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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

its bothering me really...

its so unusual for me to update so many times a day

the search was FRUITFUL!

apples oranges pears grapes banana
u name it
i found it!

ho ho ho
can't help it but sms my classmate in e middle of e night
exclaiming my excitement with e search results


i feel certain things are just not going too right...
its has changed so much

tho i tend to exaggerate a lil with those "BOMBASTIC" vocabs
i swear i can feel GREAT difference

you can never tell lies
you can never not stammer if u are not telling the truth
or when u r hiding something

it may not be anything big
but i thought the least we can do to compromise is to be truthful!~

accept the fact that things just are not the same anymore
accept the fact that you and i changed... human do change periodically
accept the fact that what we want and what we say then may not be the same now...

i merely made a statement about trust

its not like i dun believe you
with the rapid great changes u made in such short period of time
i am beginning to lose the comfort and familiarity i had with you

if things were to go outta expectations,
i rather we remain truthful
and i believe we will have no regrets.

being a pessimist enables me to be prepared for the worst
and help myself analyse situations better
and enhance my coping skills thereafter

sounds so care plan right!

like i always say...

if i ever love or
if i ever hate

it will be to the core

please dun make me hate you
not just you

i dun step onto your toes unnecessarily
and i am harmless

if i am ever been treated unfairly or harmed
i can never forgive and forget...
unless with a valid reason

i may sound so ruthless...
but i divide a clear line between
friends and foes

I'll never force myself to fake a smile
engage in small talks with one whom i disliked
it's always quite obvious when i dislike someone...


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