poon!

heard kelly's new song on radio!
she is so pretty now!
i hope she makes it big in Taiwan!

was introduced this crunchyroll.com webbie by linda and watch this variety by Da S an Xiao S!~

super hilarious!


this i promise u...

brings back memories...

Ohh ohh...

When the visions around you,
Bring tears to your eyes
And all that surround you,
Are secrets and lies
I'll be your strength,
I'll give you hope,
Keeping your faith when it's gone
The one you should call,
Was standing here all along..

And I will take
You in my arms
And hold you right where you belong
Till the day my life is through
This I promise you
This I promise you

I've loved you forever,
In lifetimes before
And I promise you never...
Will you hurt anymore
I give you my word
I give you my heart (give you my heart)
This is a battle we've won
And with this vow,
Forever has now begun...

Just close your eyes (close your eyes)
Each loving day (each loving day)
I know this feeling won't go away (no..)
Till the day my life is through
This I promise you..
This I promise you..

Over and over I fall (over and over I fall)
When I hear you call
Without you in my life baby
I just wouldn't be living at all...

And I will take (I will take you in my arms)
You in my arms
And hold you right where you belong (right where you belong)
Till the day my life is through
This I promise you baby

Just close your eyes
Each loving day (each loving day)
I know this feeling won't go away (no..)
Every word I say is true
This I promise you

Every word I say is true
This I promise you
Ooh, I promise you...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

My current life...

back to my HK cafe craze days.

Was bubbled... supposed to go Mind Cafe for some exciting games session

Anyway slept throughout the day!

Ever since beibz started working, i no longer go shopping during all my off days. I no longer meet him for hubbing after my shift ends...

I usually sleep my off day away till evening and i'll meet him for late dinner.

I do save alot on shopping but spent alot on CABS!
I take a cab almost every other day. As if i earn big bucks...

I have forgotten when was e last time i took a train to work on morning shifts and
i hate it when i missed my CT 8 (EXPRESS bus frm amk to chinatown)

the late dinners prolly contributed to my fucking weight fluctuations!

Watching my HK drama serial now and the last epi le...
gonna watch it b4 i sleep.

Having interrupted sleeps recently.

Can't sleep in e night and gets really tired when i wakes up!

Boring POst.

there are certain issues which i would like to mention here but to avoid conflicts i better dun...

certain things are getting on my nerves...

certain things are best left unsaid.

From the tunes of GHostbuster...
THere's sth on in the neighbourhood...

my bro found a naked man lying near the lift
as in totally NAKED~

We saw a woman crying or should i say WAILING damn loudly at 2 am on Sat.
Beibz and me were viewing from the window.

I always had prejudice against policemen in sg and in particular AMK POLICE!
Ever since my encounter w the masturbater in my neighbourhood with poor actions i HATE EM!

Truely enuff, they displayed their inefficiency right infront of my eyes!

6 police couldn't do anything to the wailing lady,
causing ABSOLUTE disturbance to our neighbourhood in e wee hours,

they called for help one car after another and in total 3 cars and 6 policemen~!

5 standing around,
1 standing by her side patting her, coaxing her to go w em...

all could't subdued her!

and the gal was obviously drunk or pRolly DRUG OVERDOSE!

it took em 1 hour to get the ambulancE~

taxpayer money dun come ez

why bother renovating the police post!~
so huge, fully air-conditioned w damn big Plasma tv~!

and ideal for slackers!

Monday, September 10, 2007

home song stories...

went to watch Home Song stories, a production by raintree productions...

its was ok to me except draggy but to him, its boring.

Sometimes, i wished he shares more to me about his pasts.
We casually mentioned someone and he was truely affected by it.
My heart weighs on me too...
feel alot when i see him like this.

if i had know...
or even if i don't,
i'll love to shower u with all the love u never had b4...

I'm trying...
if u could see.
i never dare probe further for fear of hurting u...
i hid my sadness not bcuz i love poking into others' affairs but i feel u don't feel at ease with me.

But please remember i'll always be around for u
if u ever need a shoulder to cry on...
No doubt i will def cry along

if u ever need someone to talk to...
u noe u always have me.

if being a clown makes u a happier person, i'm willing to...
if that can make u lead a happier life...
one u deem u never had a chance to have last time...

pissed aGAin!

was supposed to work today,

already b4 hand asked those who's wrking today to consider me first for Annual leave if the total is low...
and i got it! HAA... beibz's off today so yea!

we went hubbing.
its been sooooooooooo long since we hubbed together.

went to the arcade, and this SMELLY BIG GUY in yellow tee used both arms and blocked my way.

I *diao* him, thinking he was gonna promote some package stuffs as i saw theres alot of like papers stuffs on his hands.

THEN this idiotic guy PULLED MY BAG@!


I turned back, stared hard and this idiot said," he tried to stop u from going in and u still insisted on goin in!

I stared at him and replied him angrily," then u DUN have to pull my bag!

KNN they said i need to be a member b4 i can get in!



1)heard about being a member for ARCADES IN SINGAPORE!?~

2)IF U have been to amk hub's arcade, u will noe... NO GOOD GAMES! F* EX! Cards only!

3) Would u deny access to potential customers!?

4) Pull my bag!

i am totally pissed!

rude ass promoter~
unreasonable entry requirements!

Guaz recommended me a new HK CAFE in upper thomsom and we went there after hubbing
TUNGSHUI and guaz and hanz followed by thereafter.
Not too bad food, menu def more varieties compared to XINWANG

BUT lousy seats... my back is aching now~
sat there for 2 hrs b4 the two arrived and another 2 hrs chatting w em!

4 hours in total on a no support stool!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

* adores**

loves this song...

ADORES him...

He is Ah Xin From F.I.R


gone are the days of just smitten by the HEART THROB good lookers.

I look for Talent.

To name a few of my fave, u will realised i do not really care about outlook.

I like JJ Lin, i affectionately call him my bf, even my mum relates him as my bf.

I like Jay Chou, i used to call him my bf.

I like F.I.R esp the above mv's singer and their female lead!

I like Stefanie Sun

those are the ones i specially adore...

But to speak of talent...
I would reccommend u guys to listen to Gary Cao and Nicky Li (machi)

here's one with F.I.R
WATCH OUT for the female lead.

i Find her quite charismatic and her vocal are attractive too.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

the real me~

read on...
the real me is back in action.

Off today.

cuz i can sleep late.
I treasure sleep VERY much. I need @ least 8 hrs of sleep if not--> GRUMPY
I will count the hours with my fingers and plan for sleep unless i'm working Morning the next day, which i dun usually fulfill to my required amt of sleep.

Expecting like waking up @ 12 or better still after 1pm.

FUCK... Yes u got it,

i woke up at 1030 am...

nope not calls... i silent my hp nowadays. For fear of being called back to work too! Haa... they say we should not off our phones, well i din... i merely mute it hoho.

Anyway... there was terrible DRILLING going on my block and its crazy...

i felt like it was just right above me, meaning they are drilling my ceiling away and in moments i would see the ah pu nene guy who drills while i'm in bed with my eyes half opened and heavy eyelids drooping!

NABEY SOUNDS kinky with the ah pu nene erm... "on top" while i lie in bed! PUI**

But anyway, i was mad!

i marched out of my room, opened my front door, (chey as if i got back door!~)
and nabey saw my neighbour, in my ugly obviously kena woken up face plus my ugly pyjamas and ahem bra-less.

given my asset ahem ahem, looks awful and maybe large mass that dangles? Yikes

i dunno still where the drilling came from...

beibz called me, complaining about his boss and half the time i was like: "HUH?!"


tRIED to sleep with e noise but to no avail

But the brilliant me suddenly remembered sth... cuz the other time round during my night shift i experienced it.
They are going for lunch soon and well i can sleep again.

HAA true enough, they went for breakie earlier than i expected and i got back to sleep almost immediately.

And u noe i always see those ah ne ne gathering at void decks with their packet of white rice with curry for lunch then they would slp with no shoes and u see those cement stains on their dark, chocolate-ty legs

hohoho and well well well... they actually took time off more than 2 hours! YIPPIE and i slpt till 130 pm

Now, i am not slamming em...

but what the hell are they doing!?

First they wanted us to vote for upgrading of lifts and supposedly their promise to us after we vote em...

I was happy they re painted our block, it looks fresh like wat my mum says.

They cememt the floor, re cememt again days later, placing my house's BIG AS IN REALLY BIG FLOWER POT on the steps outside my door with all the other chup chup stuffs and made me climb out of house to work one afternoon and walk on wooden stilts to avoid spoiling their cemented floor! AND THE WOODEN STILTS SO fragile...

all these i did not blog and complain.

Now they actually drilled the stairs! YES... they drilled the stairs, its ugly now and i nearly fall while getting down with heels today!~ Its uneven.

And i heard they are gonna remove all the handles of the stairs and replace em which means MORE FUCKING DRILLS!


PLS i better not be off, pm SHIFT OR worse Night

all these means we might need to pay more to the town council. N why do all these.

They totally does not take into considerations of people like me who works shifts! ANd some more i am a HEALTH CARE WORKER!

What about lil children who slps most of the day,
ah ma or ah gong who needs afternoon nap.

Those bo liao anuty who would die if they don't gossip on the phone daily or go downstairs and chat w fellow kpo-ers and pin point at ppl whop dresses up to go out

or when these ppl cant hear their Taiwan soap drama on ch 8!


and most irritating thing is they repainted the handles of the stairs and now gonna change it~

Waste those painter's efforts~~

waste paint!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

remy is so cute!




heard about the reviews, read about it and it was highly praised by many.

heard that ST even gave 5 stars!

caught it today and well...

MARVELOUS! I love it.

The lead, the rat la is called Remy and is super cute!

He is so TALENTED!

Not exactly for the young kids, today is the start of sch hol, many kids in the theater and they dun quite understand the show i realised, laugh when others laugh and making too much noise~

BUT STILL... highly reccommended to watch as compared to Hairspray.

After work this morning, took a cab to his place and was gonna have breakfast 2gether b4 he goes for wrk and the damn cab heard me wrongly, i said Hougang St 91 and he heard st 21!

I reemphasize to him in chinese 91 and he replied in eng and ask like three more times and he says he is afraid i said 31...

fuck lor!
IN English, 21,91 DON'T SOUND SIMILiAR i feel!

21,31 MAYBE..


HE IS CHINESE, he understands and speaks mandarin too!

for wat f* reasons we cant converse in mandarin and that would save my cab fare~

anyway we had mac, and while buying his boss called and gave him OFF DAY...

THRILLED! CUZ he is off...
sad cuz i gt appointment at nite...
but still we were together till evening.
not so bad afterall.

Dunno when is his next off day.
His boss is so impromptu!
Ne NE pok.

Met the gang for hanz's belated bday dinner.

not exactly too good food.

Brewerkz next for some chill out session.

Guaz says i'm alcoholic.

Was playing AUNT AGONY to EB.

It gives me inspiration to talk about relevant stuffs maybe next post.

While sitting along the river(s'pore river), drinking
saw 4 Japaneses.

obviously tipsy.

reminded me of JAP PORN.

Was telling em my thoughts.

We share the same sentiments about their production of PORNOGRAPHIC.

And three of em, 2 gals and a guy was speaking in their native language and taking pics w their digi cam.

Then this guy carried Ms A
And then the 3 of em were chatting along the road, this guys was fondling with Ms A breasts!

Squeezing literally.

Then came the 2nd guy, from the toilet.

Then the touchy guy walked infront w MS B and MS A was with the 2nd guy holding hands!

soUNDS SO kpo...

but the relation,

MR A-> carried MS A
MR A-> fondled MS A's ne ne

MR B-> HOLDING hands with MS A
MR A-> Joined MS B


SO ah nor ne...