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Friday, February 15, 2008

i'm busy

i am so busy these week

several pending stuff still awaiting to be done
gotta sigh the DREADED bond this sat at HR in BUKIT MERAH!~

today's prayer for the HEAVENLY GOD!

my family is praying to the TIAN GONG today
a BIG EVENT ANNUALLY for hokkiens
and particularly HUGE for my family

we have wide spread of offerings.
and includes SUCKLING PIG
hur hur

today's Valentine's day
we kinda celebrated ytd
had dinner
and we went st' james power house to chill out
and i had this serious hangover today

i was like a walking corpse
hang on till the last class.
i was half dead
headache was so bad
had to cancel my meeting with sumini and rushed home to rest

took t.paracetamol 1g
and slpt!

feel so good now
i guess its not really hangover that much
but i am so lack of sleep these few days
slept really really late 2-4 am
and wakes up 6-7 am daily

my usual requirements is 8 hrs
now its only average 4 hours daily

i slept for 5 hours when i reached home!


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