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Saturday, February 23, 2008

at last!~

9 weeks flew past REALLY REALLY FAST!

I have EXACTLY 6 months left... to part with my STUDENT-HOOD

its a week breakie for us...


got lots and lots of work to finished up!
the critique is due right after the break

followed by the counselling assignment

and ...

i am supposed to email ms kiu some stuff,
i am so gonna leave it for tomorrow since, i haven done it
i doubt she will check her email today...

and i am meeting my SEC SCH CLIQUE! later...
not the two guys that i ALWAYS TAKE PHOTO with

BUt another 2 ladies!
we hung around since we were 13!
i was more of a tagger, cuz the two of em were friends since PRI SCH...
and they stayed really near each other.
well i was quite near to em as well, just a hundred blocks away
but they were pretty much like super glue...
so i hang around with some more others...
but we were close still then!

one of em is a mother already!

over the years, we had many who joined and left us...
but 3 of us were basically the main ones who remained unchanged,
frankly i would be lying if i said it was a smooth sailing friendship
but i dun rem any really BIG Issues

i remember the many many joys and laughters we shared
the numerous hoo haa issues we created in our cca

haha ha

reminiscing later!


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