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Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Niu Year!


what a great way to welcome the lunar new year!

i chose it
so its fine

i am counting down to knock off!

dinner was the usual
had my justifying share of abalone and clams

its a ONCE A YEAR affair strictly that the 4 of us actually sat together

cny eve is the usual where my dad will piss everyone off with his rantings!

this year's not any different!

i wanna rush hm
have a good shower
with some scrubbing
and then its visiting!

i am going for movie 2nite as well

on saturday
on my way to work

which many of u shld know by now
i had a great FALL!

MY bilateral knees are injured
with bruises and abrasions

i fell on BENDED KNEES
and yes the road is pretty rough

and many saw
the thick skinned me got up immediately
as in not even time for my brain to react...

and feel the pain
to avoid the embarrassment
and walk straight to hail the cab

and i was light headed
probably the pain was too much!

2 aunties witnessed
and started looking at me and pointing at my direction
when they pass by me
they even looked at the spot where i fell!

i did not once look at my bruised knees
which i only look at it with the faint HP light and saw my left knee more serios than my right side


i reached work
and started doing my own dressing
which one collague commented poor thing doing own dressing!

a accident prone year
just Mon
i got my leg scratched and it bled

scratched by the cabinet!
and i had a few scratches from the spring cleaning

my oh my


Enjoy ur holidays

Get loaded with Ang Baos
and may lady luck shine by u at ur gambling dens!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Bak Kwa Fever

yesterday Beibz and i accompanied Hanz on a New Year shopping frenzy

this funny hanz had earlier bought some cashew nuts, mini prawn rolls i think a week ago when we visited chinatown

and they entire family finished it up b4 CNY!
Haha so they just gotta re-stock

we q-ed with him for Bak Kwa
at Bee Cheng Hiang cuz the famous LIM CHEE GUAN already sold out all the sliced pork ones but despite that the q is still pretty long!

speaking of this
few days back
we were just discussing about the q with my malay colleagues who call this deng deng babi...

which i guess they find it fascinating to see us q-ing for it
i dun quite noe whats the purpose of having that on CNY
and i am not a HUGE FAN of it
but my brother is

and he had ever went out at 6am to q for it...

while we were q-ing yesterday,
we tried the samples and well

Bee Cheng Hiang does have slightly better quality ones c/f the ones my dad got this year

i just tried one piece just now
and its is HARD

My bro commented that his jaws are tired
whereas Bee Cheng Hiang ones are softer in texture and yummier


i guess CNY is realy DA season to eat and grow fat
i am already annoyed with my current weight boom
and now its the TIME of the year again
where who can resist the temptations from these once in a year goodies!

tonight i will be on nite till Monday morning
so dun ask me out these few days
i will get angry

Mon and Tues we may go with the routine programme,
watch the new year movies

but the ratings are rather bad with 2 stars and 1.5 stars out of 5 respectively

but besides movies we have nothing better to do already...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

wide AWAKE!

Its frigging 5AM!


My mum is probably gonna wake up really soon

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

counting down...

CNY is like in less than 4 days...

i dun really look 4ward to it as much as b4
i have already stepped into "late 20s hood"

that suck seriously
with nothing BIG achieved still

reason with not looking 4ward

i am not so keen to answer questions
i guess tongues may wag about how old our house is bla bla
and like so fat and all...

alot picking on the this and that

The 1st day wld be my sleeping day
had already made plans with em for MAHJONG!

the off days are really attractive but the waiting till KNOCK OFF is tedious!
today's damn suay
my zip broke
and i had to use micropore to secure!

workload wise
not too bad
eye is having less cases c/f few weeks back
i guess many dun really wanna go new year visiting with red eye!

i helped Halimah in a dressing

haven done one for a year at least!
feels good

i wanna learn this song
its in Hokkien
supposedly my MOTHER TONGUE as well
but mine sucked to the core

my bf says i shld give up learning this one
but i wanna learn!~

Monday, January 19, 2009

I miss EDWARD!

I left my third book of the twilight series- Eclipse in EB'S car!~

i tot it was too heavy to tug it in my back while we shop
and i missed it when i got down the car!

my world is EMPTY
i am already in the third quarter of the book...

u must be thinking i am like so free yea
like i say

empty world
w/o him...

i am supposed to be sleeping
my STUPID BROTHER revamped his SMELLY room
and the IKEA DELIVERY man came earlier than him

and i gotta wake up
and YUCKY mob hair~


my bro is idiotic
must be under some kinda instigation, he revamped his room
and painted two slabs of wall RED!?

Just that two!

its badly done
with poor outlines
and he threw away most of the furniture in his room
well i agree they shld be thrown away
i feel like doing that too
but i am not willing to part with my money to get new ones

and i am more of the keeper
to keep the old stuff for memory sake!

i go thru all those nonsense i have
read it over and over
waste time
and then decides to keep

and i realised i have been rummaging it ANNUALLY!

yes back to my bro

then he got this 2 black cloth as CURTAIN!
He never had curtains all along
and now he does
and my mum was fuming cuz its BLack!

i shall get my butt off this chair and really get to work~
saying is pretty much useless

since procrastinating and bumming seems like a mundane affair to me

i like this one by PUSSY CAT DOLLS!



My stupid idea
yet not daring enough

my hair totally suck to the core!

damn it lor

this is not gonna be a GOOD HAIR CNY


i dun seem to get enough clothes!

ispent like almost 200 on e WACOAL BRA!

Its endorsed by AYUMI HAMASAKI La!

fuck it man

stupid me!

and i am PENNILESS!

My hair really suck suck suck!

and saying about PROCRASTINATING earlier on

my room is still not cleared
my house is still like shit

i haven got much free time

tmr's my last day
and i am reporting back to work on F* Tues!



Sunday, January 18, 2009

i wanna have a voice like her!

check out Liang Wen Ying's latest!


this is a rather touching mv
i guess as what the rest says some of her few songs are connected
and while i was in Taiwan
we watched the series of mv a few times on CH V
rather touching

she somehow lost her drive in life
and she went to the airport lost and found counter
searching for her courage

and then the next mv she got on a bus and bringing her back the route to pick up all that she lost...

and she reached this last stop
she picked up a phone and spoke to her parents
saying she has grown up and dun worry bla bla

she is an orphan u see

whatever it is
u must noe some backhround b4 u understands what it all means

and i actually picked up this book at the bookstore in taiwan
her biography..

talking abt her background

what u cant leave ur hse w/o?


last thurs
yes a lil overdue...

but then
i think halijah wld noe...

i called her
asking her abt her shifts
thinking for some workup in the gym...

and while talking my phone died!
and damn damn damn

i was supposed to meet choonz at amk hub
and i totally not noe where tthe exact location wld be since i was really late!

and i had to find a PUBLIC PHONE!

I just cannot recall her number in that split second!@

my mum's number kept running thru my head
and i had to call my fren to help locate her!!


it makes me realise how many donkey years i haven used a PUBLIC PHONE



Friday, January 16, 2009

a series of touching Mv

i probably blog abt this sometime back
1 litre of tears
this mv is a recollection of some scenes in the show
and if u have seen it
u probably feel touched
and with the vocals of ken hirai...

this has been circulating around for a few years
this guy did a really sacrificing act for his gf...


Big time Procrastinator~


i am sucha bummer

i was supposed to wash the clothes that i wore during the trip
managed to get it soaked
and my mum ended up doing most of it...

i promised myself to go exercise
and spring cleaning

but i din


This is the TOILET BOWL Theme restuarant

interior is Interesting
Food is so-so only

not really recommended
unless u just wanna take photos

FB uploading of pics is like so f* up

i failed several times

and it uploaded despite prompting me it failed
but incomplete uploads!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

home sweet home~

6 wonderful days in Taipei!
my best holiday!

i had fun
so much of it

TQ my holiday partners
i am feeling really sleepy
transferring the photos and will upload on FB

but i dun think i can tahan
cuz i am way too sleepy!

reached the airport like really early today!
and i fell asleep while waiting for the check in!

and during the flight
i sort of ate
and watch a nice touching movie...

Nights in Rodanthe by Richard Gere
and this was a adapatation from the book by Nicholoas Sparks!

and in my heart i was thinking
no man
nt another book i need to get hold of
i sort of teared a lil at the end of the show where she broke down terribly on knowing he is dead...


Esp mine
and Guaz...

i guess mine, partly is the weight of the casing itself...

anyway i am gonna upload the pics...
its quite alot and def tedious!

but then again
i had alot of fun

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Greetings from TAIWAN


Blogging from the hotel room

4 days flew past so fast
we r coming back on wednesday

we have more or less covered most of the interesting places in Taipei

it is so fun!

the tv shows are so interesting
and the waether is cold but shiok!

i haven sweat at all
the temp have been ranging from 10 to 14 the 4 days we are here...

Sat was really cold
today's wind's sttrong too

and i had 3 layers of clothing

went to this outskirt,
Wulai, where get the hot spring

and we vsited the old alley of shops and that place is interesting!

we tasted wild boar sausage

the night markets are damn cool
the 1st night when we went to shilin,

ate like mad

i feel damn fat now
there are just so much goodies!
yum yum

Friday, January 09, 2009

hey hey!

i was telling the rest i wanna be so typical and blog at the airport

and we instantly saw this free internet access area!


here i am blogging!
like the rest

i checked in already and waiting for the gate to open and


Be back on the 14th!

hear this out

oh My goodness!

in 7 hours my crazy friends and i are heading to TAIWAN!

I have heard enough
seen enough
watch enough

and i so wanna visit that place!!!


a lil dissapointed its at T1
I wished its at T3 or even T2
looks more atas

i have been on this holiday mood since last nite

so sorry i left my friends to fight the last night battle today!
due to my early flight!


promise i will make up to em with lotsa TAIWAN Goodies!

TQ Linda!
for taking over my last night!

its getting really exciting
the rest dun intend to slp
and are thinking of going to the airport earlier
i do feel like sleeping
since i had planned to read my book on the plane

i barely slept for 2 hours post night earlier since i gotta head town and meet the rest to change the currency

i got this REAL JUICY Website
and i saw the ZHANG ZIYI pic...

i am sucker for such tabloids!


i hope i can come back with lotsa nice stuff
i dun pin high hopes on the clothes there since the weathers' cold and the sizing may be a lil issue and most importantly i am nt a sucker to the type of fashion there

but i would be expecting some cute and weird buys
like some cool shades
cool frames

perhaps nice bags
and food!

oh shit
i haven paint my nails!!!

enough said

wait for my pictures!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

2 more days..

come 9th jan,
will be the start of my al!


i seriously cannot wait!
my last round of night tmr!

today's passing over was hell~
it was really messy...
and then u get funny patients who speaks in damn chim cantonese and sounded like she is some evil mother in law in those hk drama and i can only communicate with her in my cmi canton and the best part she mention things like if we wan her to get out we can do so tmr 4 pm,
its hospital and we shld be humane!

now i wonder what mistakes have i made to mislead her in thinking we are evil nurses!

we haven been talking for awhile..
and i realised that things are really not the same anymore...

things turned ugly few days back


i can only say
i am fine with whatever the future brings about...
i am ready for certain changes in my life...

it doesn't matter to me
its time for some serious thoughts bt this entire relationship
for the past two months,
i have been trying my best...
but eveything just seems to have changed

i need an indication...

Thursday, January 01, 2009

happy 2009!!!

Happy New Year everybody!

on the first day of 2009
i spent sleeping half the day away...

yesterday's PJ PARTY was a bash!

i mean nt exactly that happening
all i can say is


i spent the last day of 2008, welcoming the new year with my closest loved ones...

we raise our champagne glasses and countdown along the vivo telecast!


poor chambermaid

cuz the room was given back in a MESS!

I Shall post the pictures in a few days

lucky me,
i got granted a last min PH
and i headed to Marina Square with them for dinner

i am so hooked on to the food there

i can't wait for next week
where my AL STARTS
and off i go!


Have been wanting to visit this place
since we watched so many of tv shows there

i WISHED for my parents well being, health and wealthy!

to all my lovely friends,

best wishes in all that u do!