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Friday, May 18, 2007

alcohol addiction.

went GeOgrapher Bar again ytd... felt rather bad as the bouncers was like com'on in etc and i was like can we come out alive? Hur hur :/

cuz there was one incident whereby this guy was beaten to death just few weeks bar outside this particular bar...

i felt i din show respect to the deceased. Oops... sorry...

Went w POly frens, choonz lost so much weight! She looked like the skulll again like how we used to teased her in school. Whenever we went to the bio lab, the skeleton who stood there looks like her! hAA... Chuyun looks smaller too... everyone shrinks after starting work except me~ i seems to tell everyone i bumped into wow u lost so much weight!

Think e rest din enjoy the place tho...

i've been drowning w da booze alot lately... Beer who used to be my enemy just seems to taste so nice nw~

enjoys exloring all the new night scenes in singapore and chilling w my friend... seems a lil luxurious. No wonder i m feeling tight...

arghhhhh man boring post~!


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