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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

every lil' thing bothers mi!

haven been bloggin in this wahsodamnhot blog cuz i was updatin more in the new frenster blog and wad more i haven reali been surfin the net since prcp started...

well my prcp is like in the 5th runnin wk... even though i cant say i learn alot but i did manage to get a clearer picture of a sn's job buti m so nt ready reali! My pharmoco sucks... and i m so slow in all the changes etc! WORSE... i feel tht i reali nid to brush up my inter personal skills man! There is this gal who is posted to the same side as mi but we're of diff shift.. seriously i dun reali like her cuz she is always askin mi wad have i done and tellin mi wad she had done and ask mi why m i nt doin wad she has aldy been doin... damn i noe i sound like some bitch who bitchin in my blog but hey... i just dun like the idea of others sharing w mi their achievements w/o mi askin and in this case i wld name this showing off... call mi wadever u want if u think i m makin a big fuss outta these small trivial stuffs but i dun care i m just nt comfy!

it seems like she relates better w e rest of the staffs too~ she is always tellin mi hw niceeeee they are and they r even goin out 4 a movie... i swear i m nt jealous but i tot over it and seriously think maybe i shld brush up my inter perosnal skills. I onli talk whn necc and wadever junks/wrk they throw i will catch whn others k so conc on a sn;s job.. haiz

fuck my day! I went up the pharmacy 4 like 10000 times and the pharmacist reali attitiude sia! CB FUCK THE LVL 8 pharmacy! I was supp to be a in charge 4 a cube and ends up runnin bldy errands 4 this bloody sn who is nt even in my team! CB wad r the juniors 4 man! I m so pissed... i was dead beat and cant even go 4 my brk... despite seein mi wriitin report and my kind preceptor told her i m onli at the 2nd pt, she still wans mi to do a h/c and offer to get the stuffs 4 mi! If u k walk to the prep rm and get the stuffs cant u walk in and do a prick! CB NABEY

MY PRECEptor has been reali nice today... too bad i m nt on w her 4 the wk liaoz... haiz