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Sunday, August 31, 2008


School's out...
the MOST HAPPY thing is...

when i log on the computor,
i need not check my mails for new attachments groupmates may send
need not research on stuff that's to discussed
can find more time to do more you tubing, mob tv-ing
and face booking...

but i somehow forsake blogging
mainly bcuz this current skin is always giving problems
i have difficulty logging in
always gtta log in from others' blog
an the layout dun encourage photo uploads
it will be cut off.

had a fulfilling week i would say
yesterday was BUSY
an independent staff

yet the Sat was rather chaotic
everyone was us were occupied with our team of work
and i would say
i kinda appreciate the team on Saturday

all the independent co workers
who does their own work and not call out for this and that to
do this and that...

resorted to eating discharged patients food w Angeline

and after the passing over
most of us walked over to housemen for a more satisfying brunch
except Mariam
who was too overwhelmed with the dressing she did!

i went home, took a short nap
went Suntec to meet the guys
and WOW
its damn crowded lor

i wonder if the prices from Comex are really THAT cheap
and everyone just gotta toll along a trolley w Printer

SO MANY OF EM somemore!

Went ECP for HK cafe
Breeze Bar for drinks and songs

and ZZZ

I may not have as much weekends off as what i have the early part
of the year

i miss the off days on weekdays
where i need not squueze w the crowd for shopping

i am off on WED AND THUR TOO!

Now its
You Tubing
Mob Tv


Friday, August 29, 2008

its been awhile!~

its the 5th day of work
i had fun

the walking from the eyedrops seems tedious
but i somehow can understand better the need for all these

i enjoy having interactive sessions w patients
talking to em and all
and best of all...
had a fun time w most of my colleagues cracking lame jokes

one more day of morning shift...
off day!


next week's start of shift work
i am happy to be able to get up in time for train!

Monday, August 25, 2008


i just got back from KL
and sadly,

i dropped my camera in the CAB!
The cabs are not like ours,
where u call the call center~

i lost all the photo i took with my classmates in sch
the last day if sch
damn sad

i cried at KLCC
cuz i was really upset

too tired to update
gonna prepare for work after 8 long mths
first day in the new uniform too

Friday, August 22, 2008


its all going to end in a few hours time
8 months...

many many many things happened
there are nice ones
there are bad ones

but its all gonna end really...
i dunno.
mixed feelings

i believe i left a rather deep impression in many of em

anyway thank you so much for all who this possible
thank u for the help u guys rendered to me in times of need
the encouragement i received when i was stressed and all

sorry if i hurt u guys
or i may have offended u in anyway with my slip of tongue

i will miss the good times we share

come monday
a brand new start of my working life
i will resume the hectic schedule i used to lead
but i am glad i can have wonderful weekdays off to shop
and avoid the congested crowd...

i may dread the shift
and the night duties and morning shifts
i certainly welcome the ALLOWANCE I can receive again!

Guess thats what make me look forward to work again
and stay positive
the seminar's later


anyway i had a great time with XXX
we had a nice dinner and wonderful time walking around mustafa

thank u.

see our changes in the 8 mths!

Thank u ISA for the e-card!
All the best in ur career,
ur marriage life!

I will bug u still since u are the
crucial key person for cornea patients!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

fun filled nights out!

no doubt i did not even took part in the entire process of both JCI
in the 3 years... i still went!

we had so much fun
wanted to blog yest
but was too tired to do so
4get about the food
we were literally glued to the stage

the girls went up to play games
and took part in all sorts of lame stuff
and till the mc says we are banned from stage!

BUT walau eh
those aunties were so glued on their places
chopping seats!

there was this lady who gave me her place
to mimick the band bon jovi...
i went up
and joined zila in playing the bass guitar

we had to do a rendition of bon jovi's its my life
a short segment
zila was the drummer

damn funny
the jon bon jovi from our team was rather irritating tho!

nevertheless we won
and Linda went up as well


A great night

trust the gals from plastics to give u laughters and joy!

more to come please...

fuck it
i gt school later
i got unfinished work!
i am so gonna die!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

the weekends went off in a whirlwind too

just like all the weekends for the entire 8 months...
next weekends marks the final weekend for me as a full time student.

SURE gonna miss the good ol' days sleeping
and hanging out late.

the past 3 days were spent catching up with ol' friends
it was great!

we had joy
we had fun
we had seasons in the sun

we discovered new kinky lame jokes
and also each and everyone's signature tagline!

had a nice time in a dessert bar located at holland v- lorong liput.

its called 2 am Dessert bar...

great place to chill
and nice ambience i feel la
great desserts!

we had a great time sipping tea
and cracking jokes!

one more day to his return!
my homewrk are left undone!~


i am slpy now too
gonna catch a nap

Thursday, August 14, 2008

i wished i have more to share...

the posts are getting quite negative
less complaints about things i encounter
about irritating ppl i see...

its filled with my sadness i feel...

its hard to put into words exactly how i feel right now
like i always say
nothing major happened
yet the minute things happening day in day out
makes me think alot
makes me reflect alot
makes me upset alot too...

i know myself
the many many imperfections of me makes many unhappy
perhaps throughout my life journey,
i have hurt many many
i have made many felt unworthy or upset

all these that i do on others
i somehow can feel it too...

once more
i am constantly appraising my actions
my thoughts
and my feelings

i know i just have to be less nasty
less naughty
less rude
more sensitive
and more accepting

sometimes i wonder
all those that we have done
does not out weighs our mistakes?

its really really diff for me to say how i feel
what happened
or even why like this

but its the many lil things that makes up the big picture that i am super puzzled with...

tomorrow will be a better day
i know people who accept me for who i am will accept me as i am!


i wished people can stop commenting about how i looked RIGHT NOW
i know
i know its really really bad

if i have control over it
i wouldn't bloody looked like this now

guess u may not know it
u may not feel it
i may have hurt u
but u hurt me more than i did

my doings is not as bad as ur sayings

thanks for telling me
but i looked in the mirror many many many times per day
i know i have a face FULL OF PIMPLES!


its depressing enough to develope acne at such latent stage of my life
since puberty was like 14 years ago!~?

having to go thru what i went thru during my teenage years is bad enuff
having frequent yaks about my current complexion!

fuck la
u know many many developed depression due to ACNE!
i read it from the net
and some forums la..

no one i know personally tho
but speaking for myself
i think i am going bonkers
or depress pretty pretty soon

since the family of acnes just keeps reproducing like they are answering the callings of our gov!

i have already tried my best to curb the massive reproductions
the birth rates are just beyond my control

yet at such demoralizing stage of my life
where i feel upset and all with things that i have done

i get more worked up
and more upset
when people ask about my face
talk about my face
and even suan me about my face

fuck fuck fuck fuck it lor!

say i am over reacting
say i am petty

wait till u get a face full of pimples
gather the troops of concerned friends we call it
and start doing a wonderful head count of the acne and family

tell me how u feel
from the bottom of ur heart!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

i am so BORED!
no life!

just last 3 days of attachements
its better this week at ECS
felt more useful
and welcomed
or appreciated i should say
at least my minor contributions is of use

its day two
my dear beibz is in reservist

i am so sad
so bored!

6 more days!

i am so so so so so sad...

Miss Kiu gonna test us next week
nt exactly sure
but too LAZY to read

attempted to open the book
but ended up watching tv!

guess i am in total relax mode!


Fri- LAST DAY OF SCHOOL... mixed feelings
- My mum's bday
- Ain's sis bday
- KL!!!

We are heading to KL for the weekends b4 work starts!
My dear SHE
better meet me this two weekends
cuz my honeymoon period is ending really SOON!

Monday, August 11, 2008

those were the pic on FRI'S nite...

slept almost the whole of Sunday
its gonna be a boring 8 days!

He is going back for Reservist!


Asiarooms sent me a confirmation email to the rooms!

first decent holiday of the year!

National Day was ok
watched a lil of the parade at hanz's place
and headed to beibz's place as its his father's bday
cut cake and all
we left for KTV!

My bf has been quite weird lately
he belts out usually high pitched songs
and he makes funny noise!

that can get really irking to the ears!
see that!

A lil glad its all gonna be over
we had fun in A&E today

its better to not say anything than to say it...
it can be too late
but nevertheless

its hard to put into words of how i feel right now
many lil things add up to the many big issues
which i believe some of it are just too late

thats life

Saturday, August 09, 2008


I just came back from the most amazing NIGHT!

We went for the F.I.R Concert!

ANd it was FUN- FILLED!

we were so HIGH!
I knew all the songs they sang

tmr's gonna be really busy
we wanted a national day feast at hanz' place
we wanted to cook...

beibz's dad shares the same birthday as singapore
and i have to go to his place as well!

i am too tired to think
do so tmr

gonna source for kl hotels first

Today's a BAD DAY

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

have u ever...

have u ever felt like the whole world is disappointed in u...
u are of no use to the society
or people around u dun really like u

when u constantly feel scared when u are in a world of unfamiliarity?!
u wonder
u worry about how they judge u

is that depression?

feeling quite down these few days
in fact lousy
esp my face in that lousy state

i wished everyone stops looking at my face
and stop commenting about it...

i hate the mirror!

totally in HOLIDAY MOOD
the postings are way too boring!
esp level 3~

PR skills not so gd
therefore diff to blend in...

its finishing
at least next week i am going to level one
i probably can do a lil more that level 3

talking about completion of studies
brings about apprehension
i dunno what others will expect of me

which makes it really dreadful
and once again
i will start my brand new tied down experience with SGH
one i never had b4

2 years may be fast
in a blink of an eye
like how 2007 and half of 2008...

i wished for many good times
to come...

Monday, August 04, 2008

fun times...

met up with the peeps i grew up with
had perspiring hot times walking in town

had Katsu Katsu for dinner
and 4 of us headed to Kovan for a bowling game
it was fun!

we drove to Eb's old place at Mei Hwan
mingled around the neighborhood
talking about the good ol times
when we were raving hot blooded teens

the park we used to go
her dogs
her parents
her neighbours

tmr's the start of our optional posting
some regrets having made the choice to Level 3
but then again
time flies

last two weeks of postings
a final week of campus life
and shoo!

off we go
already recieved a sms from SGH re: Orientation Programme on 25TH Aug

hOPING i can really visit KL
Fri's a looking 4ward day
FIR's concert

on my way back
when EB was about to drop me
at the bus stop
this old lady was sitting there
at 1.30 am...

i said she was scary
EB agreed
and i said i am scared to get off there and walk to the life
and she start to step on the pedal
and while accelerating
eb says she turn and look at us!

this time...
this hour

we ended up turning into the carpark
and had a long talk
about life and stuff...

and now 3am!
i am damn sad
cuz my bro is injured from a soccer match just nw
on MC for 2 days

Sunday, August 03, 2008

NATAS' 2008

We booked the Korea Trip
we paid a deposit of 500
awaiting confirmation...

if all turns out well
and there's suffice people in the tour
we will set off in Jan 10' 09!


the remaining amount is quite... alot~

finally ate POPEYE
headed to T3 after Natas
and we had POPEYE!

Cajun Fries
and damn good WHIP POTATO~

ANd like what they say..
the chicken's damn crispy!

a pity only the airport and singapore flyer has it...

had great fun on Nurses' Day
shall post pics soon...