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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Gila Man~

ok... this is realy really funny...

i'm sorry for posting e pic of e other guy but thank god its blur...

aniway the man whom i arrowed as GILA is damn funny!

Ok on my way back from work last wed, i board the train w him from Raffles... i saw him w earphones and mumbling and i was like wow his reception damn gd lor underground... thn i realised i cld hear him louder.... HE STARTED SINGING DAMN DAMN LOUDLY IN MELAYU!

AKU CINTA PANAMU OR PADANAMU or sth.... i wanted to just burst out laughing @ tht moment cuz he was REALLY LOUD, it was totally off key and he was really emotional! HIS EXPRESSIONS WERE PERFECT for i supposed a love song cuz theres cinta... isit? Aniwaez... he even had hand signs and he closed his eyes and sang w emotions! THUMBS UP FOR HIS ERM... BRAVERY~

SUBSEquently ppl coming in frm the others stops looked at him and laughed. One malay gal literally called her fren rt infront of him and told her fren and laughing on e phone! CLAPPPPPP for her bravery too... cuz i was controlling so HARD!...

hE Knew everyone was laughing... thn he did sth even more interesting!~ He took out a book, a diary to be precise... a BADZT BAD MARU or sth... those we used for autograph books in pri sch w a LOCK @ THE SIDE~~!~ i PRESUME the lyrics AKU CINTA PADANAMU is inside. He held e book reali close to his face as of the pic and still singing hahahahahaha LOLZ! Still off key...

and the lyrics never seems changing. I followed thru his song, i knew the pausing parts, cuz he paused nod his head and waiting for the song to start and smiled b4 he started the 2nd part and humming along music and of course his expressions brouht me thru frm e start bridge and pauses!!! ha ha ha...

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