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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

sharing session...


i'm glad my groupmates have come to terms and reality with regards to research topics
ultimately it's all about trying to achieve good grades or
wanting to achieve yet the easy way out

karma i guess
supposed "idea" being poached
but when in the first place it wasn't even our original idea...

i am in the same group with em...
i should be standing by their side
but to reason out...

i guess the main point ain't trying to dwell on ideas being used
or trying to fight till the end...

come on man
we are adult learners!
are we supposed to tell e lecturer that we are not happy therefore we wanna head on?
i insist on still doing it .... because its my idea?

this is reality
if everything is so easy
life is not life!

i hate hard work
but i believe in principles
my own principles

i wanna have
and i make sure i have
a very clear conscience
and i do not wish to compete with anyone else
but yet i still wanna have a work of my own

in fact,
i guess even if the others did the same topic
its basically their own findings
since we are the only ones who have e master copy of e past works
and come on lor
the whole nyp is surfing ovid
dun tell me what we get they can't get!~

this whole incident sort of highlighted to us
who's to trust and who's not to...
no hard feelings
but i can sense her aggressiveness strongly too...

thank goodness i need not work closely to her...

tmr, we are going to embark on a new topic
if with everyones' consensus,
we can work on it...

sounds pretty interesting.


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