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Friday, March 06, 2009

Prawning finally

after hearing so much
and ate so much of prawns Linda and Husband prawned,
i finally got the chance to try this new activity...(for me new la)

i can still rem 2-3 years back
when linda invited us to her birthday chalet
and there was a wide spread of seafood and all the prawns were caught by them!

we had a 3 hrs session
and we took turns
5 of us with 2 rods

it really takes alot patience
but the thrill and excitement if having caught one is so funny

we decided on a steamboat the very next day to cook the prawns

the doggy is Ruby
Hanz's bro and gf's pet...


this narcissistic bitch took my cam and took a pic with his bro and gf's pet kittens!

2 of it

and we name it yao kwee and yao tio
cuz the 2 kittens are always hungry
and we all think the kittens looks very stray
and we also call them kopitiam cats

it was fun that day
cuz we brought ECHO, beibz's dog along
if not for his kpt cats
and bro's gf hindering...

we could witness animal mating real life
4get about watching it on cable

like i say
there was a hinderance!
surprised us alot alot that day
cuz miss gf did not once stepped out of the room!
we were there from 6pm till 3am!

and she need not eat pee or drink!


i found some older pictures in my recieved files folder
my hair was longer

kinda miss it...

i put on so much wt too! sigh sigh sigh


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