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Monday, February 25, 2008


its 2 days...


I am way_ too relaxed
i haven started ANY of my planned stuff

i am so not gonna make it for TOP STUDENT?!~? W.T.F

i wished i am a FAMOUS BLOGGER

I wished they know who i am talking about
maybe go tell em that i am talking about em and
maybe let them WAKE THEIR F* idea!~


YAY! Ma gave birth today!!!
i went with Linda to visit her
b4 that, as PROMISED, we shopped at chinatwn for her fave Khong Guan BISCUITS!
prc actually appreciates local goods so much! haha

well re: her wish for this brand,
i was working with her one night shift
very very very long ago
since she is not on night for some time
we were eating, snacking away at the pantry area, she was happily munching her Khong Guan biscuits and we were sharing what we would like to get if we were hospitalised.

So she said she really likes the biscuits esp this brand
and Normah says she loves chocolates so she wants chocolates if she is hospitalised
and i wanted Fruit basket cuz i always marvel at the beautiful and mouth watering ones patients get!

and now... we made her wish come true!
Linda and me were so excited over shopping
we bought Baby diapers
and made amazing discoveries of the current trend of POO-SEATS
soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!

i asked her if she wants to get one of those cute lil seats for her baby and she said yes! and then i thought about it and told her actually those cheapo ones that we used when we were younger are so cheap in those provision shops lor and she said ya hor...
and then we still gotta clean up for the baby!!

we visited her and we brought DURIAN
we ate it in her room and created a tiny hoo-haa
the sister of that ward even came in...

heh heh
but who cares lor unless they put a sign that says NO DURIAN!

seeing others with kids makes me wanna have one too
but thinking about the process of it and not too sure if i can have it or not!

yesterday, i met up with the gals
and lp brought her son along
so funny
he is so cute and active
amazing how kids can be so interesting!

I got a pair of rollerblades today
both of us bought it
we went mustafa
AND WE TESTED IT at the void deck just now!
so fun!

i have some usual rantings to make
but now i am so tired
must be the blading session
and the visiting

i am gonna tell u guys in detail tmr

and i am gonna really work harder tmr!!!


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