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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Greetings from TAIWAN


Blogging from the hotel room

4 days flew past so fast
we r coming back on wednesday

we have more or less covered most of the interesting places in Taipei

it is so fun!

the tv shows are so interesting
and the waether is cold but shiok!

i haven sweat at all
the temp have been ranging from 10 to 14 the 4 days we are here...

Sat was really cold
today's wind's sttrong too

and i had 3 layers of clothing

went to this outskirt,
Wulai, where get the hot spring

and we vsited the old alley of shops and that place is interesting!

we tasted wild boar sausage

the night markets are damn cool
the 1st night when we went to shilin,

ate like mad

i feel damn fat now
there are just so much goodies!
yum yum


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