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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

counting down...

CNY is like in less than 4 days...

i dun really look 4ward to it as much as b4
i have already stepped into "late 20s hood"

that suck seriously
with nothing BIG achieved still

reason with not looking 4ward

i am not so keen to answer questions
i guess tongues may wag about how old our house is bla bla
and like so fat and all...

alot picking on the this and that

The 1st day wld be my sleeping day
had already made plans with em for MAHJONG!

the off days are really attractive but the waiting till KNOCK OFF is tedious!
today's damn suay
my zip broke
and i had to use micropore to secure!

workload wise
not too bad
eye is having less cases c/f few weeks back
i guess many dun really wanna go new year visiting with red eye!

i helped Halimah in a dressing

haven done one for a year at least!
feels good

i wanna learn this song
its in Hokkien
supposedly my MOTHER TONGUE as well
but mine sucked to the core

my bf says i shld give up learning this one
but i wanna learn!~


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