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Friday, January 23, 2009

Bak Kwa Fever

yesterday Beibz and i accompanied Hanz on a New Year shopping frenzy

this funny hanz had earlier bought some cashew nuts, mini prawn rolls i think a week ago when we visited chinatown

and they entire family finished it up b4 CNY!
Haha so they just gotta re-stock

we q-ed with him for Bak Kwa
at Bee Cheng Hiang cuz the famous LIM CHEE GUAN already sold out all the sliced pork ones but despite that the q is still pretty long!

speaking of this
few days back
we were just discussing about the q with my malay colleagues who call this deng deng babi...

which i guess they find it fascinating to see us q-ing for it
i dun quite noe whats the purpose of having that on CNY
and i am not a HUGE FAN of it
but my brother is

and he had ever went out at 6am to q for it...

while we were q-ing yesterday,
we tried the samples and well

Bee Cheng Hiang does have slightly better quality ones c/f the ones my dad got this year

i just tried one piece just now
and its is HARD

My bro commented that his jaws are tired
whereas Bee Cheng Hiang ones are softer in texture and yummier


i guess CNY is realy DA season to eat and grow fat
i am already annoyed with my current weight boom
and now its the TIME of the year again
where who can resist the temptations from these once in a year goodies!

tonight i will be on nite till Monday morning
so dun ask me out these few days
i will get angry

Mon and Tues we may go with the routine programme,
watch the new year movies

but the ratings are rather bad with 2 stars and 1.5 stars out of 5 respectively

but besides movies we have nothing better to do already...


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