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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

i was trying to pick up some of my ol' memoirs in the 90s,
mainly when i was a teenager.

i typed Ayumi Hamasaki on youtube.
Browsed through her pages of songs...
which is alot la

and i wanted to find back my memories
but it displayed alot of e newer songs
but i still know this song,
and i used to know how to sing haa
and i owned this album which obviously i think i misplaced
and i ASPIRE to keep my hair LONG enough to cover my BREASTS Haa like her.
Till now... i still want but everytime i visit the hairdresser they'll comment on my dry ends and they'll snip it off! Sigh.

we finally got an estimated guide to the various modules and expectations
meaning, the assignments and tests and presentations etc

well, i used to like presentations alot.
BUT not when i have to do it w a group of ppl i dun really know...
cuz within our specialty, we split in to 2 grps
and each grp joined 3 other specialties to formed a tutorial group
and all the specialties mixed around to have a sub group!

but nvm

we shall see how well it goes.
and i guess the ultra shock i got today was our pathophysiology lect


i have got quite alot of stuff to search for info.
and i met up w Lowena in sch and we went amk hub for drinks on Mon
apparently there's alot more to expect...


keeping my fingers crossed cuz the way they described it sounds REALLY scary

hopefully i can pull thru all these peacefully.


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