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Monday, April 30, 2007

i hv gt no intentions of bloggin today but w regards to the tag, he has tagged!

1stly, if u noe me well, ok nt well oso u'll noe, i get irritated damn easily. Ok there was this Filipino maid, so apparent she is one based on her

  1. pubic hair like texture hair
  2. her outfit
  3. her skin colour

we were walkin along the orchard underpass, the one whre tht particular generation 1 busker blind guy was singing and playin his keyboard, ok thts nt ompt, so there was this maid who seems so damn eager to overtake me, but i wasnt exactly blockin her, i was slow cuz there were way too many ppl... and she gave me this walau eh i cant wait in tagalog kinda face.

ok la... managed to overtake a lil bit but haa.., blocked by this malaysian girl lookalike, cuz she dresses like one... and i had an idea. So i ask my bf who tagged @ sumini on my blog, to walk a lil faster so tht we can go in front of her and block hger all the way, hmmph! A bit hard initially cuz she was fast... haa but luckily still managed to! ACCOMPLISHED AND SATISFIED!

SO my bf just wants me to tell e whole wrld wad stupid brillliant idea i made him do...

impulsive indulgence

was supposed to go to the Toy Musuem @ liang seah street, but decided to head dwn town simply cuz i m a shopping whore...

bought an interesting bag for mu mummy for MOTHER'S DAY, spoilt myself w a 99 BUCKS top which wasnt even exactly a top...

Saturday, April 28, 2007


life's a bitch!

yea... e title explains it off.

cant believe we hang around till 6 am! Slept @ 6.15, did a quick wash and bla and shut my lids damn tight to try to slp!

Sortta celebrated guaz bday, as usual, he was pissed w us again. Well, for nt buying him like @ least a cake. And we did... well i wanted to but cuz i slpt till late and left hm late so din manged to get any stuff. Gt him a cake from TCC, a combie of all e diff flavours into one whole cake... hmmm beautiful neh! DE-LI-CIOUS too...

sang at partyworld... n the damn taxi actually dropped us at those KTV! With Martell signages that kind lor! IDIOT! He thinks we are... and WTH... U mean theother 2 guys are our CLIENTS?! Man! Cant i choose a better straight guy! hik hik hik

will load e pics... soon. Haa cuz there's sth wrong w this freakin unfriendly hp and its usb port! ...

Well was supposed to hang around clarke quay and try out the FASHION BAR... guessed we wasted too much time @ the mac... but we finally tried the DRIP DRINK @ clinic. The ugly ang mo FAKE nurses werent around ytd due to some promo shit they were havin according to the waitress, and phew... i cant stand their ugly kinky uni! But then again the resident waitress suck as bad! She was like askin hw many glasses we need... askin the bloody obvious! 5 ppl! Then ah bo! And she primes the damn drip, kept pressin the filter part... stupid! And well... i kept quiet la... and the most irriatated thingy is she wasted some of our drinks! Hmph...

Friday, April 27, 2007

my "downtime"

it just seems that i have nothing reali joyous to share whnever i blog, its always my stupid laments and my crude & reali mean remarks...


was called into my sister's office today, briefed over some PRESTIGIOUS SCHOLARSHIP by an apparent RICH woman whose name was obviously named after this award only to OUTSTANDING nurses. Sister beat abt the bush and repeated the damn above BOLD words @ least a damn ten times! Well i was losing my cool at 7.55 am after my damn tiring whole week of BUSIEST night shift ever since i started out! And goin straight after her lecture on the f* i-cant-be-bothered damn awards to the ANNUAL Scienticfic Meeting till 1230! Obviously i m losin it... i almost blurted out like askin her wats her damn problem w all the damn issues which i have never said i m interested! Well of course if its frm her, nasty smelly words came outta her mouth as usual... it knocked me outta my senses once more and in fact i m probably woke up from my fantasy unrealistic dream i thought of attaining...

shared briefly w my colleagues abt what happened, realised i was NOT the only one being ridiculed, in fact ALMOST ALL of us went through this damn thing! I felt a lil better but i wished i din had the opportunity to bumped into her.

I m lost. Truely lost... i had started out in this foreign yet interesting place of work feeling lost as well. I felt i was not appreciated initially even though i knew i was trying, there was obvious favoritism from her which eventually din bother me at all. I was reprimanded for her pet's fault and thanks to a few of my friends i know i wasnt alone. These ppl who had helped me through the initial torments had left for better prospects... well i grew over and lived w it, i was obviously one deviant frm her crudeness and snides. I know i stood rather strong and firm in my stand as nt to be emotionally affected by her arrowing attacks! SIgh...

i was of course backed by so many others and we were united as one against her... times have changed. The ones that are truely dedicating and motivating have left for better ventures... the rest of us are left stranded and fightin for all sorts of oppotunities. I never wanted to acheive anything big in nursing but i feel that we should all be given fair opportunities. But i have only my carelessness to blame.

Its just my luck ba... everything is easier said then done. i wished i cld be like some of my seniors...

i m not worried about any internal rotations anymore, i will leave it to god to determine wads best for me. I wished i m like my poly friends who are all clear about of their visions...

attended the meeting with another target of arrows of sister, she too was lamenting but at the same time afraid of the outcomes and consequences. Talked abt it, despite me being quite a no of years her junior, i told her my share of views... i may be young and appear to others as ignorant but i swear i've seen through the bad times of life as much. She was badly affected and unclear of her future. I've seen her break down a few times. Which really made me wonder why m i still stuck in this cruel enviroment waiting for her supposed she deem u-can recognitions! Well even though i'm nt expecting to achieve what she wants but i all comes back to square 1!


*p.s: speakin of which the meeting just now, i was behind my senior and she was grabbing the freebies like nobody's business! Arghhhhh typical! HAA... and i was trying to stand away from her during her hysteric grabbing, i went to the food... i took the wrong FOOD! It was meant for the VIPs as in THE MINISTER OF HEALTH MR KHAW! Haa... this lady was nice she was like erm u mind trying the other trays over there first! Haa damn paisei lor hmph! Haa... but i seriously cant stand the nurses' attitudes during conferences! They are UGLY SINGAPOREANS! Attacked buffet tables and sponsors freebies!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

his fave song


unwanted stares!~

ever had ppl who looked u up frm theeeeeeeee top till the bottom and wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy up again?

ever had ppl who looked @ ur face, ur outfit, ur shoes, ur bag and ur face AGAIN!

Well... i met all these IDIOTS yes i m nt sorry abt it... for the past 2 days after wrk.
The 1st idiot was an indian whom i saw on my way back at the station... well i did the same to him too and gave him a reali hard stare and then turned away. Childish it may seems but it can get reali irritating whn it actually happens to u! OK...

2nd idiot was this mornin... this gal who is also a SGH NURSE... looked at me... i was in mafti but i think its quite apparent i m a nurse too simply cuz Ma was nxt to me... well she looked at my face, cld be my curry-puff hair, looked at my outfit_ cld be my clevage or my boobs or its bouncin well i reali dunno or my mini skirt or wad he calls it HIAO SKIRT. oR MY beautiful birkie sandals or my nail colour or maybe my polka dot bag!~ Well i duno but i din have e opportunity to look at her... aniwae she was in an ugly dirty green thing.

the 3rd idiot was also on a train... i saw on the screen reflection tht she is lookin at me, nt at all paranoid, she is just like IDIOT NO 2 almost did all no 2 did~ B-I-A-T-C-H!~

The encounters makes me hate MORNING TRAINS...

  1. The above mentioned examples
  2. KANCHEONG ++++++ ? workaholics cuz they always seem like they cant wait to get to wrk!
  4. all thanks to the DAMN $2 surcharge for taxi peak hr... if nt i'll just flag one and zoom!

Based on #2 one PREGNANT WORKAHOLIC i met on the train earlier just cant wait to wrk... 4 godsake... i m sure her superior wont reprimand her for the sake of her BULGE. Well b4 the train was stoppin she was using her BULGE TO urge me to move to the door... so tht she can like literally get out FIRST! KUDOS to those who managed to reach the control station first and scan their damn ez link card! ASS...

ITS shitty nite man... bz like mad, din get to surf the net like i always do. Even w 2 stds around. It makes sense why i m lamentin so much abt my post work encounters! Every lil thing sorta pisses me off aft wrk. And i m still awake nw simply cuz i slpt like a log on e train and yes i confessed I DROOLED~ awwwww hope tht lady in green opp me din see!

shared w Ma abt life, generally relationships and Financial issues whn in relationship. A lil uncertain abt wad the future may bring abt. Wad will be of me or rather us in mths or yrs to come. I realised i have been leadin a UNCONTROLLED life since i started wrk.

I have gt no aims in life esp in wrk. I began to predict the opportunities probability in my current work place and i worry. I better start to plan for my future and my career advancement opportunities and areas of interest. For all i know i might nt even be able to remain in my current no haste state for long. I need to plan seriously.

I NEED HELP!!! But all tht wld mean

  • less entertainment
  • less food indulgence
  • less time to slp
  • less new clothes new bags new shoes
  • less time
  • less allowance for my parents
  • less wadever i cant think of indulgence!


Monday, April 23, 2007

this is funny...

it was all meant to be a secret...
singapore is so small...
can u keep a secret.

i m amused by the "innovative" way they interact and show their affections via MSN nic...
lookin @ the nic just reminds me of hw they tried so hard in hiding and all for a unknown cause?!

hmmm... shall nt elaborate more, or i'll get some annoymous tags.

hur hur hur.

am so down.

nt feeling well...
woken up many times last nite cuz
i wasnt feeling well.

gonna head to the dr now
so nt enthu abt goin
cuz it means spendin $

but the freakin itch is a FKILLER!

ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh (drowning)

precious slp lost again~

night again...

night shift= less updates, loss of beauty sleepy, no life!_big time~, sleepless days and irritating nights...

i DUN hate night, neither do i LOVE nights... i just find myself reali pathetic when

  1. i cant slp well in e day
  2. i m very bz at nite
  3. i gt alot of new zits on my face
  4. someone ask me out and i replied i m wrkin later
  5. i noe ppl are slpin at nite wrkin in e day and i m wastin my day sleepin! Sloggin my night away!

SLEEPY ZZZZZzzzz... very slpy nw... wanna hit e sack and SNOOZE! I need to pig out badly man! Went ONG LING'S place, gt a SUPER CUTE BABY! Had fun w her eldest daughter and her niece! 2 SMALL KIDS = MADNESS! ThEY sure r HYPER!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

which celebrity would u wanna date?

i was askin bei which celeb he wants to date and he replied lin chiling which is her.

And i was like are u sure, she is super tall and erm quite old lei... she is pretty no doubt abt tht, she's gt big boobies too... and he though abt it and replied erm... maybe HEBE... i told him, i think hanwen wld think e same too! haa

but if its me, i wld choose e one in the center row... SELINA!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

heavenly cocoa~

made several roundabouts in bugis junction earlier on, tryin to locate where exactly is the cakeshop tht sells the heavenly cakes, coincidentally the name of the shop is called THE ROYAL! Made a few rounds but din see, called up e ward checked w yappie, realised it must hv closed dwn cuz it was nt a cake shop at the supposed location, thn Liza and haj came to bugis so met em, hang ard and thn we all decided to search 4 the heavenly cake shop once more cuz its simply DELICIOUS! Well opened my mouth, asked and realised it has MOVED, hmmm coincidentally, i m goin there to find bei so i went...

it was at a corner which wld most often be un-noticed. Gt the cakes AT LAST, true enuff HEAVENLY!!! HOHOHO Strongly recommend THE ROYAL'S cakes... esp chocolate truffle and MAngo delight! SEDAP!!!

WAITIN for bei to burn the CORNER W LOVE cds 4 me at his hm, bored though... stuck a go1 yo4 plaster on my back... and he is few metres away frm me, singing...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

haa... thts so interesting ya... i actually looked a BOLLYWOOD MALE actor!~ wahahaha...

tht sorta made me smile a lil...

had been reali negative lately, dun feel good abt certain relationship stuffs... nt w my bf but more of frens... def nt ppl who closely follow up w my blog. But i dun feel like naming or specifyin em, but i feel tension btw me and thm and oso distance. I cld be over reacting to certain non verbal cues, well i reali dunno but i cld be too sensitive. But if i m nt being overly sensitive, i feel i shld deserve better treatment than this...

bei said that i m over the top... in terms of feelings... WEll i cld be, aniwaez i shall try nt gonna be bothered by it, def i cant but i will try. I hope its just me.

Charles F. Kettering: Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier

heard frm the Director of nursing we're gonna change our uniform to wht~ sighz i tot green cld stay w me 4ever... my sch uni frm pri till sec sch and wrkplace are all GREEN~

Monday, April 16, 2007

finally my pics~

baby craze! My cleft patient and LIL XAVIER!

the above are my "family"

thats WU CHUN e supposed DAMN FRICH guy frm brunei!DAMN CUTE! RT~
C CLINIC @ the cannery... KOOL! See thts the drink i was sayin, frm the syringe... CRANBERRY w some cocktail and some duno wad housepour! YUM YUM

out of bed look.... but wrong angle lei... so looked rather fierce!

RANDOM updates

i lost my EZ LINK card for real! A/W eb's reply re: ? dropped in her car!

weekend passed by in a breeze... for the 1st time again after so long, i managed to take a train to work early in the mornin on sat! LIL Xavier is BORN!

Was supposed to go visitin, ended up in coma... slpt like a log!

Finally made up w GUAZ... well he initiated it...

Met up w e ol' pallies again... back to e usual stuff. HK CAfe and nonsense... but i'm happy... sensitive no more~

visited e new born xavier at sembawang, carried him, changed his pampers and fed him! SATISFACTION cuz i handled it all @ ease! AHEM...

DAMN, accordin to my mum and dad, there will be shutdwn of water supply tomolo! NO H2O... bei said i can go his hse and bathed... hahaha we'll see...

gt a FREE ride frm this std nurse's bf haha... KOOL!

e ol' pallies keeps disturbing bei... they keep callin him BAOBEI AND BEI HAA...

Friday, April 13, 2007

WOW! JAW dropped!~

discovered this reali CUTE GUY! MANY are smittened~ gaga over him.

WU CHUN frm this taiwanese boyband supposedly the next F4.. IF U still rem vividly the long haired erm man frm meteor garden.


Wu Zun (also Wu Chun) was born October 10, 1980[1], in Brunei. He studied at the Chung Hwa Middle School in Bandar Seri Begawan. Later, he graduated from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, with distinction and a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Wu Zun was a model for Yi Lin (伊林) in Taiwan and in [Diva Models] in Singapore. He speaks, with varying degrees of fluency, Hokkien, Taiwanese, English, Malay, Mandarin, and Cantonese. He manages a family-owned gym club, Fitness Zone in Brunei . He comes from a rich family background (Top 10 richest family in Brunei); his family is the Sole Dealer of Mitsubishi Motors in Brunei, operating in the name Goh Hock Kee Motors. Goh Hock Kee was his grandfather. He was a National Basketballer for his country. He was the last member to join the boy band, Fahrenheit, before they shot to fame.



i dunno wats freakin wrong w my hp cables! USB port!~ watever its called! I cant load my new pics, i took "my family photo" yest nite, and one new member on board just nw wanted to show~~~~~ KAOZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

i duno wads wads wads so so so wrong ok!

check this out---> http://www.youngupstarts.com/index.php/2007/04/10/of-cups-and-g-strings/ my bf's being featured!! And i took tht pic, aniwae he gt no other many self portraits oso la~

i am constantly a HOT TEMPERED gf but constant sweet one too... surprising him w lil acts! And was complainin tht he sortta stopped and i gt one today! HOHOHO A new member, a keychain cuz he knew the identical mickey mouse one we had is BROKEN! I bought in DISNEYLAND... ex lor. CAN rotate e head and limbs hmph... and i always spoil my keychains, spoit chain, detached frm its watever fragile hook i always blame, or my watver bags and whoever cld have last touched it... and it nv occur to me it just my handS! Or oops maybe i chose to let tht go... and yes he gt a newbie... hoho but he looked fierce... scary, haa... aiya blame it on my pc or my usb watever or my stupid mobile, if nt u will be introduced to my "family members" and pretend u dunno i m nt very gd in erm... computers~ hur hur hur

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Free Graphics - MySpace/Xanga/Friendster