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Saturday, January 26, 2008

** yayness***

yayness to SHOPPING!!!

i went marina square w him today
managed to get my cny stuff!

YAYNESS** Again!

i got a pair of skinny from DOROTHY!

Its cheaper than the ones in TOPSHOP
By at least 30 bucks!
and luckily there were still available sizes!!
cuz they always have the ugly cutting left or
those SUPER big ones... as in 16-18 and above
(no offence ya if u happen to wear those)

i got a cute dress from TOPSHOP
actually my initial plan was to buy my skinny there
on top if that get a top and then apply for the fast forward card(rebate)
and i would spend the limit of at least 150 bucks
but since e jeans at Dorothy is so much cheaper! Hehe
and actually i could use guaz's card but i cannot resist!!!

i totally *heart* TOPSHOP!

i am still meeting choonz tmr for more cny shopping
hopefully i can get a nice pair of shoes
and probably a nice top and i should be done w my buys this year


shopping is so stress relieving!!!

everyone is feeling the same way i feel!
today my classmate verbalised that she was stress
and i told her all of us are!

well, i have learnt to take it more ez now
and i am happier these few days!
looking 4ward for cny
4 days of HOLIDAY!!!
i haven had a complete cny leave since i started working as a NURSE!!!

ANOTHER yayness...

if tmr's meeting goes on well,
i'll update my m'sia-jb trip pics!


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