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Friday, May 11, 2007

i love you!

smoochies many many to my DARLING BOY_BEIBZ~

HEHEH he hates beibz and i how i call it but still i love beibz!

ended my night finally *phew*
busy busy busy... total was high high (into the sky) heh lameeeeeeee

**SUMINI U DAMN lucky u're on crse man!

yup... had breakfast w huang b4 we headed home, but i must MUST must blog b4 i 4get the exact feelings aft i wakes up!

I *HEART* MY BEIBZ... Nooooo mushy cuz u'll noe why... aniwaez we're nt like some moley guy who dun grow up! *boo*

went hubbing as wad i call it... u see i love creatin new names for evrything. Yes in case u dunno, well i m sure u dunno, HUBBING SIMPLY MEANS SHOPPING AT AMK HUB! -_-''' I noe... haa

ok i already wanted to get the ondeh2 from begawan solo(?spelling) wow damn heng there''s 2 left. In case u ppl dunno... well i m sure u all do cuz ppl who read my blog are ppl whom i noe knows abt this haa!

ok grabbed two, he paid for it, *happy* excited* cuz the other time round i brought it to wrk, shared w my fren Normah... the gula melaka in the ondeh SPURTS OUT and stained my uniform! yEA so wanna share w Normah again.

then we hubbed around and i board the cab to work. Gt a call from him almost immediately, almost la. Then i was like " HELLO" in a high pitched tone and a teasin manner, onli to realise my ondeh2 is w him! Damn! E cab was already at the traffic junction waitin to vroom... as we noe s'pore cabs are 4ever in a rush! He was initially makin ridiculous suggestions like stoopin ahead and i was like duh! U run meh! so fast meh!

so threw a hugh bitch fits.... hang on him, made sarcastic remarks... complainin to everyone i met on e way.

Cldnt concentrate on wrk, just nt ready to start cuz my ondeh2 is nt w me!HMPH!

THEn... while takin over report, liza held on to a familiar pkt and damn its my ONDEH2!

GOT IT! MY beibz took a cab and sent the damn ondeh2 who caused our lil misunderstanding to me at wrk! He is so SWEET !!!!!! *HEART***

Yup my train of thoughts was lagi disrupted. I felt bad for shoutin @ him, scoldin him, sniding crude remarks abt him able to enjoy my ondeh2 in his room at hm... hang up on him!

yes i so wanted to cry and run to him and hug him, but iwas in e midst of takin over!

Aniwae we hugged, kissed and made up. No grudges against ea other, i apologized and i cried cuz i m upset that i was so mean to him earlier on! :(

GLAD he understands!

i love u beibz!!!

wanna slp badly, gonna party till dawn tonite!!!


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