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Monday, January 14, 2008

"best friend"

since school started,
i have used the google/yahoo search engines e most in my entire life

but i am "proud" of myself
managed to get quite good and relevant info

Thank u darling for the printer man!
If he din gimme that, i'll probably die now!
To think my initial plan for e printer was to print photos!

i AM gonna SAYANG my printer,
its so dearly to me for 8 months!
*looking at my printer and feeling relived*

His name is Epson. Affectionately known as SON-SON now...

i think the whole week is gonna be GROUP MEETINGS PACKED!
had one today,
and to our ultimate utmost dismay,
we r e first grp to present...
seriously we dunno e format and rough guide
plus we haven really worked out our objectives!

and e topic is a KILLER MAN
Theories Guided Nursing practice, a gap?

it was meant to be a debate topic but since 8 mths is too short,
they forgo
but... i think on my part a debate could have been better.
This is damn @#$% broad a topic to present!

anyway, gonna meet e members again tomorrow,
and i find this lady in particular a lil KAN CHIONG!
but she's still ok, so long as her saliva dun kena my hand again when she talks ok liao! If i know her better I'll probably tell her off, sigh too bad i dun.

supposed to go for netball training today,
decided not to go, went for a nap and
ANgeline said its cancelled anyway.
I had like super interrupted sleep.
So many random and irritating texts plus calls!
iN PARTICULAR this idiot who mistaken me for someone!
i deliberately chose not to reply but he is persistent lor!
make me angry
and i cant even sleep well.

my weekends now r so boring...
he's working most of e time...
i've got no one to go shopping w me...
then we met up on sat and i insisted to go Mustafa.
lovely place...
we *heart* mustafa!

we went TI AMO after that for some drinks.
Its in serangoon,
shop house turned cafe.
And it makes use of its two storeys to create a "cool" chill out joint!
Level one serves nice smoothies and yummy cakes
level 2 is more like soccer or chill out at night when u can order alcoholic drinks
i like e place! A pity they close early, i guess due to HDB area.

sunday is like a going to be fixed BADMINTON day
hur hur we went to play again yest and after that BOTAK JONES!
its like my most sinful meal after these 2 weeks!


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