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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Marley and Me

i just had this late night movie session with the boys
and we caught this one
which we heard damn lots of good reviews

i somehow prepared myself it can trickle our tear ducts a lil


I cried like mad
we cried like mad
everyone or maybe Most of the warm hearted ppl cried in the theatre!

this crazy dog sure is one of its kind!

my tears were flowing non stop...

animal lovers
dogs esp

watch this!
u will enjoy it
and i bet cry too!

this movie sort of rake up some of the past
which i guess i probably know the triggering point for him

till now
i cannot understand that feeling
the sense of loss

we all have to go through
just a matter of time

all the tears u shed
i will shed along with you

u may have lost
but u still have us

watching that makes my heart ache more than anything

because i cannot imagine that kind of feeling
losing your closest one...


this is so scary
EVERYONE seems to be getting married
one more close friend of mine called today
to invite me for her solemnization next month!

everyone is moving ahead but me


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