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Monday, January 19, 2009

I miss EDWARD!

I left my third book of the twilight series- Eclipse in EB'S car!~

i tot it was too heavy to tug it in my back while we shop
and i missed it when i got down the car!

my world is EMPTY
i am already in the third quarter of the book...

u must be thinking i am like so free yea
like i say

empty world
w/o him...

i am supposed to be sleeping
my STUPID BROTHER revamped his SMELLY room
and the IKEA DELIVERY man came earlier than him

and i gotta wake up
and YUCKY mob hair~


my bro is idiotic
must be under some kinda instigation, he revamped his room
and painted two slabs of wall RED!?

Just that two!

its badly done
with poor outlines
and he threw away most of the furniture in his room
well i agree they shld be thrown away
i feel like doing that too
but i am not willing to part with my money to get new ones

and i am more of the keeper
to keep the old stuff for memory sake!

i go thru all those nonsense i have
read it over and over
waste time
and then decides to keep

and i realised i have been rummaging it ANNUALLY!

yes back to my bro

then he got this 2 black cloth as CURTAIN!
He never had curtains all along
and now he does
and my mum was fuming cuz its BLack!

i shall get my butt off this chair and really get to work~
saying is pretty much useless

since procrastinating and bumming seems like a mundane affair to me

i like this one by PUSSY CAT DOLLS!


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