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Thursday, February 28, 2008

typical KIMCHI mv

Photos taken in 2000

17 year old kid...

actually i gt more horrid looking pics...
but i better keep it till next time.

my adv dip classmates
1st field visit in NUH EYE CLINIC...

Had thoughts of calling u AZHAR...
but no time
and i remembered the days i was posted there,
quite hilarious.

i remembered the O@G WARD's sister was a TERROR!
AND i was late for work and all my friends thought i was lying
cuz i sounded lame

i told em i missed the stop,
then lost my way!
its true!

IS so inaccesible,
we gotta reach BUONA VISTA mrt station at 6.25 am
to catch the 6.30 bus that coindentally passes NUH SIDE DOORS
AND after that no stops in btw to reach to the factory industrial area!


then i was new to NUH,
I WAS LIKE trying to be so nice,
i let others board the bus first only to realised that i am DOOM!
i duno the way, i let em board,
no other nurses in uniform for me to follow...
then i missed my stop
i lost my way
i stopped at some ulu place
walked down a funny looking dark slopy lane
c/n get a cab
and finally luckily i managed to
and the uncle wanted to laugh cuz I SAID I LOST MY WAY

AND i told my friends the same thing and they dun believe me!

CJ 7




craving for Teppanyaki
sitting around the hot plate while the chef whips some yummy-licious food

Beer, live music!
drown with da- booze and da GOOD MUSIC.

P.S TIGER LIVE at ST' JAMES serves really nice TIGER DRAFT BEER!
It doesn't taste like the tiger we drink from cans
and it has this MALTY aftertaste~ yummy! maybe cuz the brewery is there?


belting out songs,
peanuts throwing around
anticipating my turn...
nice drinks along.


my unhappy encounters with em...

this is a lil errr... RACIST

if halfway through the reading, u get a lil uncomfy
X it at the top right hand corner...

come another day thanks

P.S There is a cricket in my room!
bet my bf brought it here cuz he keeps em at home to feed fishes (his dad i mean)

i promised some i will tell em about this in my blog.
i forgot about it...
not so but it was put off at the back of my mind first...


i dug out all my KARAOKE vcds
cuz Yappie said i am eligible to join SGH IDOL after checking

and YAY-NESS for that.
seems so hard up for FAME...~
not so...
but i really LURVE singing you see.

for a note, my mum hates me joining all these
cuz whenever i dun do well, i get upset, uptight and CRAZY

yea... sound a lil SORE!~

BACK to my unhappiness.
the cds reminded me of a classmate whom i dun really like in my diploma days

ok... its a personal thingy u see.
Not so much of being sore but things could be better off if she kept ahem QUIET!
SKipped her part but talked way back to 2002

in my NYP Nursing diploma days,
there is this malay girl in my class.
she wears a Tudung

back then i did not know the significance of it, i asked around
and knew that they studied in religious school(attempted to spell madrasa) but ...

ok, i got to know from others that they are really PIOUS or whatever better terms and professional terms to describe them (THIS IS NOT A RACIST COMMENT FYI)

this girl, whom i really find irritating.
not initially though cuz she seems nice, sweet looking and i thought she is quite pretty and so fair for a malay.

UNTIL one fine day
she started asking me what size jeans i was wearing

ME: 28-29 (no doubt i was fat!@!#$ i DID not have big bottom u see)
and maybe LEVI'S lor... ang mo brand what!

then this girl gave me an OBVIOUSLY STUNNED FACE! Turned to her friend and in disbelief!

fucking hell lor... even if she finds it hard she could have remained poised and bitch all she can about the fucking sizes behind my back! With that i find it a lil offended and i am so freaking paranoid i hated her for doing that and since then everytime i see her, i feel that she is scanning my whole body and wondering what size i am wearing, wishing she has xray vision to see my tags and laugh at me or like thank ALLAH (sorry)* that i am wearing XL OR MAYBE XXL to make her happier!

if u noe me well, i dun talk to people whom i dislike cuz i feel that its too shallow to do that and totally hypocritical to behave in that manner. i totally limit to talking to her PRN

AND then thankFULLY, we were seperated to a different class.

yea... i was a lil upset over her behaviour cuz according to the ones who told me about the tudung and their background and stuff, i thought she is not behaving according to how she should be!

and then...

right year 2

she left and guess what
one more came in!~

it was more like neutral!
NO! NO! dun be mistaken that i bear grudges to whoever who looks the same!


right, the cd story.
we joined this singing competition held in SHS
like some nurses day cum national day thingy


and we both got in the finals

i lost,
not that i am sore
but i thought the judging was poor!
firstly the 1st and 3rd was entire shit! or maybe a lil shitty.
some les miserable or whatever u call it song!

and i gt feedback like i was better etc that sorta made me felt more that i should win u see...

and she got second.

so the next day, my friends asked this lecturer whom happens to be our skills lecturer how come i did not win~

in front of me!~

i was a lil upset over the loss the day b4 and yea now that!

and she said it was not about voice quality but stage presense...
anyway this malay girl told me... " U SHOULD WIN!"

LIKE w.t.f
u win liao
u say this kinda FENG LIANG HUA!

i am not so unhappy over he winning over me but more of her words!

and subsequently despite obviously irritated by her,
she comes near me and trying to sing praises of me!

totally FAKE!

i swear i was not angry over losing to her but her

DO justice on me can!
would u like people who comes near u,
trying to break into talk and add compliments!

u may think yea she is friendly
but hey if u have gt nothing to say or talk about then be it!
shut up
i dun need u to try and make small talks and be friendly!
its damn awkward right!

be natural!


it may sound so childish but
i am too straight perhaps so once i dun really like u, its that...
i am sorry
maybe hers is a lil unkind but...

i doubt her genuineness

ok lastly and then most recent

like i was sharing w Sumini

must there always be a TUDUNG girl that i will have really strained relationship with in NYP?!


she is in nephro uro
sad to say
one of the mentioned ones that i totally disliked
firstly, she is too bossy
nothing's done

and she emphasize on what i feel is dumb!~

(cricket is getting louder@!)


that day i was going to the canteen with Audrey and Judy cuz we ate early at 9 am
and we gotta last till5 pm...
we went canteen to catch a bite b4 tutorial
i told sumini who was q-ing at the copy lady trying to get notes

and i told her quite loudly that i am going CANTEEN!
this BITCH


commented right behind Sumini that " these ophthalmic people always go canteen!"


i wish i know some malay vulgarities
and i really wished i can SLAP HER!




I am thinking of what to do...
when i know this
it was fri and yes its TERM BREAK

AND she is my project group mate!


i am so gonna confront her!
i really am

and i really wished i can do more
why must people always make me unhappy when i am already so easy going

not so but...

yes i am a lil loud

I DUN bother abt u and i wished u dun bother about me too!
i hv not made such comments on u and please GET OUTTA OF MY WAY!

U noe i think i can kill her if i am on the "PILLS"
those emo wreaking pills can make me kill
i mean it!

i really hate her so so so so so so much
can u guys understand my point here
am i racist!~
no i am not!!!

i still get along with malays and indians!
but why they make things so diff for me!!!

i really am PLOTTING a confrontation with her
she has stepped on my toes

and way too much

i shall not endure her fucking bitchiness!


and since i am nv gonna let anyone bully me,
i shall not let this matter rest!

a black bag
baseball bat
metal studded shoes
long nails!

cover her face in the bag
beat her up with the bat
kicked her w the shoes
and slap her and scratch her with my nails!


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

chinese version!

劲歌金曲2之情歌王(39) - 30首华语歌组成 by 古巨基

damn nice!

Monday, February 25, 2008

"extraneous" factors proves too GREAT!

the effects and power of MASS MEDIA proves too powerful for us or rather ME to handle

what have i brought myself into!?~

subscription of CABLE VISION!~?
IF choices were LIMITED,
it can give me better excuses to mug really hard!
or maybe HARDER...

and through the changing of channels,
c/n really decide which is to miss

all these made me really sleepy

i took a long nap

i thought the 7pm slots lately are not that attrative,
the stomach needs to be taken care of first...

when i am finally off for serious business,
face book has too many requests!
and too many alerting emails!
that i really need to clear first

then i realised i have not been blog whoring for a few days
and yup
i somehow linked to my friend, their friends whom i so called knew
and even their friends' friends! Like w.t.h lor none of my business what!~?

then i went to friendster...
saw some pics...
clicked on it anyway...
and damn...
i went linking around

then i was 9pm
i tot since its a new show,
i can give it a miss
but damn

my mum seems to be enjoying it alot!
she laughed real hard
so i went out and joined her


after a bath
i should start soon...

but i thought i should maybe blog first...

you-tube is on my mind now
my eye lids seems a lil heavy


in all...

another day gone by

overdue pics

this is so overdue,
dun believe my exaggeration!

it's xmas! lor...

my bf has a new blog
the name is damn funny!



its 2 days...


I am way_ too relaxed
i haven started ANY of my planned stuff

i am so not gonna make it for TOP STUDENT?!~? W.T.F

i wished i am a FAMOUS BLOGGER

I wished they know who i am talking about
maybe go tell em that i am talking about em and
maybe let them WAKE THEIR F* idea!~


YAY! Ma gave birth today!!!
i went with Linda to visit her
b4 that, as PROMISED, we shopped at chinatwn for her fave Khong Guan BISCUITS!
prc actually appreciates local goods so much! haha

well re: her wish for this brand,
i was working with her one night shift
very very very long ago
since she is not on night for some time
we were eating, snacking away at the pantry area, she was happily munching her Khong Guan biscuits and we were sharing what we would like to get if we were hospitalised.

So she said she really likes the biscuits esp this brand
and Normah says she loves chocolates so she wants chocolates if she is hospitalised
and i wanted Fruit basket cuz i always marvel at the beautiful and mouth watering ones patients get!

and now... we made her wish come true!
Linda and me were so excited over shopping
we bought Baby diapers
and made amazing discoveries of the current trend of POO-SEATS
soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!

i asked her if she wants to get one of those cute lil seats for her baby and she said yes! and then i thought about it and told her actually those cheapo ones that we used when we were younger are so cheap in those provision shops lor and she said ya hor...
and then we still gotta clean up for the baby!!

we visited her and we brought DURIAN
we ate it in her room and created a tiny hoo-haa
the sister of that ward even came in...

heh heh
but who cares lor unless they put a sign that says NO DURIAN!

seeing others with kids makes me wanna have one too
but thinking about the process of it and not too sure if i can have it or not!

yesterday, i met up with the gals
and lp brought her son along
so funny
he is so cute and active
amazing how kids can be so interesting!

I got a pair of rollerblades today
both of us bought it
we went mustafa
AND WE TESTED IT at the void deck just now!
so fun!

i have some usual rantings to make
but now i am so tired
must be the blading session
and the visiting

i am gonna tell u guys in detail tmr

and i am gonna really work harder tmr!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

at last!~

9 weeks flew past REALLY REALLY FAST!

I have EXACTLY 6 months left... to part with my STUDENT-HOOD

its a week breakie for us...


got lots and lots of work to finished up!
the critique is due right after the break

followed by the counselling assignment

and ...

i am supposed to email ms kiu some stuff,
i am so gonna leave it for tomorrow since, i haven done it
i doubt she will check her email today...

and i am meeting my SEC SCH CLIQUE! later...
not the two guys that i ALWAYS TAKE PHOTO with

BUt another 2 ladies!
we hung around since we were 13!
i was more of a tagger, cuz the two of em were friends since PRI SCH...
and they stayed really near each other.
well i was quite near to em as well, just a hundred blocks away
but they were pretty much like super glue...
so i hang around with some more others...
but we were close still then!

one of em is a mother already!

over the years, we had many who joined and left us...
but 3 of us were basically the main ones who remained unchanged,
frankly i would be lying if i said it was a smooth sailing friendship
but i dun rem any really BIG Issues

i remember the many many joys and laughters we shared
the numerous hoo haa issues we created in our cca

haha ha

reminiscing later!

Monday, February 18, 2008


if u were involved in saying prayers for me...

or u may be lost now, (read the prev post)


He saved my pc...

i was too worried to wait till beibz comes after work...

i asked my OL' friend to help

he came and

he has no idea on what he did but


it is alive...

i am gonna save my files later to the thumb drive

a lesson learnt...

which obviously i'm lying

i used to say i learnt a lesson,
it happened to me during my diploma days
i LOST THE DAMN DISKETTE with my written assignment!

i was going to print it in school and HELL...

i freaked out
i had no back up
i re-typed it and it is due on that very day!

why does it always only happen to me!~




I have no idea what he did,
i was resting on my bed...

where he did the whatever opening up of the damn casing

apparently he says he just blew away the dust...

the mother(fucker)board is angry that i haven bathed her for like...

i've never done so since i have her.

Pardon me,
i just do not know how?
where to start?
what to look for?


A friend in need, is a FRIEND In deed!

this can't be happening to me!~

my dear friends or anyone who HAPPENED to chance upon my blog

can i PLEASEEEEE URGE you guys to just say a lil prayer for me now.

It doesn't matter the religion you are,

something really really really unexpected happened,

it's devastating
it determines my future...

yesterday, i went bowling at 10 plus
upon reaching home,
i wanted to continue my assignment,
and that's when i realised the problem

ITS really KNN CCB and whatever profound vulgarities i can think of running in my mind now!

I kicked!
I slammed
I sat there, staring hard at it
i plug, unplug, plug, unplug like 1024568546 times
i shouted over him asking him why like that!

my emotions were taking control of me then

i am lost!

I am so confident of this pc
its broke down last yr and i re-formated it just LAST YEAR
cost a few hundred

i did not expect this pc to do this to me at such crucial points where i did not BACKUP any of my damn files

i spent hours typing my stuff and forsaking dinner with my friends
bicycle at bishan park
rollerblading or badminton!~

shopping or extravagant long hours of nap!
just to do it...

and now its GONE?

I dunno...

i am blogging in sch
today's classes happened to be e-learning
and we have alot of free time
and we can go back SUPER EARLY


how can i go back and look at my pc, my lost files, my whatever u can think of? inside and or maybe Edison's EXCLUSIVE photos!

ALL the damn links to my blog whore daily reads...
all the i dunno...
u know
that one
and that that one
that i have inside!

Just listing these down scares me...
he checked online at 3 AM, the time i found my pc DEAD...
and he says it could be sth wrong with the mother(fucker)board
and he asked me to TRY opening the damn CASING!

Like i have no idea on how to even type a word doc well,
do the damn alignments well
or whatever simple trouble shoots well

a COMPUTOR BIGGEST IDIOT to open up the even more complicated casing,
see whats wrong!?


please understand my woes
i need your help
your well wishes is not so needed

just a simple prayer in ur heart
it may help me more...


Sunday, February 17, 2008

inconsiderate bitches!

as the reviews for this movie was quite good,
Christy recommended as a 'MUST WATCH' movie...

and it sounded like a good one
watched it today
guess if w/o the bitches behind me, i could have interpreted the movie better,
enjoyed it better
and it probably can sensitize my feelings more


i find it quite disappointing
yes, there were parts where i find it really sad
i did cried
but i find his death too abrupt,
hence we cant feel so much for the misery and sudden loss on Hilary Swank's role

and i find the random guys associated with her after Jerry's (Gerard Butler) death too RANDOMIZED, like of no significance...

maybe I'm influenced by another version of this story, a Chinese title
where the guy died, in Tsunami, this gf lost his contacts and waited for his return
one day this guy who looks exactly like her bf appears, yet denies his identity
in fact he is just a 'soul' protecting her, and making sure she gets along fine in her life and he was like a Guardian Angel...

this English one is a lil different
but what he did for her was really really sweet

like i casually brought up this question over dinner ytd...

Guaz says he would like to die just like that,
more to the sudden deaths
so he won't have to suffer

but i think of it otherwise

sudden or unexpected deaths may be a discounted pain and miseries a patient feels
however, this kinda deaths may result in serious psychological impact on their closed ones...

a sick person degenerating day by day.
we know that they will eventually lose it
u noe the initial acceptance stage may be hard
we may refused to believe that it's happening

however, we are being forced to face reality
and what we see with my own eyes are there to back the facts!

but if one were to leave unexpectedly,
w/o even any warning signs or last words
no one can accept it
we are not prepared for this
we are not ready and certainly not expecting it!

just like i noe of people, whose other halves leaving em suddenly,
in my opinion, to the survived ones,
this deceased's status in their hearts are hard to replaced
instead of differences between characters leading to break ups
its the cruelty of fate that forces the parting

in their heart
it's the best of the deceased they will remember,
hence i feel it's more difficult to forget.

back to the movie...

i was anticipating the emotional and touching scenes
being rather OVER SENSITIVE
sort of expecting leaving the cinema with puffy eyes
and RED nose...

and head bowed low...

this two damn f$%#-ing nabey idiotic Cb talkative bitches
were literally talking THROUGHOUT THE MOVIE!

Oh man!
there were parts that i had wanted to conc on listening so as to feel moved
then maybe cry along,
i simply couldn't absorb the lines!
cuz the sounds they made disrupted my train of thoughts and my process of -whelming up my feelings!

i said quite loudly kao pei once
stared hard at em once
(they did stop talking for awhile, and i heard only faint whispers, but only for awhile!)

i tsk em once...

beibz and me were super duper PISSED!
He was so pissed till he was going after em and tempted to spit on em~

i so can't stand inconsiderate patrons!

people who yak and yak non stop during movies
people who act like their legs are damn long, always kicking the back of ur chair,
people who play with they hp, answer in loud voices, or sms-ing which sometimes the light from the hp glares!
those who chew really loudly,
those who bring babies who cry frequently
(babies are sensitive to noise and darkness! sure cry! sian)
people who blocks ur view,
and i believe i'll have more...

if i am really so so lucky,
these two idiots may randomly linked to mine and BINGO, I AM directing at them!

week 7 passed by in a breeze too
too fast to even feel it much
i am lagging behind so much yet i still prefers doing search on edison's news and blogging than doing what i need to do!

i completed translating briefly the transcript for my assignment!
its TEDIOUS! Yes no joke!
i think by next week, if sumini talks more i'll go bonkers!
she is my counselling client for my assignment,
she told me some her issues and i am supposed to listen and stuff
and i jokingly told sumini that next week onwards i am so gonna find her voice irritating cuz i kept repeating and repeating as we gotta typed in exactly what she spoke!

even now, i am so sleepy already
probably do my stuff tmr
i will call it a day
finally signed the bond w sgh today

many more busy days coming ahead!!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

i'm busy

i am so busy these week

several pending stuff still awaiting to be done
gotta sigh the DREADED bond this sat at HR in BUKIT MERAH!~

today's prayer for the HEAVENLY GOD!

my family is praying to the TIAN GONG today
a BIG EVENT ANNUALLY for hokkiens
and particularly HUGE for my family

we have wide spread of offerings.
and includes SUCKLING PIG
hur hur

today's Valentine's day
we kinda celebrated ytd
had dinner
and we went st' james power house to chill out
and i had this serious hangover today

i was like a walking corpse
hang on till the last class.
i was half dead
headache was so bad
had to cancel my meeting with sumini and rushed home to rest

took t.paracetamol 1g
and slpt!

feel so good now
i guess its not really hangover that much
but i am so lack of sleep these few days
slept really really late 2-4 am
and wakes up 6-7 am daily

my usual requirements is 8 hrs
now its only average 4 hours daily

i slept for 5 hours when i reached home!

Monday, February 11, 2008

uploads completed!

spent a lil time uploading... heh heh
basically i really cannot proceed with work...
i haven recorded anything to start doing the counseling
and i am not the type who will start studying for tests now
in case i 4gets when the time gets nearer...

i better upload some pics
and clear some facebook requests!
4o over requests! siao man

i went hubbing with guaz
i got my valentine a gift!!! haha
i can't take a pic as yet...
its a surprise

showing off our bling!!!~

u see alot of the 3 of us
cuz 'chrys' and my bf were browsing books in borders
while we cam whored
and we re-took cuz the angle nv seems to be right

it means chrysanthemums!
her top was super bright
like highlighter
and it totally resembles the flower at the background!
or even city cab! damn funny

my lover boy heh heh
i hate the way my eyes are!
obviously big small eyes!
i need to do corrective surgery!
ever since i started sch
it has been so freaking prominent
and nv seems to cover up!
cuz i am so lack of slp!

my narcissistic moments...
check out the falsies i used...(the one on the phone)
i just applied for fun
but did not really used it during visiting
i merely tried out at home...


GUAZ'S house
we decided to take a pic at every stop
trying out the timer- function
2 seconds proved too fast, hanz was not in time

while he was meddling w the help of chrys, there;s a fool above me!

Hanz's place

my place

impressive k!
my illiterate mum took this pic
she is so hmmm... country bumpkin one and she actually took a photo well!
her virgin shot!

Chrys's house

look at her dogs..
the brown and white jack Russel
gonna match make with my bf's dog, echo...
must show em the pics first
for re-production... echo is a virgin

and her ugly shar pei
the heavily wrinkled species of dog!
apparently they were shunned when they brought this dog out!
cuz its too ugly hahaha

Jing Jing's house and our last stop

notice how funny i looked at the 2nd last pic?
i caressed chrys' butt and she 'poked' me real hard!
i was like breaking into laughter!

nabey uploading is damn tedious!

i wanna view more of the exposed edison and gillian pics!
pls send me if u have!