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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

2 more days..

come 9th jan,
will be the start of my al!


i seriously cannot wait!
my last round of night tmr!

today's passing over was hell~
it was really messy...
and then u get funny patients who speaks in damn chim cantonese and sounded like she is some evil mother in law in those hk drama and i can only communicate with her in my cmi canton and the best part she mention things like if we wan her to get out we can do so tmr 4 pm,
its hospital and we shld be humane!

now i wonder what mistakes have i made to mislead her in thinking we are evil nurses!

we haven been talking for awhile..
and i realised that things are really not the same anymore...

things turned ugly few days back


i can only say
i am fine with whatever the future brings about...
i am ready for certain changes in my life...

it doesn't matter to me
its time for some serious thoughts bt this entire relationship
for the past two months,
i have been trying my best...
but eveything just seems to have changed

i need an indication...


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