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Sunday, January 18, 2009

i wanna have a voice like her!

check out Liang Wen Ying's latest!


this is a rather touching mv
i guess as what the rest says some of her few songs are connected
and while i was in Taiwan
we watched the series of mv a few times on CH V
rather touching

she somehow lost her drive in life
and she went to the airport lost and found counter
searching for her courage

and then the next mv she got on a bus and bringing her back the route to pick up all that she lost...

and she reached this last stop
she picked up a phone and spoke to her parents
saying she has grown up and dun worry bla bla

she is an orphan u see

whatever it is
u must noe some backhround b4 u understands what it all means

and i actually picked up this book at the bookstore in taiwan
her biography..

talking abt her background


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