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Monday, July 30, 2007

anti- comfort!

too angry to relate... refer to my complaint letter!

To whom it may concern.

Dear sir/ madam

For convenience sake, i have used to taking a taxi, particularly from your prestigious company Comfort which i deem lives up to its name in terms of comfort, despite constantly hearing or reading about others' encounters with the drivers or the controversy about the price hike. Sad to say, we as consumers obediently lived with the they- deserve- it increment of fares, but in exchange for rude and unduly attidudes from drivers.

Boarded a Comfort taxi SHB 6229, on 29th of July at around 4pm in Ang Mo Kio going to a friend's place in the same town as well. I told the uncle Ang Mo Kio Block 350, and he became rather agitated, surprisingly so fast. He retorted that there are so many 350s and how would he know which one i am referring to which obviously i mentioned ANG MO KIO.I told him there is only one block 350 in amk. He blabbered on saying i left out the street or avenue. So i calmly told him it's avenue 1, thinking he would probably drive off pretty soon. He insisted that i am sure that it is avenue 1 before he drives me there. Well, i told him forget it and got down immediately.

I do not expect the driver to know the location. Having met so many drivers before, the nice ones would humbly admit they do not know the way so well but are willing to try or get me to help. In this instance, am i suppose to know the exact location before i board a taxi. If i don't, i am not allowed to take a taxi? That seems like the message that particular driver was hitting at! As usual we will start raking up the usual top listers in the list of problems we encountered but nothing seems to be done. I was transferred to the hotline handling complaints, only to wait almost 8 minutes and gave up eventually. Is that an indication of high volume of complaints everday that we have to hold on the line for so long or this top transport company locally does not treasure any valuable feedbacks from their customers. I would appreciate a justifiable feedback from your company as such to this matter. I would not hesitate to write in to The Straits Times, Forum regarding this issue highlighting to the general public as well as my friends. From what i am concerned now, the company's booking line will not be preferred until i get an satisfied answer.


Sunday, July 29, 2007


i typed a whole chunk of shit... DELETED

only to find it quite stupid...

i dun wanna update on my life...

AND aniwae nothing interesting goin on...

nO TIME to update my pics

no time to even sleep..

lost motivation! in lIFE...

Cool New Graphics - MySpace/Friendster

Cool New Graphics - MySpace/Friendster

Cool New Graphics - MySpace/Friendster

rc="http://i135.photobucket.com/albums/q157/graphic_code/video_and_funny/fupf9fd6fa74085_myspace.jpg" border="0" alt="" />

Cool New Graphics - MySpace/Friendster

Cool New Graphics - MySpace/Friendster

br />

Cool New Graphics - MySpace/Friendster

tired, promised the guys IKEA tamp to shop 4 hanz's new furnitures...

a.k.a bday pressie. SHOWER CURTAIN HUR HUR

Sian right shower curtain go so far buy! Chin Chye Amk buy la!?

Reached hm almost 3, beibz sent me hm... saw a pair of UNFAMILIAR FEMALE SANDALS! Def not mine... mine's def way nice, nt my mummy's, she usually wear mine!

NABEY sneaked up to my bro's room, tried turnin e knob! LOCKED!

He brought a gal hm... first time man... he claims she's nt his gf, well maybe since my bro can be quite disgusting.

ANd did a check on the ANTEPRIMA hp accessory he gave me, after i found out he gave to another gal such ex gift and nothing for me on my bday, he came back w the same bag, same brand, i was like wah! And then i blurted out saying dun tell me same design! He gt mad shouted at me for touching and looking at his stuff w/o permission... bleah! Haa...

and GUESS WAT that small tiny hp thingy cost 89 BUCKS!!!

Friday, July 27, 2007

long awaited!~~~

lately, i feel like i'm in the army... anticipating my WEEKEND OFF!~ Long weekend, PH etc...

FINALLY ended my night shift... i totally dread nights nowadays esp weekdays...
paranoid abt aging, lack of sleep and my outbreaks... furthermore the same ol argumentative reason, lesser money and greater workload!

So lack of interesting posts lately. Many events... no time to elaborate. No time to upload pics... way back to my Birthday~ had wanted to post some of my pics my pressie etc... not showing off la but HAPPY... but e excitement sorta worn off... had wanted to post the underground pics but not even uploaded! HAA!


Saw this friendster link... hmmmm... a chinese malaysian, releasing a malaysia album, covers of japanese songs in malay, great voice. Check out her online concert thru her friendster. Her English and Mandarin sounds erm funny tho haa... but great voive really.

Many weird and scary patients in e ward these few days luckily its OVER...
heard a supposed secret ytd. Rathered shocked. Realised it werent exactly a secret since the one who knew it first went telling around. Its just a matter of time b4 everyone knows about it thinking they are the first hand recipients of this SHOCKING NEWS. Well having mixed feelings about this news, rather sudden. I guess this will make many quite happy.


Back to my nonsensical blabbers.

Was sleeping ytd, woken up by a strong smell. Dreamt i was working, i think doing a wound dressing. When i was woken up but the smell i was so surprised the smell frm my dream can actually wake me up! Tried to get back to sleep but realised that the smell is lingering...

I went to smell my pillow! Arrrr... damn, MY DROOL! HAA!~


haa... and i turned my pillow over and tried to sleep again cuz if i delay i wontbe able to get back to sleep... still got smell!!!

NAbey my NEW BIG HEADED PIGLET STUFF TOY also kena! HIS NOSE! MY fave part of his bod!!! shit!~

when i woke up, i tired to use wipes and clean repeatedly... but e smell still there! So in the end b4 i left for work, sprayed my perfume! Hmph!

Monday, July 23, 2007


<3 awwwwwwwwwwwwwww <3


Ah Qin(4) from F.I.R and Nicky Li jiu ze from MACHI. a.k.a machi xiao pang zi

Have always LOVE F.I.R and i think the latter's voice is soooo perfect!

Thursday, July 19, 2007


The chemistry is so amazing... we made no discussions abt this pose!

<3 BLISS <3

suggested a THEME for the UNDERGROUND bbq tomolo @ yili's...
But it brought me to reality that i have put on so much so much :(

SINKING into DEPRESSion... really

i m a fat bum... fatty bom bom. BOO!

PLS TAG ME ... i need suggestions on WEIGHT LOSS TIPS!

Was late 4 work... No 2 made snide remarks... cant be that much bothered but just irritated by the fact that some STINKO UGLY AND DIRTY LOOKING aged MO joined in...
well the fact that 2 fat ugly peeps ganging up against me. Hmph... at least i m fat but not UGLY! GETTIT!

I m so so sad... about my tremedous weight gain since last April after my BINTAN trip... followed by a couple of kl, couple of genting, countless late nite suppers... hong kong, and the latest bkk.

All contributing factors plus itchy mouth!

Went Hubbing w Liza... poor her, has some skin allergic reastion from her facial products causing some superficial burns and now healing but erm... PIGMENTED area round her mouth... couldnt help but kept looking at the affected area and did laugh and made fun of her several times la but hey i m sorry!

Bought some wines and sparkling juice for the underground party and hung around abit at the hub.

Bought yet another CD this mth...

3rd one. JJ's, Some 90s disco hits ended up it was FUCKING TECHNO! And a jazz cantonese album. Niceeeeeeeeeee listening now.

The official site from the new canton album is in adobe settings so i duno how to load e pic haa but nice lor!~

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

thailand updates!

I saw interesting Sign boards in BKK, NO PROBLEM AND BO-NI-TO... well u may think mothing of BO-NI-TO... HAA

but when i saw it, i told beibz, hey the shop name is BO NI TOU( NO NIPPLE IN HOKKIEN) GEt the joke if u r chinese~

the pic beibz took w his head popped in, haa when we saw the thing i was so excited asked him to go pose, heard some aunties behind us shouting need to pay in chinese but we heck, after my "click" one thai lady walked up shouting hey 40 BAHT! Nabey KENA tok!

Got back to work today... felt rather shagged... LOST TOUCH W the ward, dunno ALL THE PATIENTS! Felt really sleepy. Thankfully, staffing was suffice

CONGRATS MA JX on expecting her first, anticipated one and i noe she sorta went thru alot.

Told the peeps at work abt my encounter, laughed over it but still felt sore over money lost!

Related to sister re: what happened thought it was polite to apologize but damn! NO. 2 gave a rather not so convinving face!

Surprisingly No. 1 WAS better and more concerned abt if i enjoyed myself.

Anyway have always not really fancy no.2

Joked around w Ong Ling about the Thai Girl shows and did some imitations! FUNNY

Sad that she is leaving us in three days time...
well she was really nice to me since i joined! Showed me around alot and gave me rides home! We sorta got along really well and had the same frequency.... so was i with Yili... to think yili and i made some plans on my rest of the journey in SGH... but due to some circumstances, our fate has gotta end here, wish em all e best in their future endeavours! Hopefully we get to see each other around still.

Actually i sorta got along really well w all the peeps who left... including the upcoming two...

Miss lizhi alot too... haa

all these cannot be help la.

Thinking abt em makes me wonder again about what my future brings... again.

But now.. dread more about the three MORNING SHIFTS!
Night shifts! My leave just ended, gotta slog again w 4 LONG NIGHTS and also adding to the torture are the renovating works in my area which makes slping so interrupted!

But then again, kinda happy over the weekend off tho...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

on our way to chatuchak weekend market... waiting for the local MRT- BTS

and the chatuchak now w all e roadside hawker n busker

thank GOODNESS!!!


Well, scheduled to be return ytd, but we FUCKING MISSED OUR FLIGHT CAN!

Well... briefly speaks abt our trip... generally interesting esp the shopping part and the conversion brought wide smiles to our face! HOT AND HUMID... gt FREE EASY tan just by walking around. Had patches of tanned areas from my straps of my birkies... haa and my Jeans! Beibz said luckily i wasnt wearing berms or it the tan mark would be awful! I agree...

Bangkok must go:

Platinum Mall- wholesale center where u get really cheap prices esp if u get 3 pcs and above

Ma Boon Krong- the oh so famous ol' time shopping complex. Not much changes as i went many years back but sth like KL's sungei wang.

SIAM area... the shopping centres are damn cool... super huge... well, pretty much more things than what we have locally though i still prefer local fashion. The things there are ok but not exactly my style. But still i spent aLOT!


The weekend market hasnt changed, except that there are not as many flies as when i last went. Still super duper HOT! We gave up in less than 2 hours.

Try the nite bazzar at SUAN LUM,offer the same stuffs as the chatuchak but neater, cooler but a lil more ex unless u BARGAIN.

We went THAI GIRL SHOW... ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.... kena CHEATED, cuz we sort of followed a guide, charged us 700 baht, when we found out its around 300-400 baht if u go alone. but seriously we wounldnt dare cuz its really ULU. When u walked in, it looks like those ordinary HOKKIEN CLAN, w ah peks sitting around drinking... then they led us in, pushed the tinted glass door and oh my! MANY ANG MOS, seated round the center stage, w poles... saw this thai gal half naked showing her tiny breast w ugly nipples... dancing around the pole... 4 poles in all, switching.

OK the funny thing is some would take off their bra some wont, the will usually take off their panties, one side of it, the other side, tie round their thigh. Haa... this became our joke every now and then.

So these girls ok, i would say f-old and ugly lao zha bors will do some stunts w their BYE BYE.

* opening coke bottles cap
* pull out long super long flowery stings from the nor nor,
* hold the blade w their V and cut paper
* "DRINK" plain water thru their nor nor, then vomit out from the nor nor but its dark colour like coke! (power)
* Sex... i was like WOW! LIVE AH!

GROSS yes it is.. but eye opener! But i think its really inhumane to earn money thru em! As a woman i just dun feel good abusing our organ.

And the show tends to get boring. Some ugly ones will shake in an ugly manner, around the poles, then about 1 and half song then they start their stunt. So basically most of the time seeing em dance uglily anticipating their stunt!

ok... did pedicure there... was really cheap but becuz of this... it cost us alot more!

we thought 1 hour should be enuff for the massage and pedicure. It was longer than expected, we missed the free airport transport car cuz we din reached at the supposed time, we took a cab back to the hotel it was super JAM... WE got down halfway, strated raining, yes drama! Then ran towardas hotel, the driver left a note saying he cant wait... i was super down. Then tried ti get a cab, in front of the hotel was already super jammed! Th ecars werent moving unlike jams in singapore! At least there is a lil movement! NO MOVE AT ALL! SHIT LOR... STRESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS...

caught in the jam for 3 hours! Reached ran to the counter! walk damn fast like until leg cramp! NO ONE AT THE CHECK IN COUNTER ITS CLOSE!

BUT its still 20 min to take off... sigh.

i super sad, asked around for cheaper flight but that was the last flight. And we gotta stay till the next day. managed to get the number to nearby hotel, while calling for rooms, someone next to us also wanna call! MADE FRIENDS...

went together. Haa... e two of em, married couple. Also missed their flight due to jam! And there were going back singapore too! Haa nice ppl... we hit it off well and probably cuz we were in the same plight too.. made me felt better, BUT LESSON LEARNT.

must go 5 HOURS BEFORE SCHEDULED TIME TO aoirport if in bangkok and never ever take BUDGET AIRLINE!

My first encounter was JETSTAR... DUN wish to elaborate...

beibz was ok w budget so tried tiger airway!

NABEY, super squeezy!

No food!

Nv wait for us at check in counter!

Baggage weight so limited!~

Ugly flight attendants!

Not friendly!

BTW we took air asia back.

Friday, July 13, 2007

i need a CHOPPER~

As blogged, i went to Gua's hse and load the damn games but #$%@ I reckon there is something VERY WRONG with my R4. I am gonna get a chopper and kill the man who sold me this! Hmph... have been trying to load the games and my FAVE just couldnt be read! NABEY

Did a MAJOR CLEANING Of my house after so erm long... haa

i lived in a world of mess and fallen hair haa

but i have nothing against it.

As long as no pungent smell, no whatever unbearable smell, i guess i should be able to live w it.

The nature of a gal born in the year of PIG... HEHE

well... but then again i realised its been far too long i did sth abt the mess so finally cleared some... but sometimes, certain things are best left untouched! HOHOHO. In short... not exactly cleared la but i did clear a LIL BIT.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Harry Potter...

whooh... managed to catch the show on the actual day...

i would say, 4/5.

Exciting and i presume there will be the 6th coming up.

The English accent was a lil hard to catch at times tho.

Realised i haven't been grumbling alot lately. I guessed its simply the LACK of time and i realised i have AGED so much, w dark circles and been losing what i labelled as the most PRECIOUS THING ON EARTH- sleeping too much. Rather sad over the fact that i gotta waste my time on work related issue like the damn test i had today, 4TH DAY INTO MY LEAVE, w me having studied till late till wee hours ytd for the test which i dun even know i CAN make it or not.

Like awwww... i haven rested ENOUGH! SISTER... sigh. And studying for the test, hit me into reality that i have been segregated from SCHOOL OR STUDY WHATEVER IT SHOULD BE for awhile which 2 PATHETIC YEars is enough to GROW DAMN THICK COBWEBS to my rusty useless brain...

I lost my (i thought damn power) super memory... to remember all the damn thing abt the heart, one small pathetic heart is enough to kill me! Well i shall pray for the best! To scrap thru and not sit for any re tests...

Ahem... thats make me all flustered to think about going for further studies which i am beginning to doubt my own ability. But then again i wish i could leave this cruel work environment for awhile.

Was too engrossed w my game earlier on my way back from the test. Stopped by PS for ramen w Cy AND then i was doing so well in the game that when i got out at amk, i sat at the bench( those waiting for coming train) and play.

Then i paused and walk briskly to amk hub, got a comfy place and sat down and continue. Beibz called and then we decided on HArry Potter. He call me a game freak!
haa goin guaz hse later and load games cuz the games beibz downloaded are all corrupted! I haven been enjoying my new Dslite! Gonna fix up Linda's as well!

And i m counting down to bangkok. Shopping list gets longer all with what others got me to buy! Sigh...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

my reviews

watched half of 200 pounds beauty ytd and the other half just now... CRIED!!! When she was making a confession to the peeps who's gonna watched her concert, was anticipating her to sing the song the backups were singing into the start of the concert who knows her dad comes along... title of e song? Heaven is a place on earth!? haa...

went to AMK hub's Cathay and watched 13 GAME OF DEATH...
well, not too bad for a Thai film... but i tot Ghost Game was the best THAI HORROR I've watched, Haha(halij) gave good reviews for this film too.
(13) was quite exciting along the show but was a lil disappointed in how it ended.

I have 4gotten if i ever talked about 1942 in my blog... but nvm la i shall again if i ever did since i gt the poster... It's Japanese, based in Malaysia KL by LOcal Director Kelvin Tong ( the maid).... though i was apprehensive since his MEN IN WHITE SUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! Hmmmm this one was not too bad, it's a lil like horror but not the kind u would hide behind your friend or use ur jacket to cover. It ended in a twist too... i kinda like movies ending in a unexpected ending.

Ok gonna go back to my notes... after tomorrow i shall be an official AH SIAO!~

Wanna watch HARRY POTTER too...


haven been blogging lately...

MY TIME r so used up!

Firstly i wanna say a BIG THANK YOU to all e well wishers who remembered my birthday and send me sweet messages!

Was a lil upset initially when i sensed hindrance to my celebration w him which i deem wickedness from her in doing that...

was upset that no one actually initiated asking me out...

Fought over this issue on fri... maybe cuz i was afraid of loneliness...

Glad i asked My pals out...

i m so happy to be GREAT friends w em once more. Already put our childishness behind us and gotten back together once again cracking nonsensical lame jokes...


THANK U EB for being so sweet in getting me a new pair of slip on for my blistered feets...

We had champange by the river though it was DAMN FHOT!

We had Teochew Porridge ( e calling from geylang)

and mouth watering D24 Durians! And damn hell load of scolding to all the bitches there! Details when i m free.


He gave me a HUGE PIGLET... SO adorable... nice GREEN PUMA POUCH he said for my DS Lite and more to come... he call it my bday week and surprises coming along thruout the week, ANTICIPATING... and his CREATED card... which brought me to tears.

met up w my poly frens too...


i m so damn worried abt my ECG exams on thurs. Haven really read thru...

Oh i gt myself my DS LITE! THRILLED!

But met up w many problems till now... wait till i finish my test then i'll fix it up b4 i head to thailand!

Monday, July 09, 2007


my birthday cake from ANGIE'S CHOICE frm him.

So cute right...

Thursday, July 05, 2007

counting down every lil min...

okok not that exaggerating to every min but absolutely can't wait till tomorrow morning where my LEAVE STARTS!

No concrete plans @ all... since i guess it's gonna be a rather low profile one. Probably just the 2 of us nia... as i hasn't really been in close contact w all my other friends lately...

A spoiler though cuz i still have got exams on thurs! Shitty shit. And goin thru the notes on ytd made me realised i noe lil of the stuffs!!! The **** Linda drew for the tips on e notes made me more kan chiong cuz i noe NUTS!!!

Finally going to the last nite liao... always think that weekday night is slow...
But rather peaceful generally among patients, not much difficult nursing tasks except those eyedrops. But This Bed management Is damn nabey lor! Always call us for be between 4 TO 6 AM! When we are doing our rounds, and eye toilets, suture toilets and those parameters~ I SERIOUSLY think the woman- KASMIAH hates our ward very very much... she is sleeping in her office and purposely call us late! She always threatens us bla bla and scream at us on the other line! But hey when have already relent to all her RUBBISH requests to lodge difficult cases~

Sumini says she is gonna scold her tonite... haa... she too much too deliberate liao lor!~

The nights hasn't been easy becuz i cant slp well these few days! My estate are doing some renovating and i get woken up every now and then w all the drilling! Pathetic ya!!! Thank god its over!

Monday, July 02, 2007

maximum WORNED!

Well not really sure if there's such words in English as my title but it just means i m so WORN OUT... to the max this whole week.

on those Morning afternnon morning afternoon shifts the entire week... sian.

My precious sleep is so much affected lately, cuz the roster is always set like this and i always sleep only at 1 am...

Angela doesn't wanna work night so asked me for a change. I don't hate it... so i agreed.


Was a lil apprehensive abt the night cuz i had sleeping disorder the last round as i hasnt been on night for awhile, so a lil scared.

But for the sake of my LONG HOLIDAY... i will persevere.

Scouting for a cheaper DS LITE is no easy task, bet Linda is getting irritated w me... beibz's bro just gt a psp from his friend working in Lucky Plaza. So gonna wait for his reply re: the price.

Till now... just very excited that i m going for a short trip.

Managed to sold off a number of lingerie to the gals @ work.

Sunday, July 01, 2007


this is oh so awesome!!

i would give a 5 star ***** full marks for the movie.

My bro is a BIG fan of em since young and back then he would force me to watch those cartoons w him, play the robots w him but i hate it. To think i enjoyed the movie soo soooooo much.

I get really excited when all these ol' school cartoons we used to catch are going into big screen... regretted not catching TMNT.

But the damn damn sad thing was, i went after work ytd. Took meds- antibiotics doxycline for our terrible outbreaks of zits... was reminded time and again by Dr Ng SW who prescribed that it MUST be taken w a FULL STOMACH... assuming i was just a lil hungry, i heck la, b4 i went out the hse took the tabs and left. In the theatre was happily munching my hotdog bun, felt nauseous, and then, i gag a lil... nabey damn jia lat liao lor!

This is getting really gross but it happened!

I rushed outta the cinema frantically seraching for the toilet... while looking around the vomitus came out, my mouth was full of it, the cinema at amk hub was new, i had no fucking idea where the toilet was... looked around then finally saw! But walAu eh... need to go dwn a flight of stairs then turn rt~ shit... more was coming out and my mouth cldnt hold... used my hand hold... but i bo bian la it dripped along the way... wanted to be considerate esp to a NEW THEATRE.... AND user friendly but i really buay tahan... rushed to the sink which i so much dun wanna do it there... puke out whats in my mouth, damn paiseh... cuz someone was there. Then more coming rushed in the cubicle and puke into the bowl... awwwwwwwwwwww sick feeling.

Felt so dirty... smelly. WAS SO EMBARRASSED. SO AFRAID THE PPL AROUND CPULD SMELL ME... but yet so eager to wash up and rush back to continue the show...

sigh... i isolate myself from beibz so scared he wld smell me tho he insisted no smell and its ok but i cant do it, but he admitted in the end he smelt a lil but but nt very serious one...

so sad but the show was FANTABULOUS! Listening to the OST now fron their official site damn cool lor the site!


Ok ok wat eaxtly is the lyrics...

its robots in disguise or what?

my bro used to sing and teach me Transformers Monica Chee Bye... haa and i always tot its sang like that till someone corrected me... hehe