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Monday, May 07, 2007

i'm back...

back frm m'sia... Damn tired. Its like the most tiring holiday i've ever had. Obviously the greatest company is him and besides him and the shoppin, all the other details of this short trip sucked big time!

Spare the details... I wld say even the most ez goin one gets irritated. None other than my bf. I wished some ppl wld just behave as of their age.

I miss my palliES.. i miss holidayin w chuyun and choonz.

It was HOT in KL. Even in Genting it was 22 degrees celcius!~ Dissapointing! But i tried foot reflexology! Breakthrough for me cuz i am the most ticklish person on earth BUT overall i tolerated fairly well. But i was like cheated by this blind man... something realli fishy cuz the guy from the shop kept pushin him to me... boastin tht he has like 10 yrs of rich experience which i so doubt!~ And he is a damn cheat cuz mine both legs was done the fastest among the 4 of us who did e same thing. Ok my friend was just ending his 1st leg, my both legs are done! CHEATER RIGHT!

Aniwaez had some pics will load soon... gonna slp for my nite shift tonite...

meet up soon hanz, boonz and guaz. I m free on sat and sun~~~


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