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Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Tests make mi reali mad man! had theroy paper today and damn it was super hard! Wat the hell man!!! THey r dumb enuf to actualli set this kindda hard qns and they think everyone is like G@#$... KAOZ~! ANiwae its over.. but gt a feelin i m gonna flunk this one too! Damn i wldnt wanna repeat! Wat the!~

Prob wont be able to go to india due to the changin of schedule 4 attachments! HATE AUTOCRACY!

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

lantern festival?~

Today well is a full moon day hahaha.... lantern festival! HAHA where everyone sits by the moonlight and view the round moon and lit candles and carry lanterns... back in the gd old sec sch days... i rem i alwiz look 4ward to this day and aft sch i will planned w my frens and go dwn to bishan park and 'burn' the place dwn ya!!! haha those were the days!

well looks like i've surpassed that era and nw i just cant be bothered actualli! Not say i din try la but i tot of askin my frens out but guess wat once again i ve gt test tomolo just like my o levels where i had my f&n exams! haha but thn i haven even look thru my bk! Wah the !!! hahaha

But somehw the memories were rather fond haha and i wldnt mind just sittin dwn w my close frens and yak under the moon abt the gd old days
i met up w my sec sch frens, guaz, jing and liping
haha just like teh past we spent our time in mos burger our fave joint bk thn and talk lor w the specific and particular order ICE MILK TEA !!! HAHA love it man... think amk mos still has the best milk tea among all mos joints. Boring sia talk abt this haha....

found out jing patched bk w her bf AGAIN! haha.... jus like what i had gone thru in the past... is this something that just cant be avoided in relationships nowsdays! r cuples gonna argue like mad and brk off out of anger yet patch bk again aft one party starts whispering sweet nothings t u??? haiz... I nt tryin to target anione but i seriously feel this way, i noe wads its like... tearin and wailin hw badly... complainin abt hw ur bf/gf is realli anooyin yet deep dwn inside u still c/n bear to leave em!!! R u used to em or r u reali in love? Pls get this rt and proceed... dun waste anione's time! We dun hv another 5 yrs to spare ya cuz we r prob an old hag by thn! And i truel believe in retribution! If u dun treat one well... it WILL come bk to u i m serious!1 Seen a few true life experiences happenin and i think we shld all heed this advice and beware!!! haha sopunds devilsh.. will anione read this and agree w mi??? i reali dunno... haha just tryin to share my thoughts abt this haha

notice that the guys and gals in class have been raher stress up over wrk! Take care frens!

damn it!

I m sinkin into depression... REALLY! Cuz i m like tearing every nw and thn!!! Just like this morning, i was late 4 tut cuz someone told mi the wrong class and SOMEONE actualli said bcuz i spent my time talkin in class and nv listen to wat the lecturer says! I M PISSED! I was teary and i think wendy saw mi and ran aft mi and ask if i was alrt but i was too depressed to ans her and i just locked myself in the toilet cubicle!

Thn again for my pract test i FAILED! And i cried too obviously! Is it stress i reali dunno! but i was reali devastated! haiz... knew i wasnt competent enuf but just cln take it! Lecturer commented tt i wasnt focus and i looked like i just wanna get this over and done! IS it true????

i think all my wrk is goin dwnhill! WHAT the hell man wads wrong w mi!!! Gosh! i wanna go bk to who i used to be!!! HELP!!!

MY tears are just like a tap!!! And it just simply flows non stop!

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

code BLUE!!!

HAHA today dorothy wasnt present to teach us in the skills class and so... mdm chin was here and guess wat!!! Surprisingly, it was quite fun! haha we were practising our emergency--- code blue thingy and were divided into 4 grps and all of us laughed out damn loudly!!! hehe... esp MIMI... he was supp to be a dr and thn the way he shouted CLEAR was like an ah beng dr man!!! haha... and to think mas and mimi actualli fixed the viva bag together which means 2 viva bags!!! HAHA... all of us were so nervous and all the procedures were mixed up and all of us were like a blur cock!!! HEHE n james was actin like a pro dr but actualli he gave the wrong med!!! But we had fun la... oops sorrie dorothy but i must say it was the best this sem!!!

Some ppl are just so full of emself!! i hate it man... i cnat stand the way they act and hw smart they think they are and hw efficient they see themselves as!!! Until like u mean nothing to em!!! Waht the fuck!!! SOrrie 4 tht but i simply hate it!!! PC OF SHIT! Nv respect ppl's hard wrk... and yet still wanna indirectly comment! Wat the! Oh man!!! Enough of that man!!

HEHE went PS today and finaaly gt the bk frm lao da.... and wanted to catch a movie but thn hor no more tix! Damn!!! HAIz... but THE B4-- BEAUTIFUL 4 --- CHIOB---> CHoonz, PrETTy--> PeiFen, GorgEOUs---> MI!!! YEpo---> cHUyun... haha we wnt ajisan and had ramen there... wow damn nice... the 2nd time we visited ther and we r still lovin it haha... and we talk abt our kena molested past experiences there and as usual LOL and in case u dunno whn we r together and start LOL together.. it is thunderous!!! HAHA... everyone look at us and shake their heads!!

thn went shoppin 4 gifts... finally managed to get the items... alrt... it was after all a quite okok day la.... byez

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

pay day!!

well well well.. today is the 7th and its pay day... still considering if i shld get myself a new phone??????

haiz... limited budget ya!!! Haiz... saw my new manager for the first time today and realli petite lady and she seems reali nice..... hehehehe... hopefulli she is reali what she seems to be la...

went lookin ard 4 clothes but to no avail man! what the hell... aniwae will prob go c c tomolo... seriously nid to update my wardrobe...

ate alot today man... wht the!!!! haha met diana online and had a nice shrt chat! hehe we both missed gpz damn much and she even says she regretted leaving! haha... see i m nt the onli one who missing gpz!!! cuz its reali a niceeeeee place!

hopfully the lao da hum k remember to help mi print my name and also bring the book tt he is supposed to lend mi!!!! if nt arrrrghhhhhhhh....................

okok... shall update again....!!! haha

Monday, September 06, 2004

mY dAy!?

tOday is liKE THE 1st day of sch aft a wk's hol! As usual this wk i s spent like lazing ard and wrkin!!!.... as usual, i wasnt present 4 patricia's lt! haha i bet the warning letter is on the way liao ya!

damn tomolo gtta wrk again at suntec... relationships w the rest are in the midst of developin but still somehw prefer GPZ...

HEHE... went bk GPZ on sun and they are soooooo nice!!! tHay called mi dwn to eat the cooked stuff by aunty and they all exclaimed that they missed mi!!! *WINK WINK* Lao Da even offered to be my sugar daddy!! whooh hoo!!! hahahaa... i drank like a sugar cane drink and the uncle remembered mi... and thn ice milk tea in two hrs and had to run to he toilet!!! Cuz my bladder was so full! Was called a water barrier 4 that later on!! hehe indeed!

Wednesday, September 01, 2004


sad is the word to describe my feelings today or rather nw... as i am typin... tears are in my eyes and i m serious!!! Hate myself at times 4 bing so damn emotional but i realli cant help it man! I reali cant bEAR to leave Gpz... haiz but wats decided ny the irritating high rankers... i hv to oblige!!!!

aNGRY AND sad but still... i m touched by the little gestures they hv done 4 mi... the free meal... the pen... the cake.... reali touched by all these!!! hahaha

hahaha... i dun mind dancing the other time rd azhar but i doubt there will be another chance ya!~