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Sunday, June 26, 2005


Whooh caught ALOT LIKE LOVE yesterday... n nice one i must say! ;P
AWWWWW.... ASHTON Kutcher is a HEART THROB MAN! SO cuteeeeeee...
no wonder Demi MooRE aint lettin him go hoho

Stongly recommend this OST man... they play damn nice songs in e movie! Ha ha... n yea nt to mention this show is funni! Wannna watch Initial D nxt!~

Damn so sianz Clinical PrACTice 4 the whole of nxt two wks...
no peace to my ears!!

I 'll be there for u, these 5 words i swear to u!
When u breathe i wanna be the air for u
I'll be there For Youuuuuuuuuuu...

Super nice!

Friday, June 24, 2005

e drifters...

guess its true... its nv gonna wrk out like this...
wow impressed hw there r ppl who made it... Bravos!

nv seems to get wad i want...
wishes always nt granted
hopes always turned out otherwise
dREAms always too far to attain...
goals always hard to achieve...
awwww... damn
Life's a Real Bitch! ouch! Fuck...

i waited... they said i m dumb...
i noe but i cant be bothered
i quit... i dun see hope...

one came... i cant be bothered...
but i fell helplessly deep damn
they say i m stupid again...
hey be more realistic was all they can remind me but again
i cant be bothered...

e most awaited thing happened but too late i hv fallen helplessly deeep
real deep...
but its nt goin aniwhere i realised...
thts it! Once more

DUn nid to understand wad i mean cuz its nonsense~
in summary my life is screwed up...
everything turns out real bitchy~

wad to do... i hv been emphasizin

Missy Higgins- The special TWO...


I've hardly been outside this room in days,
'cause I don't feel that I deserve the sunshine's rays.
The darkness helps until the whiskey wears away,
And it's then I realize the conscience never fades.
When you're young you have this image of your life:
That you'll be scrupulous and one day even make a wife.
And you make boundaries you'd never dream to cross,
And if you happen to you wake completely lost.
But I will fight for you,
be sure that I will fight until we're the special two once again.

When we could only need each other,
we'd breathe together,
Our hands would not be taught to hold another's,
When we were the special two.
And we could only see each other,
we'd breathe together,
These arms will not be taught to need another,
'cause we were the special two.

I remember someone old once said to me:
"lies will lock you up with truth the only key."
But I was comfortable and warm inside my shell,
And couldn't see this place would soon become my hell.
So is it better to tell and hurt or lie to save their face?
Well I guess the answer is don't do it in the first place.
I know I'm not deserving of your trust from you right now,
But if by chance you change your mind you know I will not Let you down
'cause we were the special two,
and will be again

And we will only need each other,
we'll breathe together,
Our hands will not be taught to need another's,
When we're the special two.
And we could only see each other we'll breathe together,
These arms will not be taught to need another...

I step outside my mind's eye's for a minute.
And I look over me like a doctor looking for disease,
Or something that could ease the pain.
But nothing cures the hurt you bring onto yourself,
Just remembering, just remembering who we were...

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

e search is over!

How can i convince you what you see is real
Who am i to blame you for doubting what you feel
I was always reachin', you were just a girl i knew
I took for granted the friend i have in you

*i was living for a dream,
Loving for a moment
Taking on the world,
That was just my style
Now i look into your eyes
I can see forever,
The search is over
You were with me all the while*

Can we last forever, will we fall apart
At times it's so confusing, these questions of the heart
You followed me through changes, and patiently you'd wait
Till i came to my senses, through some miracle of fate

( * repeat)

Now the miles stretch out behind me loves that i have lost
Broken hearts lie victims of the game
Then good luck it finally stuck like lightning from the blue
Every highway leading me back to you
Now at last i hold you, now all is said and done
The search has come full circle, our destinies are one
So if you ever loved me show me that you give a damn
You'll know for certain the man i really am

( * repeat)

thanks 4 those comforting wrds... it was veri appreaciated. Guess it was just my DWNS days again whn i blogged e prev post. Things r pickin up a lil bit... thou slow but at least i see progress...

i rem i was tellin christy n thn i realised hw much i missed e prev ward... yes say i m still dwelling over it but i reali cant help it... e prev ward was like wad god's gift to me. I have always wanted to go into this specilaity... Dm n endoocrine n stuffs and i was there 4 some intense training. I was thrilled... but guess its smashed whn i gt into another ward. Feelin kinda lost like cuz suddenly u realised ur dreams r harder to achieve n to think i was so near nw so far.

Thn Lala came along n asked me hws everything n made me realised hw sad i m ... hw lost i was... hw stress i m too... ya call me emo or call me siao but thn i reali cant help it man... i teared... maybe cuz its him who asked me... @ e moment i wished he was here, rt beside me. HAIZ... i was so scared someone like my mummmy or bro will walked in and asked me wads wrong...

but thn things r reali pickin up... thts unavoidable whn we do sth new... someone told me it cld be a blessing in disguise n i veri much hoped tht it will be one... tryin my best to pick up evertg as fast as possible n thn i guessi will be fine reali...

Friday, June 17, 2005

so bad...

started wrk on the 13th n its almost a wk... sadly and half expexted it i cant go bk to e ward i was in 4 prcp... gt in 63p, a plastics surgey ward... @ first i tot this was goin to be interestin but my postin there gave me a shock. Total cultural shock! 1st day u get ppl comin n complasinin and warnin u abt the sisters... demoralising aint it! N thts the first time in my nursing life besides yr one 1st postin tht i dun understand a single diagnsis read! Eveytin sounds alien to me... damn all e routines and job scopes differs frm general ward settin! I m reali gonna die...

i tried to help but thn nothin much 4 me cuxz they noe i m new and cant assign much to me... they dun reali touch on junior stuffs and they r nt comfy w ppl taggin along w em... sister says she is watchin me cuz she expects me to learn and pick up fast but thn.. donnin on e grn uniform, in a total distant speciality, a greater responsibilities n higher expectations yet no proper and intense guidance hw m i goin to pick up fast? I m stressed reali reali scared...

wad to do i dunno... reali dunno! I took almost 4 wks to famillarise w e prev ward routines n fuctions nw i hv to start over again n i m no longer a std.... things dun seem to wrk too well... sinkin into e fear kingdom n suffocating frm intensifyin stress n pressure! Nursing sure aint glam!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

lack of slp!

haben been slpin well lately, slept damn late at nite and wake up damn early in da morn...
strting wrk on mon, sheesh i m gonna be a wrkin adult! Awww... so afraid to don on e uniform and e huge responsibilties, hectic schedules, no life routines and tiring and stressful env and wrse almost zero dignity cum status 4 half a yr!

i m readin an old book... one i bought aft i watched e touchin movie... [ a walk to remember]
kinda miss watchin e movie... teared damn badly in e theater... lol
but still a great storyline!~