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Monday, February 11, 2008

uploads completed!

spent a lil time uploading... heh heh
basically i really cannot proceed with work...
i haven recorded anything to start doing the counseling
and i am not the type who will start studying for tests now
in case i 4gets when the time gets nearer...

i better upload some pics
and clear some facebook requests!
4o over requests! siao man

i went hubbing with guaz
i got my valentine a gift!!! haha
i can't take a pic as yet...
its a surprise

showing off our bling!!!~

u see alot of the 3 of us
cuz 'chrys' and my bf were browsing books in borders
while we cam whored
and we re-took cuz the angle nv seems to be right

it means chrysanthemums!
her top was super bright
like highlighter
and it totally resembles the flower at the background!
or even city cab! damn funny

my lover boy heh heh
i hate the way my eyes are!
obviously big small eyes!
i need to do corrective surgery!
ever since i started sch
it has been so freaking prominent
and nv seems to cover up!
cuz i am so lack of slp!

my narcissistic moments...
check out the falsies i used...(the one on the phone)
i just applied for fun
but did not really used it during visiting
i merely tried out at home...


GUAZ'S house
we decided to take a pic at every stop
trying out the timer- function
2 seconds proved too fast, hanz was not in time

while he was meddling w the help of chrys, there;s a fool above me!

Hanz's place

my place

impressive k!
my illiterate mum took this pic
she is so hmmm... country bumpkin one and she actually took a photo well!
her virgin shot!

Chrys's house

look at her dogs..
the brown and white jack Russel
gonna match make with my bf's dog, echo...
must show em the pics first
for re-production... echo is a virgin

and her ugly shar pei
the heavily wrinkled species of dog!
apparently they were shunned when they brought this dog out!
cuz its too ugly hahaha

Jing Jing's house and our last stop

notice how funny i looked at the 2nd last pic?
i caressed chrys' butt and she 'poked' me real hard!
i was like breaking into laughter!

nabey uploading is damn tedious!

i wanna view more of the exposed edison and gillian pics!
pls send me if u have!


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