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Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Niu Year!


what a great way to welcome the lunar new year!

i chose it
so its fine

i am counting down to knock off!

dinner was the usual
had my justifying share of abalone and clams

its a ONCE A YEAR affair strictly that the 4 of us actually sat together

cny eve is the usual where my dad will piss everyone off with his rantings!

this year's not any different!

i wanna rush hm
have a good shower
with some scrubbing
and then its visiting!

i am going for movie 2nite as well

on saturday
on my way to work

which many of u shld know by now
i had a great FALL!

MY bilateral knees are injured
with bruises and abrasions

i fell on BENDED KNEES
and yes the road is pretty rough

and many saw
the thick skinned me got up immediately
as in not even time for my brain to react...

and feel the pain
to avoid the embarrassment
and walk straight to hail the cab

and i was light headed
probably the pain was too much!

2 aunties witnessed
and started looking at me and pointing at my direction
when they pass by me
they even looked at the spot where i fell!

i did not once look at my bruised knees
which i only look at it with the faint HP light and saw my left knee more serios than my right side


i reached work
and started doing my own dressing
which one collague commented poor thing doing own dressing!

a accident prone year
just Mon
i got my leg scratched and it bled

scratched by the cabinet!
and i had a few scratches from the spring cleaning

my oh my


Enjoy ur holidays

Get loaded with Ang Baos
and may lady luck shine by u at ur gambling dens!


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