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Thursday, November 29, 2007


the trip has been booked!
island getaway w my girlfriends!

was a lil hesitant initially,
but i gave my word,
a lil heartache w parting with my money but on the brighter side
* *BONUS* *

THE civil servants r getting 2 MONTHS!


i hv many dressings today
but thanks to good working colleagues i received plenty of help!
and i did a most difficult task for removing a particular patient's stitches!
well i think like 1024564587466 of it and in a damn awkward area!
Linda said they were just casually mentioning dunno who's gonna be the unlucky one to do the job!



Jokingly told Vijaya that in 10yrs time i will not be an ordinary staff,
cuz she asked me where will i be in ten years?
cuz i think i exaggerate something b4 that.

i told her 10 yrs later i will in there(pointing to sister's office!)
and i told her to KNOCK the door b4 she comes in!
and she replied me saying if i am inside she will not be here anymore!
And i think sister heard us laughing came out asking us and i told her the same thing!
haa and she shook my hands congratulating me for having such BIG ASPIRATIONS!
And i told her too, remember to knock the door b4 they come in!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


my hard work paid off.
well not very hard la but at least it was recognised!

i presented my clinical teaching and they commented it was quite well done.

having a headache again
morning tomorrow!
bz one...
and worse still morning for 2 conseq days!

and the new roster aint better.

still very much affected whenever i read the reports of the 5 dragon boat rowers,
found one of the tribute blog.

treasure your loved ones...


I'm sure its quite obvious what i m referring to...
heart wrenching.
Anyone humane will feel alot for this incident too...
if u still dunno, The Death of 5 rowers(SINGAPORE DRAGON BOAT TEAM) whose boat capsized and drowned 5 of em...

close to tears upon seeing the several news reports and images on tv.
even tho i do not know em personally.


I asked my bf this qns...
when one luckily escaped death,
people often says wah god bless and tian gong bao you etc

what about those who lost their lives?
when we were all faithfully believing to e same god and beliefs,

and he thought about it and said,
in this case people would always says,
sigh, its their time.
Its fate...
well, so true.

Celebrated at ktv ytd
as usual lotsa fun


i finally got my clinical teaching stuffs done up.
Just that i would need to go to work earlier tomorrow to finish the submission copy


today i stepped back to NYP after 2 yrs and it feels so funny!!!
I am like a ol woman surrounded by the new age youngsters!
and bleah i missed out some documents and gonna make a trip back AGAIN SIGH...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

so many errands so lil time...

i talked like someone is pinching my nose!
bad flu...
dry and persistent cough...


Heard from a friend most staffs in her ward has MRSA...
Well... makes me wonder about our ward since we have alot of these patients b4

have only two off days,
so many things to do,
blame it on myself for cramping it all in a day!

need to get the clinical teaching stuffs done!~
so many to do!

submit the documents to NYP

Meet choonz at chinatown for the trip details!

Complete my teaching stuffs!

Watch my drama!


please gimme more time can?

my friends seems to be avoiding me,
they refused to pick up my call
and reply me or what so ever,

i dun rem doing anything wrong!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

dying for rest.

the sounds of wailing mad man from the medical side accompanied me thru the nite.
Yup on night again,
and def not a gd one bcuz the eyedrops r sucha killer...

and popped in a trachy patient.

ward's getting bz-ier nowadays...
since ytd, i am feeling sick again
i hope its either i'll feel better tomorrow or
just gimme a jia lat jia lat one once and for all cuz this is too tedious
since its nv full blown and i am feeling so miserable.

planning for a short trip either to phuket or krabi w choonz in dec
since my hanz c/n make it due to exams
plan b is to go w her,
and since she needs clear her leave,
a lil diff now to get the bookings
but will try

Thursday, November 22, 2007

6th dec...

as the date draws nearer, my heart weighs heavier.
The date to SISTER LEE'S Retirement...

her glorious 40 years of nursing.
i may have fought w her umpteen times...
but all these certainly adds on to more memories.
when i look back to e two yrs at work she certainly *spice* up our work!

she called me in today,
asking me for 2 mins of my time to see her citations.
She was preparing for her retirement slides and she showed me so many of her ol photos and glorious moments
she was so proud of herself.

And i was thinking
its really the fact that she is leaving us soon,
very soon,
retirement aint a bad thing just that i hate to deal w this kinda situations...
separations and the biding goodbyes...
i m too sensitive and emo to handle all these
and the last time round when we heard abt it i was like the most worked up
i think we all feel the same but i just couldn't control my easily trickled tears!
and i took awhile to stop...

vijaya commented she hopes she is nt around cuz she won't noe hw to handle too!

and i took 30 mins instead of 2 mins to get out!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

my current CRAZE

why why love...
hooked on this drama...
searched on Yahoo...
its sold on auction but "burnt" ones la

Sunday, November 18, 2007

yet another *satisfied days*


I AM head over heels him now!~ (salivating)
its like magical + thriller + romance + fiction

i dunno how to describe la but PLEASE ALL GO WATCH IT K!
At least for CHARLIE COX SAKE!

satisfied the mAHjong temptations again on sat...
played till 6 am!
but fun still. With the TAI TAI wannabe...

intended to go ESCAPE theme part today w beibz
but it was raining cats and dogs the whole day
so i invited the TAI TAIS for MOVIE since we all heard many good reviews abt stardust. Indeed! ALL OF US WERE happy...

please watch it ok!!!

my mind still thinking abt him... (chatlie cox)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

i've tried

i have tried but cant

can u pee and blow ur nose at the same time?


I hate NIGHT SHIFTS FOR CAUSING trauma to me.

THIS IS bad...

i toss and turn in bed!
I can't slp.
Post night BLUES

My damn pc is pkaying tricks on me!
I can't hear a damn sound when i go on youtube or crunchyroll!





No youtubing
No crunchyrolling
when i can't sleep.

random thoughts**

there are certain issues unresolved
not on my personal part but well, i guess alot of these phases i probably have gone thru and i certainly do not wish to be a sore by having any inputs with regards to the issues but i care alot about how these people feel.

I just hope alls' gonna turn up well for em...
they realised their own worth and they pick emselves up.

Its always easier said than done...
but i rather we looked back and laugh at ur foolishness than living w remorse and regrets.

No one knows what will happen
Yesterday is History
Today's a gift
and tomorrow's a mystery.

treasure today'a gift and
explore tomorrow's mystery
but not dwelling about that damn HISTORY OK...

i LOVE u people...
please love yourself.
Pls mOvE on...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

knocked out!

my 3rd night...
and a sick one.
had that sickly feeling already ytd nite...
felt wrst today a lil wobbly, and that quick nap din help much either.
Strong urge to take mc but feel rather bad for the one after me...
if i can tahan i will.

but seriously i can't wait for all these to end.
I am worn out.
Partly due to my extravagant lifestyle last week...
my poisoning attempt and my indulgence plus plus in activities
and super LACK of beauty sleep are the biggest causative factors!

i always laugh at my bf cuz he falls sick quite easily and i never got it from him.
But i guess ultimately i am no IRON MAN.

saw a change of roster,
not that i am not happy w it but super surprised!
even call sumini at 12 mn thinking she probably is still awake blogging or sth!
Haa and oops! U noe what...

Well, the working partners r rather fun next round furthermore weekend whee!!!
surprised cuz it wasn't set like that ytd!

Monday, November 12, 2007

I noe how merlion feels now...

was given PH ytd...
initial intention was to stay at hm and nap and watch tv till 8 plus then prob meet him after he noc off...

choonz called.
we went vivo
chuyun called...
we went DBL O.

Pantene smell lingers on after e nite of madness!

while waiting for chuyun's arrival,
stood around, people watched awhile...
whooh! FLASH BACK!
Missed the ol' days 2 YRS back,
party till dawn with Sean n friends,
Lowena and friends...
my gosh...
remembered a crush who frequents there and smses me whenever he was clubbing there.
BUT the music is great...
not to my other friends i noe but
i really like the place, not really the crowd but CHEAP drinks!

ok had a lil too much of alcohol.
Damn high...
forced to go back early cuz choonz was dying already.
I noc out too the moment i reached home. Nv bathe, nv remove make up!

Nearly died
and felt really sick,
Ytd's dinner! Undigested! The pizza, tomato cubes!
Like merlion, even from my nose! AWFUL ok!
I dun rem much abt puking experience until i took doxycycline.
ANd this morning i really hate that feeling
I can't be a bulimic for sure!

Lew was so nice, allowed me to rest and i din dare tell her it was hangover hur hur
but i charged after like 45 mins...
thank god.
felt weak still and my bf said served me right. He says i am taking poison!
Good thing abt him, he does not control my movement but he nags at the aftermath.

so after hearing what he said, i decided i need plenty of water to flush out the POISON! And i feel a lil bad like i did wrong to my body! He makes me GUILTY!~
But i promise i won't be trying this again anytime soon~

my nite shift is starting again tomorrow,
so will be MIA for a week.
Dying for a HOLIDAY now...

i got disgusted by my long toe nails
i spent like yrs removing the pedicured painted nail colour
def c/n be a manicurist cuz its too tedious!
and those corners of toe nails stinks! ARGHHHH
AND I cut them super short!
He says whenever i cut my nails really short it looks short and stout!~
i agree tho... but they are badly discolored! YELLOW! Over expose to chem agents

and i made this comment...
its hard being a girl.
so high maintenance!
these evil indulgence will create a BIG hole in ur pocket
all these shitty cut and paint nails, hair removal, latest fashion!
i am a slave to these!
hence resulting in poor me.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

sgh D&d

been and back from D&d
This year frankly speaking was quite boring.

Door Gift sucked...
imperial night(emperor stuff), got a red cheena majiam jewelery box thingy
I still prefer the first one i went, RETRO THEME sorta my fave,
interesting door gift! Better programme line ups.

This year the pageant totally SUCK!
They were trying to be like star search, acting and singing bla bla
I said it loud and clear behind the organiser's back
anyone could have plan a better programme,
and the script and acting totally cmi.

food sucked,
service sucked even more...
eg: they changed our plates in the 1st few dishes (cold dishes etc),
subsequently stopped doing it.
Since its such big events, my colleagues went for toilet break and obviously the q was long la and we kept some food for em, on the uncleared plates, and this idiotic aunty cleared our plates!

we told her there is food and she says its awful to put those food with the bones,
and i retorted back thats because u people din change!
She say aiya can use the new plates ma, then we all helped her transfer the damn plates lor!

then b4 they start clearing the BIG plate, i quickly scooped the fish to their plates and she was gonna wipe the damn roller plate, and while i was scooping, i literally feel the rotating plate being manipulated by someone, shaky shaky and i looked at her she was like go ahead and dish out ur food but on her other hand keep shaking the rotating plate ever ready to turn the thing to her side and WIPE!

Ask for drinks also difficult!
The other tables are being served!


this is funny.
there were games la,
i sort of represented the table in playing a game,
stoodup, then made to stood up HIGH ON A CHAIR!
Well, dressed up le lor.
Anyway made to play LONG JA PASS!
Dunno wats that,
nv played b4,
only heard of it...
instead of hands,
SUPPOSED to fight with the other tables and then..i lost la in the first round.

Talking about the theme,
Yappie was still so excited about the good table locations,
so near the stage
but damn!!!
the irritating lady in the next table was so into the theme!
SHe had this huge dowager head gear and blocked the whole table's VIEW!
And at the end of the show, (the pic on top!)
there were those party stuffs with those "cracker or bomb" with a string,
i told the whole table to aim the damn bomb on her hair!
HAA, i got it! BINGO...
THE colourful paper strips all landed on her head gear and i think she was PISSED!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

eye lid twitch?

its getting serious...
its twitching non stop...
since last week!
Left eye!
Bad omen?

disgusting ang mo!

they bullied this poor ol trishaw rider
and refused to pay him!
and they filmed, laughed and posted this on you tube!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

jay chou's

alot more to learn...

perhaps one who have too much to yak about or
one who just couldn't stop talking are the ones who really are insecure.

Lately, i have been attempting and trying secretly to re-evaluate myself.
I think of what i have done for the day, give myself some time to feel bad about what i have done wrong and share w my love ones my excitement.

But i guess still, there are certain issues that i can't see to with an open heart.
I feel like any other labelled "BITCHY" gals around when i tell tales or say something i'm unhappy about. But i totally do not know if i am in the wrong or not...

but looking back over these trivial issues,
i believe i take things too hard
i need to learn to look at eveything with an open heart.
I may not be doing my best now but i am trying...

I totally admire those who never have problems with anyone,
never fumes over issues and all those minor lil girly stuffs to em are all nth.

But still, when here i am trying hard...
still there will be people who makes life that tad lil difficult for us.

well, i have to memorise the true meanings of open heart. It means unconditioned love and for all to experience world peace...
if everyone learns about this and we treat all equally, perharps this world will be more fun and we would love our life more.

its good to know, there are people who enjoy being around me...
my bouts of outbursts still happens,
but these "open" people around actually sees my plus points more valuable than my outbursts are the people who made me wana be a better person.
I am happy they feel that they learn alot from me,
and i am equally happy to learn so much about how they treat people around em.

i need to totally master the art of GIVE AND TAKE...

Monday, November 05, 2007

Happy Gathering...

Sat was happy day for me...
i met up with the two guys and
they satisfied my CRAVES for bullfrogs in Porridge
top it off with soft soya beancurd in geylang
and midnight shopping in Mustafa centre...

I always like mustafa...
had strong URGE to get a new mobile there...
but then...
maybe next mth...

had wanted to get a Majong table there...
asked the lady, she asked another man...
And i replied, Majong table for majong irritably
and guaz was still waiting for his ans, i dragged em away telling em he dun get what we mean!

Cannot blame em, perharps chinatown would sell loads of it.
But we went back to hanz place and attempted majong on his bed!
IRRITATING! The tiles won't stand still!


Today was quite happy too...
i went w beibz to TAMPINES MALL
I think i am just too easily irritated,
there was this couple, this guy was standing at the escalator, stopped there, hence blocked my way down, so i asked him in mandarin, "yao xia ma?!" (wanna go down or not?)
he stopped there cuz his gf was pulling him away i think,
he moved away once i said that and i went down,
when i looked back he was staring at me, i stared back haa...
and i told beibz i would get beaten up soon.
He said i better stop cuz if they wanna beat me, he would end up being the one fighting em,
i reassured him...
i told him dun worry, i started all these so i will fight em...

so man!

Friday, November 02, 2007

my crazy friend

two ways of wearing vest...
esp w regards to those who are not so "straight"

once again
night shift ends today!
It was alright except for some serious eye lid twitching for 3 days
and on the left side which i have heard frm many it aint good!
Had a ridiculous claim frm a YOUNG patient who claimed she nearly fall!
But thankfully it was a scare...

totally inpatient to the new nurse who just strated night shift!
she met up with countless blunders
and she is always so careless,
and clumsy
she bumps here and there and
she is so confused!

i hopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i won't be pairing w her soon.
i guess the others who will work w her probably thinks she learns nth outta this night shift haa... cuz well she is just weird and we tried teaching her but still
well i dunno...

Thursday, November 01, 2007


e evil fats are piling up in my body!
they are so evil!