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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Mind Cafe

to satisfy my "craves" for games.
i jio the trio for a session at Mind Cafe.
Since hanz is working,
and since Purvis street has a newly opened outlet,
we went there.

thanks to "EDMUND" who made an early reservations,
we need not wait.

kinda missed the games we played when i went with my colleagues,
as there was a bigger group of people and we could play more crazy games
was a lil irritated w e noise from the table behind but come to think of it i'll be like that too if i am with a bigger group.

i realised from the pics i took lately,
e diff in sizes of my eyes are more prominent.
It usually shows when i'm lacking in beauty sleep or during the mornings.
Otherwise it shouldn't be so obvious!
Gosh... i looked so disgusting

tomorrow will be another boring day.

my intention was to surprise him.

there was misunderstandings and mis communications.
we talked it out and we r fine now.

Getting a lil emo lately and
easily worked up.


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