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Thursday, November 15, 2007

knocked out!

my 3rd night...
and a sick one.
had that sickly feeling already ytd nite...
felt wrst today a lil wobbly, and that quick nap din help much either.
Strong urge to take mc but feel rather bad for the one after me...
if i can tahan i will.

but seriously i can't wait for all these to end.
I am worn out.
Partly due to my extravagant lifestyle last week...
my poisoning attempt and my indulgence plus plus in activities
and super LACK of beauty sleep are the biggest causative factors!

i always laugh at my bf cuz he falls sick quite easily and i never got it from him.
But i guess ultimately i am no IRON MAN.

saw a change of roster,
not that i am not happy w it but super surprised!
even call sumini at 12 mn thinking she probably is still awake blogging or sth!
Haa and oops! U noe what...

Well, the working partners r rather fun next round furthermore weekend whee!!!
surprised cuz it wasn't set like that ytd!


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