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Friday, June 29, 2007

dream come true!

no need to gimme suggestions for ubin liao lor!

hur hur hur soooooooooooooooooo excited~ went w beibz to check out the prices of our planned thailand trip... e first one we went was reasonable we thought but need our passport for verification of expiry dates bla bla so we left thinking that we pop by tomolo or check online for better deals till we saw this small lil hidden agency!


SUGGESTED we set off on sat instead of fri and come back on mon instead of sun and a 100 buck slash off the price! So we paid 288 each hahaha.... if its a weekend getaway it would 3-400 bucks... hehe

booked in chinatown... while waiting for the process of the booking, this IDIOT i bet is an AH LONG(I HOPE HE GETS CAUGHT AND HANG!) came to the agency, cuz i said it was a small agency, only 2 staffs. The other lady left her place to the loo, and guess what this idiotic ol man banged on the table really loud and volume increasing as he sat there longer, the kind lady attending to us told him nicely to wait patiently, her fren will be back soon but he is RETARD i think, continued and even louder and exclaimed that :" no SERVIV ma!" in his lau ya pok ang mo! NABEY lor...

then luckily the other lady came back, attended to him and he stopped. BUt we were rather irritated and pissed. Shit lor same lor oso go Thailand! TMD... beibz was hoping its not the same day, and Michelle was so funny she reassured us not to worry cuz not same day when mr ah long left. He was reeking of liquor smell according to Michelle's colleague. And in the midst of his booking, his hp rang, he walked out in a typical LOUD VOICE answering HELLO... NI ZAI NA LI...? WO ZAI ZhE LI LA! stupid rt... like not saying where he is, the other party knows where he meant by ZHE LI! Retard. Anyway, as expected disgusting CHINA GF! Major turn off... not pretty, but anyway he's old and retarded too, come to think of it they make a good pair.

I am HORRIFIED @ the surprising increasing number of PRC girls, dating OLD SINGAPOREAN MEN!!! And they always f-ing date in Chinatown. Well i happened to be there several times and w/o fail will see @ least 1 couple taking the same bus as me! DISGUSTING RIGHT!

> Firstly, the men are really old!
> They might not even be rich! dumb gals...
> They got family i m sure!
> These gals are not pretty
> They are so obviously trying to cheat em of their money!
> Old lust leads to rust! C/n think properly la!

I have nothing against PRC gals who come here GENUINELY for work or study. I have got good working colleagues from PRC, there are really nice and from their perspectives they too are disgusted and embarrassed how their fellow countrywomen BEHAVED! One of my colleague even commented that she hates going Chinatown in her school days cuz the CKPs always associate her as those STUPID CHEAPO UGLY CHEATER!!!

Well well well... these women have probably heard from others about Singapore having CPF, The dirty ol man are freaking generous and all those shit that lured em here! Are they really that good?!

They have truly disgraced SINGAPORE in terms of their vulnerability or stupidity we should call it and of course their Lust at such Old age!

Wedding vows? Faithful to ur wife? Responsible fatherly Figure My foot! I M DISGUSTED BY THEIR DOINGS... pisses me off badly when i try to think about their family and the embarrassment they caused their family... imagine being a father again after 65 or 70??? OMG! >PIAK HEAD<

Dun wanna talk about em... so angry.

Not feeling too good. Had bad migraine since wed. Ate panadol with no relief today, added ponstan felt a lil better but feel it coming back... sianz but gtta watch the last episode of my show from cable. So no choice.

Sourced around for our Nitendo, no great deal so far, gonna try lucky plaza and maybe get it there... i need sponsors! Think my mum is going back on her words... ne ne

Thursday, June 28, 2007


waiting for beibz in his office...

went back to work after 3 days. Was fuming mad w beibz ytd but resolved i hope... hopefully he will do as he promise.

rented dvd from this huge machine in bishan and apparently there is this kinda machines nation wide called PLAY. Rented 1942- directed by kelvin tong, but its in japanese and acted by japanese but based in malaysia. So called horror and suspense, well quite there and not as bad as Men In White which he directed too... not a bad film...

gonna rent 200 pounds the next time round heard from many its good.

went to work only to see crazy sister reprimanding some of em over some stupid issues involving people of HIGHER STATUS. Sigh...

worked w this senior which can be really nerve wrecking many times

she has been sooooo bz w we dunno what. And yet exclaimed that she is e only one working!!!


Wednesday, June 27, 2007


aren't they such a heart throb~~~ awwwwwwwwwwwwwww...

just a lil down...

don't really feel like blogging lately.
I want a break. I m off for 3 days, not very happy though...

I'm not even entitled one full day from him. Enough of all the arguments, excuses stacking, w our own defenses and reasons. I told u we think so differently...

i foresee, a call will just come by and pretend nothing happens @ all. Men are so ignorant.

Where is the night safari we agreed upon?
watch spider lilies?
nancy drew?

went vivo w chuyun ytd.

TIRED~ she practically shopped in every shops with great details... and very long
we went singing after that...

now i know how he feels when i shopped.


Saturday, June 23, 2007

sensitivity hurts...

well, been too much of a sensitive-freak... all my life. But in my happy times i may stand up bravely and declare whats wrong with it cuz i m so full of emotions and feelings! BUT once u get a lil over dosed, u probably feel like dying.

Concluded that sensitive freaks can nv be with insensitive peeps esp man!

So don't understand how u feel

so don't get what u mean

so don't get why the fuck u r angry with

so so so still don't get what u eventually wants!

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh whatever la!~

going 4 my 2nd nite, man... gonna drop dead simply cuz i din sleep much. 6 hrs thats it... devastated i m cuz i have high expectations of the hours i need to fulfill every sleep! Another troubling issue! could be the damn insensitive one who caused it!

Should be happy cuz the bamk account is justifiably contented, all @ work were pressing on the calculator so hard racking our brains... on how much to give parents, deduct bills, deduct this and that, what u planning to get and all the funny funny stuffs! Haa... my lists could be just beyond my abilities...

tomorrow is EB's bday, cldnt do anything cuz @ work probably give her a treat or sth next week, kinda miss hk cafe and e chilling... well i dunno.

Hey happy bday in advance! cheerios...

i think i wanna go for a hol in my annual leave, gonna make plans.

Made plans w linda to visit the dentist and get our nitendo...

I need a digi cam, and some random buys for my wardrobe... goin to feast too~~~ hur hur... thats abt all.

AS I M typing, i m yawning... mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn i m so not gonna make it tonite~~~

Friday, June 22, 2007

pansy?!!! Ruth Lynn THomas? Shina Inokuma~

You Are 74% Vain

You're a little vain, but you also work hard for your good looks.
Just remember, everyone knows you are a total hottie. You don't have to remind them.

You Are 32% Girly

You are a pretty hardcore tomboy, and a very free spirit.
Gender roles be dammed, you like to do things your way.

You Are A Professional Girlfriend!

You are the perfect girlfriend - big surprise!
Heaven knows you've had enough practice. That's why you're a total pro.
If there was an Emily Post of girlfriends, it would be you.
You know how to act in every situation ... to make both you and your guy happy.

You Are 64% Bipolar

You're more than moody - you're a bit unstable.
If your mood swings are effecting your life, you may need to seek help.

Your Average American Name Is...

Ruth Lynn Thomas

You Are a Great Liar

You can pretty much pull anything over on anyone.
You are an expert liar, even if you don't lie very often.

Your Penis Name Is...

The Bald Avenger

Your Japanese Name Is...

Shina Inokuma

Your Hippie Chick Name Is:


Thursday, June 21, 2007

hate to bid farewell...

went changi airport to send off beibz's bro, he's heading to Bahrain to start off his career, dun really know what the possible outcomes may bring about, but still wished him e best, But these kinda li(2) bie(2) is really heart wrenching, just few days earlier, his mum already was tearing bit by bit, on his farewell party, the same thing happened. The atmosphere @ the airport was just too much for me a super emo cry baby to handle. No doubt i;m not really close to him, but seeing em bade farewell and tearing, i couldn't control myself either. I felt it strongly, watching his back view, checking in is just so drama, its like what we usually see on screen except that this time round its someone we know.

Well everyone watched him from behind. Guess his mum is truly devastated. All e best...

looking at the flight infos on e screen makes me really wanna travel!!!!!

Oh My God!!! i wanna go on a holiday... can?

looking @ e counter gals reminded me of Honeysha my colleague.

And guess what!? Bumped into Hanz... going Hk and flight at 6 plus but reached airport at 2 plus! Damn kiasu right! Whats more EXPLOSIVE is his tour mate...

sigh... no comments already, dun really know whats on his mind anymore.

All the best too...

finally changed the top @ dotti. Yes was hubbing alone due to certain semi-foreseen circumstances, @ NTUC shopping and suddenly had e damn urge to shit! MAn it always happen when i hubbed! I dunno... AMK Hub is e medicine to my constipation winkz.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

hur hur hur...

saw my tag board, HAA got a shock initially cuz someone actually started a TAG WAR and well, not @ all offended but FLATTERED~ Cuz this PISSED OFF angry person actually read thru my archives, and pointed out my prev 2 posts and making snide remarks.

1STLY, it was a official GAY nite, Sunday, mind u... i have got nothing against them, i merely said i was amazed that there were so many locally. Mind u, i did not said anuthing unkind about em! Duh**

there is always a story behind every picture, if u had read clearly what i wrote abt the guy in the pic u wldnt say that i guess, unless u have gt no sense of humour...

blogging is up to individual, if u dun like what others blog, STOP BEING A BLOG WHORE! Reading up others' archives and leave an overdue tag ya...

When i read up on other fellow bloggers' posts, i always find it amusing to see someone tag, as annoynmous scolding the blogger... damn f-ing childish lor...

You Are an Idiot

click click...**

Saturday, June 16, 2007

wads left of the other half?

13th June marks my 2nd anniversary in SGH. Time flies, it sure does! 2 years was a breeze. Learn a great deal! My first Longest job ever in my employment history. No plans yet for a change. But gone through many changes. Perceptions changed and still changing.

Looking back, people i used to be really closed to no longer are close.
People whom i hang out with no longer hang around.
People i usually meet up with after work, we no longer do.

To think we used to enjoy each others' company so much. To think work was secondary, Knocking off was PRIMARY.

They each are so occupied with their work and stuff, different work environment, perhaps when we were still the naive students 2 years back we could relate to each other more. I sure do miss e times, when we wait around the lobby, for each other, eat out and in our uniforms... haa.. then back home catch some sleep and party till dawn. Those were teh days! Now whenever i see em, i could only smile, or in a weak tone voice says how are u? Eh wad shift that kinda stuffs...

no plans, no idea of future yet. Donno how it looks or smells like. Haa... cant imagine, cant think well. Half a year gone.

Sigh, perhaps instead of looking back what we have done for the first half of e year, i worry about what my future will bring.

i think i had a bad year... till present.

I fail to be a better person,
I fail to be nice.
I fail to forgive and forget
I fail to be thankful
I fail to be sensitive
I fail to respect
I fail to control my ugly moods..
I fail to ...

The next half of the year, i wished to be a better one. @ least better than wad i was. I m trying... i hope i can.

Given a choice, would i reminisce e good ol times with em? I doubt so, for i think we no longer share e same visions, same fears and same thoughts. Sad it is... but @ least the times we had are valuable.


heading home after work on Bus, was watching my hk drama via my portable dvd player. This @#$%-er boarded e bus from Chinatown i think. Sat next to me... (good thing he din slam himself on e seat!)

> he made himself REALLY @ home!~
> sat damn relaxed, legs damn wide!~
> literally having contact with me yikes!


> I Purposely, cross my leg, my dirty NURSING GERMS FILLED shoes facing his trousers.
> he did e same thing! He crossed his leg! LOSER RIGHT!
> I saw him peeping @ my screen of my player, so shifted the angle hmph dun let him see!
> pushed my BIG bag towards him, fidgeting on purpose.

>>This loser ol ass changes his cross leg direction but his ugly trousers kena my shoe! HAA OR BI, AND he actually brush his pants several times like i did in on purpose! Mind him, ass he brought his pants to me ok! I looked @ his side and *DIAO* and thats when i saw his oily kwali face and HAIR.

> Then when i was getting down, i refused to say EXCUSE ME, i stood there looked @ him, he din wanna move! I stood, and he moved a lil by a lil, he *DIAO ME* also like wanna eat me up! ANGRY, i stared really hard @ him, squeezed past him, step his shoe and got down! Haa... satisfied!~

I think he is a PRC...

TALKING ABout prc, no offence,

was @ taka yesterday, @ longchamp section, between me and beiz was such a SMALL SPACE. This PRC gal, squeezed past us, her ugly bag kena beibz and she turned and said OH SORRY IN a damn act high class high pitch tone, i turned to beibz and said " she doesn't seem apologetic @ all!" She turned and stared at me, but i cant be bothered!

> WHO? In their right state of mind would wanna squuezed past such small spaces! STUPID RIGHT AND then her tone of SORRY just irks my ears! And yup she is a prc. Sorry to all e OL UNCLES! hik hik hik

** oh, i was @ origins counter ytd too, looking thru their products, beibz picked up a few and put them back, saw the salesman approaching the counter and rearrange e products! IRRITATING ISN'T IT! I said aloud immediately, asked BEIBZ to STOP touching the items cuz he needs to rearrange~ haa and beibz laughed!


haa... got the ballot for the chalet subsidy! whoohpee~!~!

thinking of getting the aranda country club one, discount for NTUC members and GREAT units! FULLY AIR-CONDITIONED~ two rooms, ktv usuage i think and bla bla haa! COOL COOL COOL!

end of show but a lesson learnt.

1 Litre of Tears (1リットルの涙, Ichi Rittoru no Namida?) is a Japanese television drama for Fuji Television about a girl who was diagnosed with a disease called Spinocerebellar Degeneration when she was 15 years old, and was able to continue her life until her death at the age of 25 years old.

The plot is based on the true story of a Japanese girl named Aya Kito (木藤亜也, Kitō Aya?, July 19, 1962 - May 23, 1988), who had the same disease. She kept writing in her diary to remember her experiences until she could no longer hold a pen. Aya simply wished to live until the end of her life, and the purpose of writing in the diary was to remind herself to not give up. She shed tears many times, at the same time encompassed by the rich love and support from her family and friends. Her diary titled 1 Litre of Tears was published shortly after her death. It encouraged many people, healthy or diseased, because of its inspiring and courageous messages. As Aya wrote, "Just being alive is such a lovely and wonderful thing."

Thats the ONE LITRE OF TEARS that i have been saying about. Those who watched it certainly teared as much. Strongly recommended!

The lead actress is so cute. Watch this clip, might make u wanna watch more. Enjoy. Great OST too.

Friday, June 15, 2007


Did ur heart grew fonder?

haa... lame shit! Cuz i have been ABSENT. Busy Busy Busy?~

ok... i had been on the KNN morning shifts almost throughout the whole week! And duh! HELL! More deadly on the wakey part! A KILLER~

Workload thankfully was less and very much relieved due to e sufficient no of staffs.

MOn: ECG Class... end of the classes but exams coming hell!
Chuyun was in the same class as me, she was late, saw her coming in crying bitterly and assumed that she was reprimanded by her sister or sth, din dare walked up initially, tried sms-ing but no reply. So during breakie, went up to her realised she LOST HER HP the 4TH time this year~ devastating sure it was! Crying damn bitterly. First time in my years of friendship with her seen her like that. Which was really worrying and i smsed the IDIOT who took her hp, pleaded w him to return and repeated alot of please but NABEY HE HECK!~ The suspect is probably one of the worker in the ISS CAFE in SGH LEvel 8, apparently her hp was left at her seat and they left for class but she realised it almost immediately and when they went back, no more! The guy was the first to approach their seats when they were leaving. She tried calling initially, it was ringing but e next one nv went thru. I'm sure nurses or Drs aren't that greedy!

It was heart warming cuz that very nite when she retrieved her line, she saw my sms and was touched by what i did. Haa cuz i was sad to see her so so sad ma...

Tues: went up w liza, haha and haji... ate halal RAMEN! ANd its laxative ramen i think. Haji moved her bowels e first... when we were walking around tangs, i FARTED and i walked to em quickly to SIAM and they said NO WONDER THEY SMELL something! Haha... silent fart u noe! Then once more i had the urge outside tangs, i distant myself and farted when i walked back, who knows the wind blew in their direction and the smell was brought back and it seems the security guard walking close to me changed directions too! Haji told me better to go aND Shit! hur hur hur
The next day everyone was saying they all pass motions lor! And i did it a few more times!

the rest of the days were spent laZINg @ my place. Thurs went gym and his place.

Might go KTV later so gonna learn up e new songs and belt to my hearts content~

i m so gonna master the lyrics of this song!

Monday, June 11, 2007

more and more...

wats more and more? My aging body is revealing more and more disturbing ailments! It probably can help me have more excuses and courage to take time off work but it's REAL AND DISTURBING!~

i'm like having some chronic joint problem... damn PAINFUL sia. Literally cannot squat, it kills when i stand up!

I need to see e dentist to fix up my teeth BUT PLEASE GOD GIMME E COURAGE!
I am badly tramautised by the school dental nurses in Pri Sch and since i so HATE The dentist!

The weight issue's still not really one of e problem but soon becoming one.

I guess e next big one is FATIGUE...

I used to be so healthy... now i m a weakling.

Less than a month to my b'day, not exactly VERY excited but still a lil la. haa
Asked beibz what to do... he also dunno. Initial plans for e luxurious suite is off. Now there's only us... so probably settle for something small scale. Ballot for e chalet subsidy thingy by sgh, if i get it, probably book one, have a bbq or sth since the gals @ work so wanted it for awhile... but then again had wanted to go Bkk so much.

well, shall see...

but still cant wait for e bonus cuz there is sth i so wanted and i have gt all the sponsors ready!!! Whoohoo! Still pondering about which to get but i must have it!

My posts are getting really random...

Sunday, June 10, 2007

one litre of tears

this show lives up to its name...

watched in on youtube... haven finished it but already tearing damn badly.

my current fave...

he's the icon man!!!

Friday, June 08, 2007


Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes...

legs damn wobbly cuz of the treadmill...

it's Bliss once more cuz it's a two straight off days. :)

Anticipating the BONUS announcements... impatiently!

The shopping lists seems to get longer and longer...

(Was) eager in receiving July... but not anymore.

Cracking my head for plan B.

check out this rendition of Our National anthem.


i made fun of Dr Por today... he's usually quiet. I dun even usually talk to him but while e rest was still having their breakie and waiting boringly for my turn... i walked up to him, told him :

xuanzy: " eh Dr POr your christian name is PAUL.

POR: "NO!"


Hur hur funny right... @ least thats what i think.

And damn, when i walked away giving eye drops, he viewed my BLOG! READ IT LOUD! DAMN PAISEH! Shumei was LOL-ing! KUKU JIAO! Hmph... i ran to him, snatch the mouse, logged off for him.


Bought e bossa nova cd, wasnt that fantastic.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

dun watch!

If u follow up on my posts... u should still remember i bought the wrong tics...

watched it today SUCKED!!! Kelvin Tong is such a disappointment this time round!
Having know quite abit about local productions, i think he's probably in love with Benjamin Heng (lead in EATING AIR) Cuz it seems most of his shows have his cameo init! Bleahz anyway it just SUCKED! I slept throughout and not @ all a pity.

Too lazy to talk about work...

Well, the saga has probably died down. Too many broken hearts involved. Funny it may seems about how it all started and leads to... a pity as well. Which everyone knows the scarring will persist for as long as i c/n imagine.

Feelings are often really undefined. Its based on individuals. Many lessons learnt for me and I've come to terms with many stuffs as well after straightening my thoughts. It has definitely created an impact in our hearts.

Lessons learnt include;

To be aware of others' feelings which i have so neglected all these years.

Never add on any additional comments/ words. I've read a book about a bucket of water. Every compliment u give simply means u filling up someone's bucket with drops/ h2o. And it made em feel good. However every negative comments u made will decrease e amt of h2o in the bucket. In life we gotta balance up the amt of h20 in the bucket to raise the mood of others.

Never ever try to be a middle-man. Firstly you will get scolded for no reason or even messed things up. Furthermore you can never get the details of the incident fully.

Well, so many tears cried. Eventually come to think of it the fond memories are the ones running thru my head...

I have hurt and been hurt. Having tried to avoid all these led to worst situations and more casualties and hatred. Sad to say i'm ashamed. But whats done cannot be undone. Its all said and done, i can only see what time has in store for us...

Certain things can only be kept within our hearts... this is not a game for the weak hearted, and unfortunately we are...

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

@ last!

Monday, June 04, 2007

say my name...

most of u must be pretty comfy callin' me my full name, or PX wat i'm "affectionately" known as hehe... BUT to add a tinge of "cool-ness" i've decided i should be call XUANZY! COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!? I knew u ppl wld so agree right haa...

dun worry if u think it's hard to pronounce, just say x-u-a-n-z-y, yea u r doing goooood... haa repeat again x-u-a-n-z-y! Bingo Bingo!

My boring randomness...

was late for work. On 9-530 today so i thought the hours are pretty long so it doesnt matter that much if i'm late anyway i think i got time ate up...

scheduled to attend ECG course... helped around with Dressings, worked with Ma. Enjoyable cuz i kinda enjoy doing wound dressings, the healing process makes the job enjoyable and a sense of satisfaction too. To think i was damn cursed last time haa, everytime there's a wound inspection i would KENA LOR! And its those damn massive big RAW wounds... i used to hate it cuz i gotta be gowned up like some stupid fool trapped in the ugly yellow gown! But i was quite happy to see em get well. I played an important part too ok!

Today's was pretty complex but not MASSIVE so it was fine.

The ECG course was SCARY! I've long returned my basics anatomy knowledge back to my lecturers! Crash course... w the interpretations. But i love going for lectures, i can start highlighting my notes w my colourful highlighters!

Went HUBBING. (my termilogy of AMK HUB)
Got my father a new mobile for FATHER'S DAY.
Went back DOTTI to do an exchange. The gal is super nice! Its been so many days yet she allowed me to do an exchange on condition that i come back another day cuz he BIG BOSS is outside spying. She told me she's a type 1 diabetic. So sad... she's so pretty.

hee i bought 3 cans of WATEVER and 3 cans of ANYTHING.

Today our clerk Aini was not around, curious i asked Ma...

"hey Ma where is I LOVE YOU?"

Ma was like: " whAT I love you?!"


HA HA HA and Ma laughed...


But i think its so funny, my creation!

Bet Ma must be cursing in PRC's nabey ...

aiyo so boring post!

Trying to figure out hot to create playlist in IMEEM to post on my blog... stay tuned!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

i'm a soft shell crab

Worst Day Ever- Simple Plan
6 a.m.
The clock is ringing
I need to spend an hour snoozing
'Cause I don't think I'm gonna make it

I punch in
I'm still sleeping
Watch the clock,
But it's not moving
'Cause every day is never ending
I need to work I'm always spending

And I feel like
I'm living the worst day
Over and over again
And I feel like the summer is leaving again
I feel like
I'm living the worst day
I feel like you're gone
And every day is the worst day ever

Yesterday was the worst day ever
And tomorrow won't be better
It's history repeating (on and on)
Summer plans are gone forever
I traded them in for dishpan water
And every day is never ending
I need to work I'm always spending

it's so long
I can't go on
it's so long
I can't go on


intended post was probably like rested enough... great day @ work.Got things done, satisfied with myself... and shit...

could have just logged off and gotten a gd nite rest.


well... my ultra sensitivity and my over reacting is the causing factor.
everything shall just stop here. No probes, no whys and no hows.

Looking back, its all said and done. Figured out what could have mellowed but then again its over...


i think i m just like a pathetic soft shell crab.

i wished i could trade my character for someone else's

i wished i could learn to put myself in other's shoe

i wished i was born a stronger person...

@ least a less teary one.

P.S: Sorry for flaring. Its just me, overwhelmed by my emotions. I know u meant well but no use asking me, it'll make me feel worse.

malaysia %$&# trip...


was supposed to catch a movie tdy...

men in white- local production by Kelvin Tong; creator of The Maid and I think Eating Air. Rather a huge supporter of local films... so was beibz so we decided to watch it.

Reached the counter for online purchases... this lady asked me so its for June 6 right? Hmmm i was like erm... wats the date today? That qns knocked senses into me and i was like FUCK!!! I gt the wrong date! And she said this movie's not even out!~ Nabey! Knn right!

No choice... chose to watch Shrek 3 between Pirates, And Spiderman... coincidentally all 3rd sequels...

HILARIOUS! Never watched Shrek 1 and 2 b4 but kinda like this one. All the fairytale characters were involved.

then i couldnt help laugh at this gal infront of me who literally wore the shrek hairband from mac to the show simply cuz she is watching shrek. Beibz gt a lil irritated cuz i kept making fun in a slightly raised voice, but she took it out when the show ends... see i told u she wore cuz she is watching SHREK! hahaha

Midnight sale today... nothing much. There were further reductions but nothing caught my eyes... wanted to get a pair of trainers but sigh... dun have!!!

** Was upset over His DS Lite issue, I could have easily take it as an usual joke if he were to say in a more realistic joking manner... would have simmer a lil more if some big mouth would shut up. Couldn't stay there any longer, thank god beibz came. Cried to him cuz i was upset over issue and their truthful comments... but i should have take it lightly. Aggravating comments ought to be spared if one's unable to fulfill to their nasty remarks...

well guess i'm a emotional freako... who cares too much about what people has gtta say.

Friday, June 01, 2007

when the supposed reminiscing of zouk fails @ least there's solace!

HYPOtension vs Anemia`

who would have believed such big girl can actually have HYPOtension and anemia! I was still quite afraid of developing hereditary hypertension but i guess i can rest my heart for now...

i usually catch this express Chinatown direct bus CT 8 @ 1230 if i m on afternoon shift. Then as usual today was on my way, cuz i do have times whereby i missed it and ho say liao lor i gotta take a cab, so i ran today to play safe la so as to be there on time so i ran... and when i reached the damn bus stop, i sort of hypoventilate, breathe really hard and started breaking out in cold sweats and vision was blur...

well its my third experience and the other 2 times i managed to get on the bus and sit down but this time round the bus hasn't come so i nearly die!

Called my mum, my bf and walked to nearest bench and rest. My mummy rushed down, called help from this passer by and borrowed oil. My mummy sure fail as a nurse! She rubbed the oil all over me, and kena my eyes! I couldn't stop tearing cuz it was so smutting! Then she kept hitting me really hard on my back and calling my name...
haa and she later told me if i sleep, i might die in my sleep! Haa...

but i'm better now, seen a doctor, blood pressure was low- 90/50 only n blood sugar was low, probably cuz i din eat.

gonna rest.

Assets Controversy.

it is controversial b'cuz many would disagree what i say or feel.

Assets, i refer to our body. Well, it's pretty well known who know me that i have got a rather huge asset. Not boasting or trying to act really sexy or those bimbotic shit.

Was out w beibz family and my twin perks was made fun of.

Not exactly angry cuz I'm more or less used to it. Used to hate it alot alot. I guess females born with it would most likely find it a hassle. It was the center of attraction and unwanted glares from cheeky uncles was never lacking which i would say the most annoying part...

friends often talk about it, teased about it and i'll just laugh along. But it's only till i grew up then i realised it's not exactly a bad thing and esp having worked in a plastic surgery department, i see many hopeful young ladies coming to do augmentation then i realised i was lucky. I was watching tv today and saw this female celeb coming out to admit that she had a boob job and she always wanted to do it and after that she felt so much more confident.

The argumentative part about this particular topics is
women who are borne with it will feel totally different from women who dun have it.

Women born w it will feel lose confidence when there ARE SO MANY GLARES!

whereas women who r not borne with it will see a great difference in their sex appeal when they recieved more cat calls.....

just my thoughts...

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