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Monday, February 25, 2008

"extraneous" factors proves too GREAT!

the effects and power of MASS MEDIA proves too powerful for us or rather ME to handle

what have i brought myself into!?~

subscription of CABLE VISION!~?
IF choices were LIMITED,
it can give me better excuses to mug really hard!
or maybe HARDER...

and through the changing of channels,
c/n really decide which is to miss

all these made me really sleepy

i took a long nap

i thought the 7pm slots lately are not that attrative,
the stomach needs to be taken care of first...

when i am finally off for serious business,
face book has too many requests!
and too many alerting emails!
that i really need to clear first

then i realised i have not been blog whoring for a few days
and yup
i somehow linked to my friend, their friends whom i so called knew
and even their friends' friends! Like w.t.h lor none of my business what!~?

then i went to friendster...
saw some pics...
clicked on it anyway...
and damn...
i went linking around

then i was 9pm
i tot since its a new show,
i can give it a miss
but damn

my mum seems to be enjoying it alot!
she laughed real hard
so i went out and joined her


after a bath
i should start soon...

but i thought i should maybe blog first...

you-tube is on my mind now
my eye lids seems a lil heavy


in all...

another day gone by


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