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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

long day!

my random uodates;

sad to say, just gt home not long after work, and yup i haven bathed!~

wanted to check my mails cuz i haven been online these few days.

today, i think i did something wrong. I was a lil overboard in interrogating someone in a sarcastic manner, think she's a pissed. Was supposedly fighting for rights... i was merely putting myself in others' shoes and calculating the losses resulting frm the lack of opportunities judging from how much they were getting per month.. sigh aniwaes... shldnt have done it since i promised myself to stay out of things a much as possible. And do whatever i deem is necessary and go home.

saw emily's pirated pouch, gt it for HAHA @ 1.90 haa... damn cheap but thn i think she's thrilled. i m happy tooo...

told hajar i m gonna get a NITENDO DS LITE SOON, erm which i dunno whn haa... BUT I WANT ONE BADLY~ Then can trade her psp and share share!~

Use the gst package money to get one b4 GST increases, shold be pretty soon cuz BONUS IS COMING!

Spent 90 over dollars of FANCL products ytd, my face has been bad, really bad. Used garnier for a few yrs, think its of no use nw. EB reccommended it, hopefully it works!


had been lookin @ a few really upsetting news...
all these brought tears to my eyes...

  1. my bf's cousin; who's involved in an accident and tried to talk it out w taxi driver but knocked down and passed away. It seems his family and gf is devastated. I feel it too...
  2. the 4 guys involved in the explosion while on training in Taiwan... simply bcuz i saw the news, their family and friends relating how they were like whn alive. ANd since the other two of em are in Burns and their relatives are resting in my ward.
  3. The mummy who was strolling in a park and hit by a falling tree trunk and died. My eyes turned red when i saw the news! Think bei's eyes were red as well. So sad!
  4. My patient... on trachy, his daughter cried while visiting. totally knows how she felt. Cuz whn my father had stroke, i cried very badly too, i cried at the thought of him. dIN USED TO LIKE Him alot, thought that we weren't close at all but when he fell sick, i realized the importance of him in my heart... even though we dun used to talk to each other alot, glad we do nowadays and glad he is better... Linda, and the physiotherapist also felt the same way whn they saw what happened!
Life is so unpredictable... yes so full of surprises. But not all the surprises makes u happy...

Seize the day...


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