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Monday, January 28, 2008

my long 4gotten JB trip...

the guys filling up their "WHITE CARD"
on the train...
a bit embarrassing i feel
so i already filled up mine at home.
its like everyone knows we r goin m'sia lor!

if u ever been to city square, u can agar agar picture the place in ur mind right
and to think my two friends, the 2 guys above actually spent an hour or a lil more than that combing just LEVEL ONE of this building!

I'm dead beat even by level 1!
we woke up early for this, kinda like avoiding the noon crowd,
and to think we were hanging out the day b4 till late!
and they shopped like they were girls lor!

and then we headed for brunch,
i just took e sizzling thingy for fun cuz its opp secret recipe and i tot it look nice. I never miss secret recipe if i am in m'sia. ANYWHERE!
Cuz its DAMN cheap! same price for cakes as in.... RM 6 AND 6 SGD!
we share our food, so the cute lil small burger is actually a kids meal haa
but taste yummy!

i think i mentioned it,
i couldn't get things i like
and i was merely accompanying em...
so tired lor!
i know how my bf feels when he shops with me man!

i was getting frustrated in e midst of e shopping cuz so tiring
and i din take any pics
until we reached s'pore,
squeezing w the 100000 ppl coming back to s'pore via Bus 170

i took a pic w guaz,
holding all our shopping bags
made him looked like he got big big returns!
afterall his hometown...

and badly needed to eat
our fave place since sec sch
this place is our hangout whenever possible last time
after sch we'll sit there till we ROT and talk

we just clicked e cam non stop...
therefore its getting blur... cuz i think we ran out of energy to pose and hand started shaking!

its so random la e pics


what ah gua got
and what i got...
but mine are mostly for others...

and we did not take e SUPER SHOPPER
cuz he has his own cam and
he has got WAY too much stuff to lay down man!
he got like 7 tee, a jeans and some other random stuff which i forgotten
maybe like 4-5 software disc as well!

today we had our 1st ophthalmic bio lectures
cuz e prev lectures were combine ones!
damn hard!
ne ne pok man...

the gals from clinics know e anatomy at fingertips...
i was like mouth wide open!
and they started from how eye is formed from embryology
jaw drop!

need to read up more myself man...
but not today,
i'm going to search for shoes cuz i did not realized that cny is like next week!
i thought we have like one more week!


and i got one tiny pic of w63 netball team haa
i was still in e depression stage that few days,
hence was not very into it with the photo taking that day
only one pic.


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