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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Photos taken in 2000

17 year old kid...

actually i gt more horrid looking pics...
but i better keep it till next time.

my adv dip classmates
1st field visit in NUH EYE CLINIC...

Had thoughts of calling u AZHAR...
but no time
and i remembered the days i was posted there,
quite hilarious.

i remembered the O@G WARD's sister was a TERROR!
AND i was late for work and all my friends thought i was lying
cuz i sounded lame

i told em i missed the stop,
then lost my way!
its true!

IS so inaccesible,
we gotta reach BUONA VISTA mrt station at 6.25 am
to catch the 6.30 bus that coindentally passes NUH SIDE DOORS
AND after that no stops in btw to reach to the factory industrial area!


then i was new to NUH,
I WAS LIKE trying to be so nice,
i let others board the bus first only to realised that i am DOOM!
i duno the way, i let em board,
no other nurses in uniform for me to follow...
then i missed my stop
i lost my way
i stopped at some ulu place
walked down a funny looking dark slopy lane
c/n get a cab
and finally luckily i managed to
and the uncle wanted to laugh cuz I SAID I LOST MY WAY

AND i told my friends the same thing and they dun believe me!


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