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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

total BLISS...

e long awaited Monday finally came...

end of his Reservist. End of my self proclaimed MISERY.

i haven been hubbing for a week till ytd, where i met guaz there.

The last few weeks, i was still very worried about what the future may bring about for us but now... the 1 week separation made me realized his worth.

met up w Hanz ytd, planned a not surprising surpirse, with cake and hang around his hse

Rummage through all his ol' letters and well, his ex-es were all quite bitchy!

The oh so lovey dovey letters followed by an oh I'm so sorry i broke up with u letters!

Except for one really sweet gal, which sigh... i wished they were still 2gether.

HAPPY BELATED BDAY PAL! One more fantabulous outing on wed!

Received a call from a friend whO was whining to me about another friend yet at the same time trying to dig out from me if my other friend called me lately and said anything, well she did but i kept mum abt it.

It makes me really puzzled what makes e 2 of em changed faces so fast.

Awhile ago the 2 of em were still so looking 4ward to their new life...

but iT made me felt at ease that i did not make any rash decisions.

And it makes me wonder who is the trustworthy one too.

It kinda got me really stressed up. But decided i shouldn't bother about them.

But mentioning about the ol' love letters he has gt, i saw one of his ex gf writing in reference to me, saying she gets really jealous about him talking to me and i rem when i was in early sec sch days, i came to noe that someone weren't happy that a particular guy chose me as his gf.

Initially i was a lil pissed, no doubt its the past.

Throughout my life, i have never tried to act like diff person infront of others, i never hide my character from the others. I believe i have no lack of friends and number of pursuers. I dunno WAT they see in me but i have never acted like i was some demure lil young sweet thing. And that makes me really puzzled why they wanna get jealous of me~ Sigh... he beibz says becuase WOMEN ARE LIKE THAT...

that probably explains why working in an all female working env can get quite f-up!


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